Short Term Rentals in Brooklyn, New York

Short Term Rentals in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn is one proud part of the iconic city of New York. A lot of NYC history, culture, art, and popularity comes from Brooklyn and it's highly popular neighborhoods. Like anyone else in our field, we were in awe of the potential that this rich part of the city had to offer. With all the experience collected over the decade, we dived right in and picked the finest parts of the most reputed neighborhoods. Like a perfect jigsaw puzzle, we clubbed the right pieces with our award-winning curators. 

After all these years of mastering the key to the jigsaw, we are finally here with our finest exclusive catalog of short-term rentals in Brooklyn New York. 

Our Best Short Term Rentals in Brooklyn, New York

At TheSqua.re, we believe in a holistic approach to comfort. From reaching the apartment from the airport in the shortest time frame to relaxing in a luxurious bathroom, cooking in the most hygienic and well-stocked kitchen to enjoying the finest view from the living room, such is the living experience that we provide at TheSqua.re. With the same passion and impeccable customer feedback, our team strives to provide you with nothing but the best when it comes to a homely stay. 

Right below are some of our most sophisticatedly curated short term rentals in Brooklyn, New York: 

Why Should You Book Our Short Term Rentals in Brooklyn, New York?

When it comes to corporate opportunities, Brooklyn is a very rapidly growing and highly inclusive part of New York City. No wonder our short term rentals are witnessing such a promising increase in demand. While we are delighted by it, the popularity of Brooklyn among couples for a short staycation is promising as well. With romantic East River and the fun Coney Island beach to welcome the love birds, Brooklyn gives you a whole bunch of justified reasons to trust it with your vacation. 

Considering our team’s thorough market research, consistently evolving taste in interiors with an eye for quality, we live up to our decade-old reputation and high expectations in each of our serviced apartments.

Facilities in Our Short Term Rentals in Brooklyn, New York

Let's take you roughly through all the possible areas that an ideal traveler must demand and truly deserves on a stay with us. While the finest level of comforts with the convenience to cook safely tops the chart, the advantage of dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves make it a lot easier. The concierge desk, video door cameras, and safety lockers allow you to feel secure. While the space, cleanliness, and comfort of bathrooms are equally important, it is the luxury of the highest grade mattresses in the bedroom that make it all worth it. 

The impressive list of amenities that make our short term rentals in Brooklyn New York stand out include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • In-house locker
  • Dining table
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Oven and microwave
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine and dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV with Netflix
  • Balcony with a view

Where Can You Find Our Short Term Rentals in Brooklyn, New York?

From quieter nooks of a Williamsburg café to a serene view of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Heights, a stroll through the tree-lined aesthetic streets of Cobble Hill to the top view from your high rise apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn is flexible, aesthetic, and celebratory! Our curators have used a personalized approach combined with thorough on-ground research to pick the most fascinating bunch of varied neighborhoods here. Its locations together with our unmatched service ensure a memorable stay in Brooklyn.

With so much potential to explore in this huge city borough, our exclusive short term rentals in Brooklyn New York can be picked in the following neighborhoods:

  • Park Slope - If you always fancied those vintage brownstone houses lining the green streets of Brooklyn, Park Slope is the one to go for! With Prospect Park, Botanic Garden, endless restaurants, and a classy vibe, this is an ideal Brooklyn neighborhood.
  • Brooklyn Heights - With a sophisticated vibe amidst skyscrapers, Montague Street, an impressive variety of food and experiences, this is one of the poshest parts of Brooklyn. The Manhattan skyline from the East River waterfront is irresistible.
  • Williamsburg - If a cozy ambiance surrounded by a closely-knit community is your ideal getaway place, this welcoming neighborhood is a star of Brooklyn for you. Enjoy comfort food and a read in earthy cafes in this vibrant and creative area.
  • Bedford-Stuyvesant Historic District - It is spacious in its composition, vintage in its architecture, and highly sophisticated in its outlook. While the iconic bridge is quite near, the overall vibe of the neighborhood is quite chilled.
  • Cobble Hill - If there is a Brooklyn neighborhood that can be called pretty, it is this earthy one. The residential areas are quite green and spacious while the Redstone buildings are quite attractive and unique.
  • DUMBO - This is one such neighborhood in the entire city which is highly innovative, dynamic in its lifestyle, and highly active in its lifestyle. The food scenes and sunsets here are the most tempting.

Short Term Corporate Accommodation in Brooklyn, New York 

Convenience to commute daily to your workplace is one of the top concerns of every business official planning a business trip. Finding an urban pad in a location that is not only close to work but also keeps you closer to popular attractions and nightlife is a big challenge. Our corporate accommodations ensure all of that in all budget brackets while the amenities within the apartments keep you sorted for the rest. 

From microwaves for that leftover pizza from the night before or a fully-functional kitchen for warm pancakes before leaving for work, your food priorities will never be compromised. Whether it is a speedy Wi-Fi for those client meetings from home or free parking right beside the building, expect a business stay that feels like a vacation. 

Short Term Rentals in Brooklyn, New York for Families

From the crispness of your white linens to the assortment of vegetables in your weekly bag of groceries, we lay equal importance to every little detail. Warm bubble baths in the bathtubs ensure relaxation post-travel while Netflix and chill with TV and complimentary Wi-Fi will keep you busy on lazy nights. While the fresh farm veggies will reach you weekly, we suggest an ice cream tub in the fridge won't hurt too. For the times when you feel the need to get back to your workout or go shopping, our gym memberships and local discount coupons are always ready to jump to your rescue.

Best Attractions Near Our Short Term Rentals in Brooklyn, New York

From parks and zoos where the kids can hang out while you finish a meeting to the perfect background for your Instagram stories at Bushwick graffiti, there are attractions for all ages alike. From Coney Island mandatory for your last weekend here before you return to so much more, Brooklyn sure has the most eclectic bucket list to offer. Considering the wide variety at hand, our modern abodes can be spotted at the most convenient distances from most of these gems which partially explains the immense love for our serviced apartments. 

Admire the marvelous bridge of Brooklyn or go for some last-minute souvenir hoarding near Bushwick, and choose from ten of the most popular attractions near our short term rentals in Brooklyn listed below:

  • Brooklyn Bridge - Get charmed by the majestic outlook of Brooklyn's representative attraction. While experiencing its legacy, walk, or bike through its pedestrian way that will take you to Manhattan.
  • New York Transit Museum - Are you a lover of all things vintage? This museum showcases a rare collection of subway cars through time. Don't forget to pick a few souvenirs for your siblings or kids back at home.
  • Prospect Park Zoo - Quite interestingly, this petting zoo is home to the cutest bunch of animals which makes it a perfect spot to explore with kids. From farm animals to rabbits, kids would like to be here for a while. 
  • Brooklyn Museum - How does an intricate exhibit of ancient Egyptian art sound to you? Observe one of the most celebrated collections of artworks and artifacts in this representative museum of New York City. 
  • Bushwick Collective - If you were expecting that great art can only be seen at museums and art galleries, incredible wall arts at Bushwick will prove you wrong. Bogart Street here is quite impressive too. 
  • The Bell House - Be a part of the fun Ask Me Another show at this exciting Brooklyn attraction. Set in the Gowanus area, you can enjoy everything from live comedy shows to most happening concerts.
  • Coney Island - With an amphitheater, full-fledged aquarium, iconic boardwalk, and a breathtaking view of the free beach, Coney Island is one of the most visited attractions in Brooklyn. A perfect escape with friends and family.
  • Brooklyn Garden - If you are someone who blogs, vlogs, or Instagrams their travels, this attractive garden has a lot to share. The endless list of gardens that fall within it includes some as fascinating ones as the Shakespeare Garden and Fragrance Garden. 
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park - Come here for a perfect getaway with kids on a bright sunny day in Brooklyn. There is so much to do in this cultural hub of the borough at large. Some exciting activities include swimming, enjoying outdoor movies, and exciting concerns among others. 
  • Brooklyn Tabernacle - This serene attraction is a gorgeous church built on a restored theater. However, it is even more exciting to note that what makes it a global site is its Dove and Grammy-winning choir made of 240 rich voices. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Short Term Rentals in Brooklyn, New York

Japanese restaurants or Mexican food, seasonal menus to comfort food, the love for food in Brooklyn is quite evident. Since you are planning a short term trip, looking for every single gem through the nooks and corners of Brooklyn streets would be a nightmare. To save you that disappointment, you can easily skim through and pick the most appealing areas of our short term rentals. Our prime locations will not only let you be at the center of this array of specialty restaurants but also allow you the ease to travel around. 

Some of the most diverse restaurants near our short term rentals in Brooklyn are: 

  • Olmstead - If there is any restaurant that competes to serve the most innovative delicacies, it has to be Olmstead in Prospect Park. While you are there, you have to try their Kale Crab Rangoon at all costs! 
  • Gran Electrica - If you are someone who likes to go as diverse with the cuisines as possible on a holiday, this Mexican restaurant will win your heart. It is not fancy in its outlook but it serves some serious food goals. 
  • Buttermilk Channel - Have you ever tried 3 different Bloody Marys at once? This classic restaurant in Carroll Gardens is your bae when it comes to a cozy brunch menu, innovative egg scrambles, and comfort food. 
  • Toad Style - Head to this extremely authentic restaurant serving the most innovative set of dishes in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Their jackfruit sandwich and Banh Mi sandwich are both stars of the menu. 
  • Purbird - Does comfort food and chicken ring all the bells in your heart and stomach? This Park Slope find is all about tender organic chicken in wraps, buns, sandwiches, soups and whatnot.
  • Okonomi – This one is a traditional Japanese restaurant in Midwood to treat your tastebuds with. Grab your spot anytime between 9 am to 3 pm and taste their iconic plate of a single breakfast meal. 
  • Four & Twenty Blackbirds - On days when you don't feel like eating heavy and just a gooey slice of pie would work wonders to lift your mood, find this pearl in the Park Slope neighborhood. This family legacy now has a bar too.
  • Egg - If you want to experience how an egg can feel like art, head to this breakfast restaurant in Williamsburg and straightaway order their Eggs Rothko. It is within walking distance from our Williamsburg abodes. 
  • DeStefano’s Steakhouse - Talking of hearty meals, especially dinners, this is the ultimate Williamsburg pick to go for. Do try their elaborate steak options and take back with you the true taste of Brooklyn. 
  • Colonies - If brunches are your favorite kind of meals then Colonies is your perfect match. Their egg menu is delightful while their seasonal preparation complemented by an in-house herb garden is delicious! 

Public Transportation Near Our Short Term Rentals in Brooklyn, New York

When it comes to short term rentals, the time at hand is always running. In such tight schedules and itineraries, wasting time in commuting is highly unjust. We pay a lot of emphasis on finding the most accessible locations for each of our state-of-the-art apartments that give you a clear advantage of centrality. Subway stations can be accessed at the nearest walking distance from your doorstep here, cutting quite a lot on your office travel. From ferries on the East River to train stations to move around Brooklyn or the rest of NYC, your travel time has been saved big time!

Some of the most commonly accessible public transport stations near our short term rentals in Brooklyn include:


  • The L train
  • The F train
  • The 2 train
  • World Trade Center Station
  • Hudson-Bergen Light Rail


  • Grand Central
  • Wythe Ave
  • L at Bedford Avenue
  • Bedford-Nostrand Ave
  • Grand Army Plaza
  • Classon Ave Subway Station
  • Prospect Ave Station

Bus & Ferry:

  • Franklin Avenue Shuttle
  • B63 Bus
  • Bay Ridge (Brooklyn Ferry Service)
  • Staten Island Ferry

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