Park Slope Apartments

Park Slope Apartments

Park Slope has garnered a lot of love over the decades for not only being the safest of all Brooklyn neighborhoods but also one of the most desirable places to live in New York City. To make the most of the advantages that this wonderful area has to offer, we have curated an extensive catalog of Park Slope apartments in the heart of Brooklyn. With representative Prospect Park at walking distance, plenty of charming cafes, and organic food markets mushroomed nearby, we have used our thorough expertise and experience in choosing the most central locations in the area. With homely amenities inside our fully-equipped furnished apartments which blend smoothly with the small-town warmth of the surroundings, we are excited to present to you our entire range of Park Slope apartments. We hope you are too.

Our Best Park Slope Apartments

Whether you are planning a trip with your little munchkins to this side of NYC or you look forward to tasting the high-end flavors of Brooklyn, our serviced apartments have made all the arrangements beforehand for you. While the locations will take care of most of your itineraries, all of our abodes are modernly-furnished to let you enjoy a peaceful time whenever you are at home after fulfilling those long itineraries. With so much to see around and the proximity to several other parts of the city, expect to have a long list of attractions to enjoy. 

As unusual as it may sound, but we give you a freehand to raise the bar of your expectations from our urban pads here. From the finest mattresses to kitchen appliances, the best possible team to assist you during your stay to the best of furnishings to ease your experience with us, it is our vision to make travel the perfect mix of home and hotel for you. 

Skim through some of our top picks from our elaborate catalog of Park Slope apartments below:

Types of Park Slope Apartments Available

Park Slope tumbles in the category of more refined neighborhoods which is a fine mix of down-to-earth ambiance, closely-knit community, and premium quality locations and standards of living. Using each of its features to its best advantage, our experts at TheSqua.re have curated a celebrated catalog of serviced apartments, each of which does complete justice to this area. From homes in old-school buildings made in brownstone to aparthotels in the most luxurious buildings, a penthouse on a skyscraper to a 2-bedroom apartment right in the center of the neighborhood, all these options are available to you at all times with us. 

You can always customize your abode based on your preferences. Why just 2 bedrooms, if required, you can always upgrade to up to 4 bedrooms. If needed, we can always accommodate requests like 2 separate beds instead of one king or combined queen bed. We have tried our level best to make all possible options available to you. 

Why Should You Book Our Park Slope Apartments?

Park Slope is one of those Brooklyn neighborhoods which boasts of a very warm and friendly community. The ambiance combined with the facilities that this luxury area enjoys makes it one of the most preferred areas across the city. The living standards here enjoy the popularity of tourists and locals alike. While there is practically a lot to appreciate about the neighborhood, where do our Park Slope apartments come in? It is the carefully picked locations within this zip code that give access to every attraction of the area in the most convenient way possible. The centrally located abodes make traveling to the best attractions easy by standing at walking distance from Subway or bus stations. The list of the in-house comforts is anyway endless with a kitchenette, balcony, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi and so much more topping the charts. This collective living experience is exactly why you should book our modern abodes here.

Facilities in Our Park Slope Apartments

If you have chosen our Park Slope apartments for a romantic vacation, it is going to be one of your most comfortable stays ever. From soft rich couches to mattresses that tempt you to stay in bed all day, expect to enjoy a private vacation that feels like a cool couple vacation in all its glory. 

If work, studies, or an internship is on your mind for your upcoming NYC trip, consider yourself sorted for the stay here. From in-house espresso machines to microwaves to make those instant noodles or packaged food for lazy breakfasts, you will have all the amenities to rely on. If not, a full-fledged kitchen will always be ready for healthy oatmeal or hot pancake breakfast.

Talking of pancakes, if you are bringing kids over for a fun NYC vacation, you will be delighted to have access to our free groceries and kitchen. It is a boon with kids and their never-ending fancies. With Wi-Fi, Netflix, TV, and pizzerias around the corner, you will need nothing additional to distract them. 

The eclectic list of amenities that make our Park Slope apartments stand out include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony

Business Stays in Park Slope

It takes a mere 6-minute bus journey to the Financial District and less than 18 minutes of Subway journey from the center of Park Slope. This unthinkable proximity to such a prime hub of corporate houses and business opportunities make our corporate accommodations here so desirable. With us taking care of your business trip, you don't have to worry about anything between cleaning, buying groceries, finding restaurants, booking untimely cabs, changing that bedsheet, and whatnot. Our service team, concierge team, grocery team, and everyone who suggested personalized amenities like a washing machine and even a dishwasher will have to take the credit for all the comforts. You know what that means, right? It means that you will have absolutely no hassle during your wonderful work stay with us. 

Park Slope Apartments for Families

With sports, parks, foods of all varieties, museums that include something as sweet as a puppet show for kids, and a safe environment, there cannot be a better neighborhood than this. As far as our abodes are concerned, with vibrant interior decor and a thorough selection of furnishings, we have made sure that each apartment becomes worthy of being a temporary home. With something for kids, couples, family groups, and even friends, we have tried our level best to curate an experience closest to your home. Our dining tables, bedrooms, living rooms with speakers, cozy bathtubs, and kitchens await to make you feel comforted. 

Best Attractions Near Our Park Slope Apartments

From Union Hall to Bell House hosting live comedy shows and concerts quite often to an adventure trip to the wonderful zoo in Prospect Park, the range of attractions near our Park Slope apartments is quite eclectic. Don't get overwhelmed by the list of things and shows that you would want to attend; the effortless public transportation network, and of course, the locations of our homes will let everything done right in time. You will be amazed to find yourself surrounded by so much variety for everything from vintage collectibles to eateries. With the neighborhood not being the biggest in the borough, expect to find attractions that are more compact but multiple. They sure surprised us for good and we hope they surprise you for good too.

Some of the most exciting attractions near our Park Slope apartments include:

  • Prospect Park - With a lush green space, newly added LeFrank Center, and an elaborate zoo within the premises, this is the sole representative of this lavish neighborhood. With a lakeside in the sole natural forest of the area and various open concerts organized often on the outside, both the zoo and the park are must-visit places near our abodes.
  • The Old Stone House - A fantastic museum to relive the rich past of the neighborhood. With a miniature display of a 1699 Dutch farmhouse, it is a history doze of the past in itself. It doesn't end there as you can even enjoy live drama and music performances while some legendary artists even take classes here. 
  • Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. - This wonderful attraction is ideal for families with children. It offers a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your kids as it comes as a package of a superhero concept. From signing a goodness deed to seeing things like canned intelligence and capes, such as the store’s way of raising money for a cause.
  • Baebès - If you wish to experience how the community of this closely-knit neighborhood functions, visit this very popular community center and see it for yourself. From open bar to music events, film screenings to reading sessions, this has it all for all tastes and preferences.
  • Puppetworks - Another attraction to check out with kids, especially if you are a fan of the ancient art of puppetry. The artist who is also the host here is known to have been doing it since the 1950s. Guess what? You can even host special parties for kids on demand if you are here for a long term stay or a birthday eve.
  • Washington Park - Visit here for an evening stroll amid all the greenery and local fun. The JJ Byrne Playground, the Old Stone House, the field in general, the skate park, and the list goes endless. Such is the collective experience that you could expect from this attraction near our Park Slope apartments.

Best Restaurants Near Our Park Slope Apartments

From seasonal dishes amidst what feels like an English garden to an entire platter of Uzbek kebabs, from $1 oysters with a happy hour to an array of Vietnamese dishes, this is what the eclectic food variety in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn looks like. One thing that runs common in most travelers is the love for food during travel. Keeping that in mind, each of our Park Slope apartments makes sure of making your stay closest to the prime restaurants of the area. You can expect everything ranging from an exciting variety for your meals to your quick on-the-go bites. 

Some of the best restaurants near our Park Slope apartments are: 

  • Miriam - You will find no list without the mention of this fine Park Slope restaurant. This is a perfect brunch spot for couples, friends, and families alike. Get a taste of the authentic organic Israeli cuisine here and fall in love with it with every bite. 
  • Nargis Bar and Grill - If kebabs are your go-to meal and the fact that the entire decor of this restaurant is imported exclusively from Uzbekistan excites you, then this is your perfect start to the food scenes here. 
  • La Villa Pizza - If pizzas are your bae and kids are tagging along then this is the pizza paradise to go for. Not just that, they have calzones, pasta, and a plethora of fresh and exotic cheese varieties to go with your authentic Italian delicacies. Adults particularly love their soft creamy burrata. 
  • Al di la Trattoria - This is one of the iconic spots in the neighborhood which is known to serve comfort food in a vintage home-like environment. The antiques sure are mismatched but the taste is unique. It has some very unusual dishes on its menu. 
  • Bricolage - If tasting delicious Vietnamese food has been on your checklist, we have finally found you one here. The well-balanced meals here are each a gem on its list of flavors. While the Unshaking Beef is a beloved specialty here, both vegan and nonvegan options are a delight. 
  • Du Jour Bakery - From French pastries to brunches, an exquisite selection of wines to bread, eggs, sandwiches, and whatnot, this is your go-to bakery for all your small bite cravings on-the-go. Kids love their cream-filled goods while adults adore the insane variety that they host. 
  • Camper down Elm - A mix of casual and high-end is this restaurant and bar in the Southern half of Park Slope. Get deals as cheap as $1 oysters or enjoy a hearty meal at the leafy patio with a multiple course meal or just a double cheeseburger. A perfect combo, isn't it?
  • Convivium Osteria - Distressed walls, copper planters, top-class presentation, and the most delicious Italian main course ever, this is the best brief of this rustic restaurant for you. The antique vibe here is magical but it is the taste that wins hearts before everything else. 
  • Rose Water - If more than the food you aim for a dream setting, this is a place your Instagram fam will love the most. Head to its most gorgeous patio with an English garden and enjoy an entire range of comfort food. They are particularly famous for seasonal dishes. 

Transport Near Pour Park Slope Apartments

7th Avenue is the central subway station in this neighborhood. Take the F or the G train and it will take you right here to the heart of Park Slope. Hempstead and Long Beach are the two major train stations that are central to this compact neighborhood. Coming from first-hand experiences of our team, it is wonderful to stay in such a closely connected area. The best part is that you can easily walk up to most of the train, subway, or bus stations from each of our Park Slope apartments without absolutely any hassles. It would not be an exaggeration to say that public transportation is at a stone's throw from your doorstep. 

Apart from Subway, some of the commonly available bus stations near each of our Park Slope apartments include:

  • B61
  • B63
  • B67
  • B69

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