No Fee Apartments Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn is the most populous borough and a platter of diversity in NYC. It is also the 2nd most populous county in the country. With interlinked passages ranging from bridges and subways to rivers and roads, it is finely connected to the best parts of the city. Picking up a full-fledged budgeted apartment here in a particular neighborhood with all the facilities can be overwhelming, and quite frankly daunting. Our team of qualified experts has made sure to present to you our entire range of no fee apartments to choose from. What these specific ranges of accommodations ensure is a transparent and extremely fair exchange of costs which leaves no room for hidden prices and hefty fees.

Our Best No Fee Apartments in Brooklyn

Our finest serviced apartments are the ones that ensure the highest level of comfort. Whether it is a studio apartment or a deluxe one in the heart of Brooklyn, it is your preference that makes them the best. As far as the comforts are concerned, we have given every single abode our years of experience and expertise of curating apartments that feel like home. Right from the decor of the living room to the standards of the modern kitchen, from the balcony to the bathtub, every little thing has been thoroughly thought over and brought to you with the highest level of customization. 

If this is something that excites you, right below are some of our handpicked no fee apartments in Brooklyn carefully placed in the best parts of the city:

Why Should You Choose Brooklyn?

From tourist attractions to regular local spots, choosing a neighborhood for an outsider tends to become a tough-spot to decide upon. We understand this problem and ease the process for you. Our wide array of no fee apartments locates you around the best attractions of Brooklyn. The borough sure enjoys an upper hand over other boroughs because of how secure and private it is for residential purposes. Be it an exciting evening at the flea or a serene walk amidst the greenery, Brooklyn will satisfy the tourist as well as the explorer within you. 

Facilities in Our No Fee Apartments in Brooklyn

Now that we have established how suitable Brooklyn is for you, let us also go through the various advantages you will enjoy in our serviced apartments here. While you already know that you will be paying exactly what you see on the website, you should also be familiar with the kinds of facilities that we offer under that cost. A few comforts that run common through most of our abodes range between a working kitchenette, fluffy mattresses, spacious sunlit areas in the house, parking space, free Wi-Fi with a flat-screen TV, and a lot more. As the apartment type keeps getting premium, the same amenities get more lavish with the additions like jacuzzi, dishwasher, balcony, gym memberships, and more. 

To get a broader list of amenities that make our no fee apartments in Brooklyn stand out, skim through the list right below:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony

Where Can You Find Our No Fee Apartments in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn will get you near cultural institutions, tourist destinations, and historical landmarks. From bustling streets to serene scenes, these Brooklyn neighborhoods are well connected to the heart and spirit of the county. Whether it’s your search for a temporary abode or a place for a long term stay, our crisp portfolio can help you choose the best neighborhood of Brooklyn according to your tastes and expenses.

Our no fee apartments in Brooklyn can be found in the following neighborhoods:

  • Williamsburg - Williamsburg is a hip and trendy neighborhood in North Brooklyn. This densely populated area has a rich cultural, ethnic and artistic heritage, with high-end galleries, multi-million-dollar apartments, and everything in between. Also known for the lively restaurants and bars, this multicultural abode is arguably one of the best places to live in Brooklyn. 
  • Carroll Gardens - With a mix of both historic and modern architectural taste, a sensational culinary scene with restaurants, cafes, and boutiques, Carroll garden is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Widely occupied by rich families and young professionals alike, the neighborhood also boasts of innumerable bars and class-of-the-art yoga studios.
  • Prospect Heights – Situated between the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and the Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Heights is housed by middle-class folks. The region is lined with quality dining and retail options for charming outings and picturesque evenings. 
  • Brooklyn Heights - While the prices of this charismatic neighborhood are quite steep with the likes of Björk, Matt Damon, Gary Oldman as residents, Brooklyn Heights has its share of middle-class folks rubbing elbows in local restaurants. Situated close to the Brooklyn Bridge, the neighborhood is a walking distance to the shops in Carroll Gardens and has its retail and confectionary lanes to stroll by. 
  • Dumbo - Dumbo, or “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge,” is an artsy neighborhood that offers vast views of Manhattan, the New York Harbor, and the Statue of Liberty. It also houses cute creative galleries and eccentric retail shops.

Corporate Accommodation in Brooklyn

Believe it or not, traveling solo is always way more expensive than traveling in groups, and unfortunately, most business trips are done solo. It quite evidently applies to restaurant bills, hotel check-ins, and everywhere else. However, that is something that can surely be minimized if not entirely erased when it comes to booking our 1-bedroom and studio apartments. Even though you will not get the benefit of splitting, you can surely save yourself the hefty hidden costs, broker fees, and all other piled up bill additions. Our no-fee apartments in Brooklyn ensure that all the cost structures are fair, transparent, and agreeable. This reduces the cost by a lot of margins and you get to choose the most perfect corporate abode curated by our expert team at the best possible price. 

No Fee Apartments in Brooklyn for Families

When a vacation involves a bigger family group, the budgets are often disorganized. Even one layer of hidden costs can burn quite a significant hole when the accommodation involves more than 3 rooms or penthouses for extra comfort. Our no fee apartments in Brooklyn ensure that you pay exactly what you know it is worth, and are 100% comfortable in paying for it. From a cute nook with a dining set and lavish cutlery waiting for a fresh home-baked meal to a pillow fight in the spacious bedroom with the kids, everything is taken care of. Our team at TheSqua.re takes into account every potential experience that can make a family holiday memorable. With enough space, light, comfort, and a whole lot of amenities to ensure your safety and satisfaction, we promise you the best stay with your fam right here in Brooklyn.

Best Attractions Near Our No Fee Apartments in Brooklyn

The borough has endless neighborhoods to offer, and within those neighborhoods lie several hidden and popular gems of the city. From something as celebrated as the Brooklyn Bridge to something as casual and exciting like the Brooklyn Flea Market, it is almost impossible to cap the potential interests of this area. 

Take a peek into the most exclusive picks of the 10 best attractions around our no fee apartments in Brooklyn:

  • Brooklyn Bridge - Looming over the majestic East River, the Brooklyn Bridge links the two boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Dubbed as the “eighth wonder of the world”, marvel at the architectural design, gaze at the spectacular views of the city's skyline, drive, bike, or saunter across this iconic NYC landmark.
  • New York Transit Museum - Celebrate the history of New York City Subway, bus, and commuter rail systems through construction equipment artifacts, vintage subway cars, and many more. Don’t miss the gallery annex and gift shop with rotating exhibits.
  • Brooklyn Museum - With over 700 arts and cultural institutions throughout the city, the Brooklyn Museum is a world-renowned 560,000-square-foot, Beaux-Arts building. Get lost in the rich heritage of world cultures through its collections of ancient Egyptian masterpieces to contemporary art pieces. 
  • Brooklyn Flea - Brimming with locals and tourists alike, the Brooklyn Flea is an exciting place to be all around the year. Spend a Saturday in Dumbo and browse through the vintage clothing, antiques, jewelry, art & crafts by local artisans and designers. Don’t miss out on the delicious fresh food stalls to complete the greatest urban experience Brooklyn has to offer.
  • Coney Island - A residential Brooklyn neighborhood doubling as an entertainment destination all summer. Hit the beach, ride the famed Cyclone roller coaster in Wonder Wheel and Luna Amusement Park, witness street performers in action and take part in the Circus Sideshow and the Mermaid Parade in June for an unforgettable summer experience.
  • Brooklyn Botanical Garden - A remarkable oasis in Brooklyn’s industrial jungle, relax and spend some time in the peaceful gardens of Cherry Esplanade, Fragrance Garden, Herb Garden, Magnolia Plaza, Cranford Rose Garden, Shakespeare Garden, among many more. Dine at the Yellow Magnolia Café and relieve in the magic of the serene greenery. 
  • Lakeside Prospect Park - A gathering venue for locals, participate in horseback riding, tennis, pedal boating in season, and ice skating in this lovely swath of green located in the center of Brooklyn. Catch seasonal events from the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot run to New Year's Eve fireworks in this evergreen and homely park.  
  • BAM Strong - Located in downtown Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Academy of Music is one of NYC’s greatest cultural treasures. Catch the Next Wave Festival in motion with their wonderfully curated selection of theater, dance, film, and other types of performances from all across the globe.
  • Walt Whitman Park - One of the most popular landscaped parks, kick back and relax in the newly renovated park benches and well-paved paths. Take your bicycle out for a walk or lounge on the grass with your favorite book.
  • Brooklyn Navy Yard - This large shipbuilding area has been sitting here since the Revolutionary war has been rehabilitated as a thriving industrial park. Observe the one-of-a-kind ecosystem that spans 300 acres and houses 500+ businesses. Visit the yard for some Brooklyn-delicacies and view the modern manufacturing unit in action. 

Best Restaurants Near Our No Fee Apartments in Brooklyn

From putting up your most stunning clothes for a dinner date to heading to a pizza place in your jammies, Brooklyn is fascinating when it comes to its mesmerizing variety of restaurants. Expect multiple cuisines here which are fancy, comforting, hygienic, and surely delicious. Our no fee urban pads have been curated in the closest proximity to all the iconic restaurants of the borough. No matter what, you will always be left with a bunch of fine restaurants to choose for that special dinner to celebrate your last night in NYC, and it will be just perfect! 

Some of the finest restaurants that you must visit near our no fee apartments are: 

  • The River Cafè - Keep your evening gown and tux especially for this gorgeous restaurant overlooking the river. Enjoy premium delicacies with the stunning view of the Manhattan skyline right from Brooklyn. 
  • Michael’s of Brooklyn - This is an elegant and upscale Italian restaurant to consider for a warm and traditional meal. It is great for a romantic lunch or dinner with delicious comfort food. 
  • Emily - Did someone say pizza? Emily on 919 Fulton Street will be your instant bae on the first meet itself. It has to be your go-to for classic NYC-style pizzas and burgers.
  • Lilia - This iconic restaurant has fans of Missy Robins from all around the globe. She has finally resumed her globally loved handmade pasta which she makes from scratch. The reservations are mandatory.
  • Al Di La Trattoria - The overall wooden decor here is warm and comforting while the menu is full of colorful small plate dishes. The wonderful food and the old-school charm is what makes this restaurant and wine bar a hit. 
  • Blanca - Looking for a place to propose to your partner or celebrate an intimate affair? This is your best shot! Enjoy a lavish 19-course meal here, yes you heard that right, and add an unforgettable food experience to your list.
  • Claro - This Michelin-starred restaurant makes everything right from scratch. From pasta to spaghetti, everything is handmade. Not just this, they are popular for their organic sourcing of raw ingredients, both vegan and nonvegan which surely enhances the flavors. 
  • Cecconi's Dumbo - From sheer white curtains to striped floors, comfort Italian food to waterfront views, this is everything that you had in mind for a fancy meal in Brooklyn’s heart. The cocktails here are a big plus.
  • Celestine - While the food is the authentic Middle-Eastern best, the huge glass window panes are what steal the show. The view of the calm waters and the bridge add a charming vibe to its contemporary food scenes. The bridge looks breathtaking at night. 

Transport Around No Fee Apartments in Brooklyn

Subway is the first preference of most Brooklyn people which is easy, efficient, and highly convenient. For shorter distances, bicycles are the most loved mode of travel. Corporate travelers mostly keep a rented bicycle to mingle with the bike-loving locals of Brooklyn. Apart from rails and buses, ferries are a third very important travel mode preferred by both tourists and locals. The 3 major routes include the Bay Ridge, East River, and Rockaway ferry. With so many options to choose from, traveling in Brooklyn is never going to be a problem. 

Some of the common subway stations near our no fee apartments in Brooklyn include:

  • 96th Street
  • Wall Street
  • 86th Street
  • 2nd Avenue
  • 50th Street
  • 42 Street
  • 28th Street

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