New York Accommodation Near Times Square

New York Accommodation Near Times Square

Popularly known as the ‘Crossroads of the World’, Time Square is one of the most happening sites in all of New York City. With the flashing billboards adorning the star attraction of Manhattan, right in the heart of the most iconic neighborhood of Midtown, Times Square is the most exciting area to stay in NYC. Each of our serviced apartments has been elegantly designed, excellently furnished, cautiously chosen, in the most strategic locations with a thorough experience of the city and the industry which stretches to over ten years. We cannot wait to host your stay in such a lively location with so much potential to make memories!

About Times Square

Times Square, globally known for its most popular New Year Ball Drop Eve, is technically the celebrated intersection of crossroads. The intersection divides 4 quarters making the Midtown neighborhood of Manhattan borough of NYC as its center. It roughly stretches from 8th Avenue in the east to 6th Avenue in the west, and from 40th Street in the north to 52nd Street in the South. If you like being around the hustle and bustle of the new city, this is hands down the most active part of the entire city to go for. 

Our Best New York Accommodation Near Times Square

With modernly-furnished apartments that come with spacious bedrooms, lavish bathrooms, the most elegant interior decor, and a fully-functional kitchen, our accommodations have been curated to perfection. From something as basic as the convenience to commute from your home and grocery hygiene to the detail of your workout or the availability of lift access, we have duly taken care of all your needs right from the start. Such is the level of precision that our team demonstrates in every single stay with TheSqua.re that pushes us to offer you an even finer living experience like never before. 

Some of our finest New York accommodation near Times Square curated by experts are:

Where Can You Find Our New York Accommodation Near Times Square?

While your potential bucket list is at risk of never finishing, our New York serviced apartments in Times Square ensure to at least take you through the most significant attractions here. We have carefully picked the most popular neighborhoods surrounding it to keep you closest to all the action day in and day out. Expect to grab any meal of the day at any time around the clock within a few minutes of walking from your doorstep. Not just food, whether you wish to enjoy a calm view of the Hudson waters or you plan to explore the area at your own pace, our team has gone above and beyond to bring you closest access to all of that and so much more. 

Some of the closest neighborhoods that must be considered before finalizing our New York accommodation near Times Square include:

  • Midtown
  • Penn Station
  • Chelsea
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Central Park South

Why Should You Book New York Accommodation Near Times Square?

From shopping from the most eclectic selection of shops to reviving that age-old love for theater, tasting cuisines like an old-school tourist, Times Square has something for all your expectations. While you enjoy the finest trip in a very long time here, our extensive catalog of serviced apartments ensures to make you feel at home every night. With 5-star amenities, dedicated service, and a personalized living experience with us, we give you all the reasons to trust us with your vacation. With equal efficiency in curating both leisure and corporate travelers, you will be able to see enough evidence to justify our dedication and confidence.

Facilities in Our New York Accommodation Near Times Square

While the cruises and kayaking on the Hudson River or partying all night at Times Square sounds thrilling, even then one needs a secure place with all the homely comforts to make it feel anywhere closer to home. Our exquisite apartment range comes with top-notch amenities. The irresistible range goes from the most lavish bathrooms for a relaxing salt bath to the latest kitchen appliances to ease your quick breakfasts and a lot of it in between. With the richest upholstery and bedding to the finest cutlery, free parking for your rented cars to CCTV surveillance to make you feel safe; every little detail and comfort counts with our incredible team. 

The eclectic list of amenities that make our New York accommodation near Times Square stand out include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • In-house locker
  • Dining table
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Oven and microwave
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine and dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV with Netflix
  • Balcony with a view

Corporate Accommodation in Times Square

The best thing about our corporate abodes is that they are all-rounder when it comes to a business trip. From the compact structure and comfort of studio apartments to the luxuries of a high rise accommodation, our range is quite wide to help you choose an abode. We offer you the utmost convenience of working from home to enjoying a brisk run every morning right by the Hudson River or even a temporary gym membership in your apartment building. With so much to impress, our abodes are completely ready to welcome corporate travelers from across the globe.

The dishes, cleaning, and cooking have been made easy with our dishwashers, weekly cleaning team, and microwaves. While Times Square dances all night to entertain you over the weekend, our stylish pads take care of your nights after busy weekdays. With speakers, free Wi-Fi, and movie plan memberships up and running, your movie nights at home are quite sorted. 

New York Accommodation Near Times Square for Families

From crisp linen to 5-star facilities, highly secure residential areas to the highest possible quality standards maintained with all our capacity, our apartments have been carefully designed for families. Right from hygiene to space, privacy to safety, we have been extra careful with apartments that have been specially curated to welcome families with kids. Even if you are considering a romantic stay with your partner, you can always ping us in advance and our service team will always be ready with the most romantic dinner bookings or private recommendations. 

Expect all the comforts of lift access, weekly grocery bags, exclusive local discounts, and so much more. Even if you feel you need something tweaked at any point of your stay, our service team is on its toes 24x7 to help you through it. 

Best New York Attractions Near Our Times Square Accommodation

With some of the most celebrated attractions adorning the neighborhood, Times Square has an endless list of places to keep you entertained. From the lush green Bryant Park to the legendary Church, the exciting Escape Room, and Ripley's to the breathtaking Top of the Rock, the attractions have the most fantastic experiences to offer. With everything just a hop away from your doorstep, keep our concierge team in-charge of the house and take your partner, friends, or kids around the throbbing heart of Manhattan. 

Below are our top picks of the most popular tourist attractions of all times near our New York accommodation near Times Square:

  • Madame Tussauds - With over 200 life-size wax figures to its name, this is one of the most popular attractions around the city. Spot and get clicked with the wax figures of iconic global stars, world leaders, and sports sensations. 
  • Bryant Park - This public park is a very popular local attraction called Manhattan's Town Square. The sheer greenery spread across 9.6 acres is complemented by a library, ice rink, reading room, seasonal garden, and so much more. 
  • Times Square Church - With worshippers visiting from over a hundred countries, this legendary church sits majestically at the Theater District of Manhattan. Attend six weeklong services led by pastors and local elders. It is gorgeous in all its sanctity.
  • Gulliver's Gate - Head to this huge model of the miniature of the world. With moving trains and boats in the working model, it is a fascinating experience of witnessing the incredible details of the attraction. You can also get your 3D print installed there!
  • Top of the Rock - Head straight to the top of the iconic Rockefeller Center and let the beauty of Manhattan skyscrapers and skyline sweep you off your feet. Choose to go there preferably at night when the city is alive and beating. 
  • TKTS Booth - It might not qualify entirely as an attraction but one cannot miss this when in Times Square. This iconic red booth is exactly situated at the intersection point of 47th St. Sit on its iconic red steps and bag discounted Broadway tickets. 
  • Central Park - Head to Manhattan’s largest public park which is one of the largest in the country and the 5th largest in NYC. With an area of whopping 843 acres and endless restaurants and historic places, this is a must-visit here. 
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not - Take your friends to this wildly exciting interactive museum. With the most unthinkable installations curated across 20 galleries, Ripley’s will surprise you with its strange variety of artifacts.
  • The Escape Room - If you are a hardcore gamer at heart, OMEscape is a very exciting attraction to check out. Go through 16 game rooms curated right inside and pass through stages answering questions in a 70-minutes countdown to be able to come out. It might get scary at some point. 
  • National Geographic Ocean Odyssey - Let your kids immerse in the most life-like ocean voyage backed by the latest animation technology. The interactive games, sounds, sensations, and a lot of informative elements together create a fantastical experience.

Best New York Restaurants Near Our Times Square Accommodation

From the World’s cheapest Michelin-star restaurant to authentic Japanese vodka shots, retro-Havana menu to fusion cuisines, Times Square floods with food variety all day, every day! Times Square sure is famous for endless things but the food definitely bags a place in the top 3. We have been very careful with our strategic locations so that you get to live in the most convenient residential areas that give you the closest walkable access to the plethora of restaurants that Times Square is known for. 

Some of the best restaurants near our New York accommodation near Times Square are: 

  • Tim Ho Wan - Famous around the world for being the cheapest Michelin-star restaurant with an average cost of just $5 for most of its dishes. Expect an innovative variety of buns to dim sums, rice rolls, and so much more here. 
  • Toloache - This gem on the West 50th Street is regal, festive, and quite varied in its menu. Do try their cocktail menu while it boasts of tacos and its three guacamole kinds on the side. The dark wood interiors and wood-fired oven delicacies are a hit together!
  • Carmine's Italian Restaurant - With royal interiors and elaborate spreads, expect generous portions of authentic Italian dishes at this warm LGBTQ+ restaurant. Head here for a comfort meal with excellent service. 
  • Sake Bar Hagi - Standing on West 46th Street, this not so fancy restaurant serves excellent Japanese bar food. While you are here, do try their traditional Jap vodkas called shochu
  • Danni - Ever heard of the combination of French and Korean? This cozy restaurant takes pride in its innovative menu, excellent taste, and sustainable ingredients. A must try around Times Square.
  • Havana Central Times Square - With tropical decor, Cuban elements, classic Havana setting, and incredibly fresh menu, this is a very happening restaurant here. You can also buy grocery boxes or book birthday packages here.
  • Becco - The perfect restaurant in Manhattan for a mixed craving of Italian cuisine with seafood. Their affordable just-pasta deal for $26 (approx.) is quite popular considering its authentic taste. 
  • Times Square Diner & Grill - This American diner is authentic, stylish, and delicious when it comes to food. With hearty portions and a casual vibe, it is a complete package for tourists and travelers. Small bites are available too.
  • Pure Thai Cookhouse - Your trip cannot be complete without trying at least a handful of cuisines in Times Square alone. The hallway-like restaurant beautifully brings diverse Thai flavors together. Thick noodles and spinach dumplings are a must-try.
  • Virgil’s Real BBQ - A specialty restaurant that is a must-visit for your steak and bbq cravings. The best part is that you will find bbq delicacies inspired by a lot of different cuisines other than Americans. 

Transportation Around New York Accommodation Near Times Square

Times Square is one of the most central and accessible attractions in Manhattan. It gives you the shortest access to the most ideal neighborhoods as well. Thanks to its geographical advantages, its proximity to the Hudson River lets you enjoy the ferry as an alternate and affordable travel mode. With Central Park just 3 miles away and Midtown brushing closely, you can easily move all around the best parts of the neighborhood and enjoy the endless restaurants, experiences, and attractions that each of them has to offer. Every serviced apartment curated by TheSqua.re has made sure to share these travel advantages to all modes of transportation with all its travelers. 

Some of the common public transport stations near our New York accommodation near Times Square include:

  • 50 Street (A, C, E Line)
  • Subway Line 7
  • Rockefeller Center Station (F/M/B/D Line)
  • 49 Street Station (N/WR)
  • 42 Street Station  (1/2/3/S to Times Square) 

Some of the most easily accessible bus stations from the doorstep of our New York accommodation near Times Square include:

  • M42 crosstown (both ways)
  • M7, M104, M20 downtown/uptown
  • M50 westbound
  • M5 uptown

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