Places to Stay in Brooklyn

Places to Stay in Brooklyn

Brimming with culture, historical sites, corporate opportunities, and a diverse artsy vibe, Brooklyn is one of the most sought-after boroughs in NYC. When surfing through all the ideal places to stay in Brooklyn, one often gets overwhelmed in the process. With such dense neighborhoods forming the borough, choosing one without the right research can wreck your entire trip. To save you exactly from that, our dedicated team has curated an entire catalog of charming serviced apartments from scratch for you. 

With fine amenities to welcome you with hotel-like comforts and a personalized experience to make it feel like home, we take pride in hosting you with our unparalleled living standards and hospitality in the heart of Brooklyn and New York City.

Our Best Apartments in Brooklyn

When it comes to Brooklyn, a lot of prime neighborhoods, famous restaurants, and legendary attractions strike at first. However, finding an ideal place to stay that is not only comfortable to stay in but also convenient to travel from is a daunting task. Our fine abodes sitting in different parts of Brooklyn come with the most elaborate set of amenities to impress you. From fully-functional kitchens to elegantly furnished interiors, crisp linens and grocery packs to balconies with a view, our abodes are ready to be your home. 

Right below are some of our most elite accommodations in and around Brooklyn:

Why Should You Book Our Accommodation in Brooklyn?

What if we tell you that booking accommodation with us not only takes care of your locations and grocery requirements but also your workout schedules? Wouldn't such a setup be the most comforting ever? With our excellent team always on its toes for curating nothing but the best, your budgets, preferences, gym schedules or food preferences, and security will be kept well in mind. Our curators together with our respective teams in charge of service, concierge desk, cleaning, and everyone who works behind curating a perfect experience for you, take care of everything ranging from locations to living standards. Such dedicated effort and concentrated expertise give you all the reasons to trust our vision.

Facilities in the Best Places to Stay in Brooklyn

At TheSqua.re, our team believes in a holistic approach to living comfort. We are as particular about your potential requirements as we would be for ourselves in a foreign country. Whether it is a short term business trip or a long romantic getaway in the most popular places to stay in Brooklyn, we have picked the littlest of requirements that you might have over your stay. From free parking right outside to gym memberships in the same building, CCTV, and lockers for your security to bathtubs for your relaxation, such are the comfort levels we aim for each of your stay with us. 

Let's take you through a crisp list of amenities that make our Brooklyn apartments stand out:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • In-house locker
  • Dining table
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Oven and microwave
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine & dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flatscreen TV with Netflix
  • Balcony with a view

What Are the Best Places to Stay in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is one of those areas in New York City which has experiences hidden in almost every part. From the structural reminiscences like the Brooklyn Bridge or the NY Transit Museum to the artistic legacy at the Brooklyn Museum, its attractions are spread out quite evenly. Luckily, the same areas happen to be in the best places to stay in Brooklyn. This makes our work to filter the locations for our serviced apartments easier than usual. From the artsy vibe at DUMBO to the spacious and breezy ambiance at Greenpoint, an array of experiences in Williamsburg to that of high-rise apartments in Prospect Heights; all this and much more together make Brooklyn such a globally acclaimed area to stay in. 

Out of the most preferred places to stay in Brooklyn, our apartments can be found in the following neighborhoods:

  • DUMBO - Enjoy edgy theater and warm vibe in this rustic artsy neighborhood which used to be a very prominent industrial area. It is home to Innovative shops, old warehouses, and high-end high rise apartments. 
  • Williamsburg - With Bedford Avenue at its heart and a lot of history to go with its artsy vibe, this is a very fascinating area to check out in Brooklyn. From local restaurants to local shops, it is not going to disappoint you. 
  • Greenpoint - This vibrant Polish neighborhood brims with fun locals, lots of cozy restaurants, scenic waterfront, and a relaxed vibe. It is a very sober, sophisticated, and spacious area to consider for your upcoming stay in Brooklyn.
  • Prospect Heights - This posh part of Brooklyn is home to the representative attractions of NYC like the Brooklyn Museum and Botanic Garden. The upstate neighborhood is all about luxury condos, Caribbean-American roots, rich outlook, and overwhelming love for sports. 
  • Clinton Hill - With all sorts of restaurants and green parks, residential security, upscale outlook, and a thick urban feel to itself, this classy Brooklyn neighborhood in Kings County is globally acclaimed as one of the best places to stay in Brooklyn. 

Corporate Accommodation in Brooklyn

Corporate travelers are mostly very limited but particular about their expectations and needs from a business trip. Our abodes in the best places to stay in Brooklyn have been exclusively designed to take that bar to the next level. While the gym access will thank us for not letting you skip your workout, the lift access in the building will feel like a boon after a tiring day at work. From proximity to restaurants, bars, and nightlife to fluffy beds and couches right before a luxurious flat-screen television, we have done all the arrangements to make the business trip feel like a holiday! 

Family Apartments in Brooklyn

We are as particular about the potential needs, hygiene, and security of your families as we would be for ours. From the quality of our upholstery to the brands of your kitchen appliances, it is the safety and comfort measure of the highest degree that makes us worthy of a celebrated reputation in the global housing and hospital industry. The seamless Wi-Fi connectivity with a widescreen TV and Netflix ensures to keep tiny tots and teenagers busy for as long as you like. With the privacy of the master bedrooms and the most romantic setting in the balcony with wine glasses right on the kitchen shelf, couples can expect the coziest stay in our lavish abodes. 

Best Attractions Near the Best Places to Stay in Brooklyn

Our picks for the best places to stay in Brooklyn cannot be complete without an exclusive bunch of attractions for you to see. Thanks to the central locations of all our apartment properties, you can easily expect to find romantic spots for a cozy evening with your partner, fun attractions safe to go with kids, museums, and theaters to soothe your taste, and everything that you have in mind to make it a perfect vacation. We take pride in bringing to you such carefully curated homes that take care of all your pre-set tastes, newer preferences, and even your last-minute temptations. 

From a quaint stroll on Coney Island to a shopping spree on the streets of Williamsburg, below are some of the handpicked attractions of Brooklyn that you must know:

  • Prospect Park Zoo - Enjoy a mix of indoor and outdoor exhibits along with several pet animals to observe. With such informative programs and the perfect size of the zoo, it would be a fantastic option for kids in Brooklyn.
  • Brooklyn Museum - Choose from a whole bunch of permanent and rotating exhibits at this globally acclaimed museum. The prestigious collection has some of the most notable remains from ancient Egypt under its name.
  • Brooklyn Bridge - Marvel at the representative beauty of this regal bridge in Brooklyn’s heart. Walk across it majestically as it leads to Manhattan or you can take your rented CitiBike to go on a pleasant ride and tick it off your bucket list!
  • Bedford Avenue - If you are a true shopper at heart, you just cannot miss the most happening shopping street in Brooklyn. Snuggled in the warm neighborhood of Williamsburg, this is a gem for a completely local experience in NYC. 
  • BAM Harvey Theater - No theater lover can miss this majestic theater with the most iconic performances when in Brooklyn. Get lucky to witness shows by the Royal Shakespeare Company to evergreen classics here. 
  • Coney Island - Hands down one of the most happening beaches of NYC awaits you to enjoy a memorable chunk of your holiday in Brooklyn. With an entire bunch of experiences, it deserves to be on your travel list. 
  • New York Transit Museum - Are kids accompanying you on this Brooklyn trip? Get them to be a part of public programs conducted at this museum showcasing vintage gold. Be a part of vintage subway cars to art shows and elaborate tours here.
  • Brooklyn Garden - Walkthrough and immerse in the variety of 52 lush acres of green land in 990 Washington Avenue. From Cranford Rose Garden to Shakespeare Garden, this quieter gem of Brooklyn has so much to impress. 
  • The Bell House - What will you pick between comedy and concerts? The Bell House lets you enjoy both under the same hipster roof! You can buy tickets online to quite a few live show recordings here. 
  • Bogart Street - If you wish to bid adieu to Brooklyn, head to this lovely market to buy vintage stuff and pick souvenirs. The new jewelry collection is equally impressive and totally worth considering. 

Best Restaurants Near the Best Places to Stay in Brooklyn

When talking about food, most travelers prefer a variety of all kinds. Trying most cuisines is almost like a staple on short trips. Even though multi-cuisine restaurants sound quite tempting but at the end of a week or two one surely craves comfort food. Our home-like abodes let you easily steal a meal amidst a busy work schedule on a business trip or a hectic day full of traveling. With the handpicked locations in the heart of major neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Greenpoint, everything from your midnight waffle cravings to your poached eggs early in the morning is in check.

While you contemplate on choosing from our apartments in the most ideal places to stay in Brooklyn, skim through some of our most comforting picks below:

  • Di Fara Pizza - Could anything be better than the pizza legacy of the owner Dom De Marco that is going strong since 1965? Find this hidden gem in the Bushwick neighborhood which is arguably one of the finest NY pizzas. 
  • Toad Style - Looking for a vegan menu for a delicious meal in Bushwick? Toad Style with its fusion menu is refreshing, lip-smacking, and a must-try in Brooklyn. 
  • Nam Nam - You are up for an authentic Vietnamese delight in this sophisticated restaurant in Williamsburg. They offer comfort food and 8 overall fantastic dishes to choose from. 
  • Court Street Grocers - When in a new city, travelers often hunt for cozy brunch spots. This restaurant in Carroll Gardens has the simplest dishes on its menu but prepares each of them extremely well. Their cheeseburger and crab salad are especially delightful.
  • Mile End Deli - How would you like a delicious Canadian-style dish in Brooklyn Heights? This classy restaurant will be your bae with its fluffy bagels and elaborate lunch menu. 
  • Vinegar Hill House - Before anything else, try their Cast Iron Chicken while the earthy homey ambiance instantly makes a connection with you. They have a branch in DUMBO as well while you can always dine in their backyard garden. 
  • Donna - If you are looking for the simplest menu in Williamsburg which is also seasonal in all its fresh flavors, this taco heaven should be your go-to restaurant. Their cocktail menu and live music add to the vibe by several folds. 
  • Egg - A must-try restaurant when it comes to breakfast staples in Williamsburg. The best part is that it uses organic self-grown ingredients for all its preparation.
  • Two8Two Bar & Burger - If you are a fan of classic American burgers, this popular eatery holds prestigious ranks in the lists of best American burgers. You can easily spot it at 282 Atlantic Avenue of Cobble Hill. 
  • DeStefano’s Steakhouse - If your ideal dinner bowl looks full of juicy meats and steaks to its brim, this Williamsburg star is going to be your staple till the time you are with us in Brooklyn. Their Portobello Napolitano is heavenly!

Public Transportation Near the Best Places to Stay in Brooklyn

Almost all of our serviced apartments spread across the rich borough grant the easiest access to four major modes of public transport. While the subway is the quickest, buses are the most affordable, trains are quite convenient as well but ferries are the most soothing for most travelers. No matter what, the nearest subway and the bus stations can be easily reached in a matter of minutes from the doorstep of your chosen apartment. This makes our locations enjoy the most irresistible advantages over our competitors. 

Some of the most easily accessible public transport stations near our accommodation in the best places to stay in Brooklyn include:


  • Grand Central
  • Wythe Ave
  • L at Bedford Avenue
  • Bedford-Nostrand Ave
  • Grand Army Plaza
  • Classon Ave Subway Station
  • Prospect Ave Station


  • The L train
  • The F train
  • The 2 train
  • World Trade Center Station
  • Hudson-Bergen Light Rail


  • Franklin Avenue Shuttle
  • B63 Bus


  • Bay Ridge (Brooklyn Ferry Service)
  • Staten Island Ferry

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