No Fee Apartments in Manhattan

No Fee‌ ‌Apartments‌ ‌in‌ ‌Manhattan‌

Traveling to the most popular borough of New York City for a family vacation or official purpose, there can be many reasons. Finding a place to stay while you are in Manhattan can be challenging as there are so many options available from hotels to corporate housing to serviced apartments. But, no-fee furnished apartments in Manhattan by Thesqua.re are always a better option as we offer privacy, ample living space, and top-class amenities to our guests that are essential for a short or long term stay. Manhattan, being the center of all tourist attractions, corporate hubs, and business centers, millions of tourists travel here every year. No matter you are traveling to Manhattan for a few weeks or months, there furnished apartments are just what we require to enjoy your stay. 

To make your staying experience satisfactory you’ll get a spacious living room with comfy sofas, table & chair to make it your work station for a while, and a flat-screen television for your entertainment. The bedroom comes with soft and cozy bedding for a good night’s sleep and a spacious wardrobe to keep your belongings. For the ones who like to prepare their own meal, there is a fully-equipped kitchen with all the required utensils, refrigerators, and energy-saving appliances. There is a Wi-Fi connection with high-speed internet that can be used for work or just to check out nearby places. All our no-fee serviced apartments also offer air conditioning, central heating, and many other services to give our guests a lovely staying experience.

Our Best No Fee Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

Our no fee furnished apartments in Manhattan provide you best in the class amenities, comfortable stay, and easy transportation options. You can easily find our serviced apartments in every corner of the city. We offer all kinds of apartments as per your need and requirement. From well-furnished studio apartments to sophisticated luxurious apartments, we provide our guests with everything they require during their stay in the marvelous city of Manhattan. All our serviced apartments are fully-furnished and well-equipped to take care of our guests. We offer cozy bedrooms, comfortable living rooms, neat work stations, well-organized kitchens, clean dining areas, and much more. There is a Wi-Fi connection that is complimentary in every serviced apartment. There is flat-screen television for entertainment purposes, an on-site gym for your workouts, a swimming pool to enjoy a peaceful day, and many other facilities to make sure you have a comfortable stay.

A few of our best no fee furnished apartments in Manhattan are:

Why Pick Our No Fee Furnished Apartments in Manhattan?

While away from home, everyone wants to stay at a place that would give them a comfortable and relaxed environment. Our no fee furnished apartments in Manhattan are designed to give you just that. At our serviced apartments you’ll find cozy bedrooms with enough room to keep your luggage as well, stylish living rooms with comfy sofas and chairs, small workspace with table and chair, a fully-equipped kitchen with all the necessary utensils and modern appliances, and a dining area with classy dining table and chairs. There is flat-screen television, complimentary Wi-Fi, access to an on-site gym and swimming pool to spend your spare time. For safety and security purposes there is on-site security, intercom, first aid kit, smoke detector, fire extinguisher, and spy-hole on the door of all the serviced apartments. Whether you are traveling to Manhattan for a vacation or work, you’ll find easy transportation near all our serviced apartments including buses, cabs, and subways. Also, there are plenty of places near all our serviced apartments where you can enjoy a great meal, drink till you can stand straight, and dance till your feet hurt.

Facilities in Our No Fee Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

All our serviced apartments are tastefully furnished with comfy beds and chests with drawers in the bedroom, relaxing sofas and sturdy chairs in the living room, dining tables with chairs in the dining area, table and chair to work from in the corner, and more. The Wi-Fi connection in the apartments can be used to check out the place where you want to visit or can be used for work. The sleek flat-screen television is a good addition to keep our guests entertained while they stay in. There is a fully-equipped kitchen that can be utilized to make breakfast before heading out or to prepare dinner and enjoy the meal with your family or colleagues while sitting across the classy dining table. For our guests who don’t like to compromise on their fitness no matter what, we offer access to an on-site gym and swimming pool. All our serviced apartments are located in safe localities and we provide services like on-site security, intercoms, spy-holes on the door, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and more to keep our guests safe and secure at all times.

Attractions Near Our No Fee Apartments in Manhattan

Searching for a place to stay is a humongous task in a place like Manhattan. We at TheSqua.re make sure you find our serviced apartments easily. Our serviced apartments are located in every part of Manhattan for your convenience. All the major tourist attractions of New York City like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art are well within reach from our serviced apartments. 

Some of the easy to visit tourist attractions from our serviced apartments are:

  • Central Park - This famous tourist attraction is visited by millions of tourists and locals every year. Whether you are in a mood for a picnic or enjoy the scenic beauty or just want to take a stroll, Central Park offers something for your every mood. The places to visit here include Belvedere Castle, Bow Bridge, Central Park Zoo, and the lake where you can enjoy boat rides as well.
  • Statue of Liberty - Buy your ferry ticket and get ready for a ride to Liberty Island where this iconic monument resides. Take selfies from the observation deck and enjoy the view. For breathtaking views climb up 354 steps and reach the crown of the statue. This must-visit tourist attraction will leave you in awe of the beauty of the statue and the admiring views you get from there.
  • Empire State Building -This tall skyscraper is one of the famous landmarks of Manhattan. You can enjoy a 360-degree view of New York City from its observation deck on the 86th floor. Apart from the views, you can also enjoy the design and architecture of this 1,454 feet high building which is one of the most renowned skyscrapers in the world.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - With its wide collection of art from the prehistoric era to present times, The Metropolitan Museum of Art attracts millions of visitors every year. This art lovers’ paradise was opened in the year 1880.
  • Chrysler Building - Admire the Chrysler Building and its steel crown which shines wonderfully at night as the lights reflect on its metal body. This 77 stories high skyscraper is well recognized all over the world. Most people might recognize seeing it in a movie or a TV show. The building has the world’s first digital clock inside by the reception area and amazing ceiling murals by artist Edward Trumbull.
  • Rockefeller Center - Even though it’s a business place, this place attracts many visitors around the year. People visit Rockefeller Center for its shopping and entertainment value. During Christmas, the whole place is decorated like a Christmas tree so it is a plus if you are visiting NYC at that time.
  • Times Square - The huge glittering billboards, shiny restaurants, great shops, and amazing theaters; no one doesn’t know about Times Square. Most vibrant on New Year’s Eve, this place is known for its lively streets and wonderful culture.

Best Restaurants Near Our No Fee Apartments in Manhattan

When you are on vacation or away for work you hardly feel like preparing your own meal after a long day of sightseeing or a tiring day of work. The best thing to do is go out and enjoy a nice meal with a glass of wine, beer, or cocktail. All you need is close proximity, a soothing ambiance, and delicious food. At TheSqua.re we take care of all that for you, all our no fee furnished apartments in Manhattan are located near some of the best restaurants and pubs where you can take care of your appetite and have some fun. 

Some of the best restaurants and pubs near our serviced apartments in Manhattan are:

  • Atla - With its Mexican and Central American dishes the café offers great ambiance and seats to enjoy your scrumptious meal with exceptional Frescas that beat many cocktails that you drink at various restaurants. This place might not be the elite fine dining restaurant but it is no less than that as well. Visit Atla and see for yourself, you’ll surely have a good time there.
  • Per Se - Per Se offers two delectable menus that include a nine-course tasting menu and a nine-course vegetable tasting menu. This French restaurant was opened in 2004 and has a wide range of more than 2000 bottles of wine. If you want to experience the best and authentic French cuisine then head over to this exquisite restaurant.
  • Momofuku Ko - From the changing menu to the view of the open kitchen from the counter, Momofuku Ko is a Contemporary American restaurant that has received 2 Michelin stars till now. Visit the restaurant with friends and family and enjoy the taste of delicious American food.
  • Via Carota - This all Italian restaurant showcases Italian style décor with authentic Italian food. Via Carota is a perfect place to chill with friends or to have a nice meal with family. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian or simply a desserts lover, the restaurant offers food for all you foodies out there.
  • Atomix - The restaurant showcases eclectic décor with wood and stone. The U-shaped counter offering the view of the kitchen, the lounge with comfortable seating, and the overall décor of the place are just mesmerizing. Atomix offers some of the best Korean meals in a tasteful manner.
  • Sylvia’s - This culinary was founded in 1962 and has been serving authentic soul food since then. It’s comfortable and calming atmosphere binds you in a spell and the simple yet undeniably delicious food makes you want to come back again and again.

Cost of No Fee Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

If you are looking for a place that showers all the essential facilities and homely comfort over you then you don’t have to look any further. All our serviced apartments in Manhattan are designed to give you just that at very reasonable prices. From fully-furnished apartments to facilities like on-site gyms, swimming pools, cafes, security, and more; you’ll get it all at our well-budgeted apartments. We make sure that our guests have a great time staying with us and have all the possible amenities that would make their stay worth every penny they spend.

Transport Near Our No Fee Apartments in Manhattan

The location of all our serviced apartments is within reach from most of the major Subway Stations. Other than that people who prefer buses or cabs can easily access them from all our serviced apartments in Manhattan. Whether you are traveling to Manhattan for a family vacation or business, you’ll find easy transportation from our well-located no fee furnished apartments in Manhattan to any part of the city. Most of the tourist attractions are well within reach of the apartments and people who are traveling for work can relax as well as most of the office spaces are nearby from our serviced apartments.

Here are some of the subway stations that are near our serviced apartments in Manhattan:

  • Wall Street
  • Lexington Avenue
  • 50th Street
  • Chambers Street
  • Spring Street
  • Mulberry Street
  • Grand Central Station
  • 5th Avenue
  • Fulton Street
  • Times Square
  • Union Square
  • Canal Street
  • Houston Street

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