Short Term Rentals in Manhattan, New York

Short Term Rentals in Manhattan, New York

Our fully-equipped short term rentals have been defined as temporary abodes in the heart of Big Apple that feel like home. With the a-listed amenities replicating the luxury experience of fine hotels, it is the personalization of those features that remind you of home. Whether the city is calling you for a hectic week of never-ending meetings or exams, or you have happily chosen us for your vacation, it is the fine balance of an apartment and a hotel in our ready to move in urban pads that makes us stand apart. 

Our Best Short Term Rentals in Manhattan, New York

After mastering the craft of hosting travelers from around the world and that of curating the most stylish apartments, we are quite confident about our effortlessly elegant set of urban pads spread across Manhattan. While the borough has never-ending business, academic, and entertainment opportunities to offer, all we do is make each of those advantages conveniently accessible to you. Our precisely chosen locations for each state-of-the-art serviced apartment let you be in the center of all the fun! You can choose from studio apartments, condos, high-rise apartments, based on your budgets and preferences.

After studying Manhattan for almost a decade, we have come up with the following set of short term rentals in Manhattan, New York, for you:

Why Should You Book Our Short Term Rentals in Manhattan, New York?

With the Financial District for meeting clients to Times Square for evening fun, endless restaurants to get a taste of New York City to a lot of attractions to explore, there cannot be a better choice of the borough for a short trip. 

When it comes to rental accommodations, our elaborate catalog brings to you the most irresistible stays in Manhattan's heart. Each of our travelers will never have to miss their staple homemade breakfasts in our ready to use kitchens. While all the Manhattan attractions and restaurants are just a few minutes away from your doorstep, the entertainment at the clubs and bars will be sorted as well. The interiors of the accommodations provide you with the most unmatched level of comfort. From cooking to cleaning, bathing in our elegant bathrooms to sleeping in our sophisticatedly decorated master bedrooms, our abodes in Manhattan will not let you miss home even for a single day. 

Facilities in Our Short Term Rentals in Manhattan, New York

What makes each of our accommodations so charming is the cutting-edge furnishings adorning each of them. From a well-crafted kitchen to every room telling a story, poppy paintings adorning the walls to crisp white linen beautifying your master bedroom, the extensive set of details that the apartment shares with each of our travelers are something that cannot be explained but only experienced. 

To provide you the best experience of living with us, based on what all we have managed to gather on short term rentals in Manhattan, New York over a decade, we have finalized the following set of hotel-like facilities for you:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine and dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony with a view

Where Can You Find Our Short Term Rentals in Manhattan, New York?

Whether you are here for business or you have taken a week off to experience the magic of Manhattan, you can find the right accommodation in the most loved neighborhoods of the borough. From FD or Central Park area to cut your office travel to Midtown for endless food variety and everything that NYC is known for, proximity to the night action at Times Square to a quieter residential area; you have a whole bunch of areas to choose for this exciting stay with us. 

Our short term rentals in Manhattan, New York, can be chosen in the following stunning neighborhoods of the city:

  • Financial District - Probably the most popular one for short term rentals, this neighborhood is the ultimate business hub of both Manhattan and NYC. The skyscraper-laden area is the proud home to Wall Street as well. 
  • Chelsea - From the most elaborate dining experience to global shopping trends, bustling art scene to a cultural epicenter, this posh neighborhood is quite fascinating for a short trip.
  • Midtown Manhattan - If you wish to live in the heart of NYC and Manhattan, this is the perfect center to go for. A prominent part of the city with lots of restaurants, iconic buildings, and connectivity. 
  • Upper East Side - An upscale section of the huge borough, with Central Park, MoMA, and world-renowned brownstones, this is an iconic neighborhood to stay for a short trip.
  • Hell's Kitchen - This excellent neighborhood is the proud epicenter of the gay culture of NYC. It is your best shot at affordable places nearest to the most high-end parts of Manhattan. 

Corporate Accommodation in Manhattan

Our stylish accommodations have repeatedly proven to satisfy the needs and live up to the taste of the modern business traveler. The ease to cook with the most convenient set of kitchen appliances is the most appreciated feature in our corporate rentals. When it comes to short term stays, the convenience to travel to the new office every day is the finalizing factor in most cases. With the surety of the fairest and most transparent price listings, one can always specify the budget range in mind which can be easily filtered on our website. The smooth booking process online makes TheSqua.re one of the most trusted companies in the industry even for last-minute bookings. 

Short Term Rentals in Manhattan, New York for Families

Each apartment reaches your family only after qualifying multiple gradings and finalized refinements. From the most secure locations of the residential blocks ideal for families to the safest payment options when booking online, we believe in quality first. With kids tagging along one often gets lost with the endless demands and emergencies that children bring along. To tackle the insecurity of each of such unforeseen events, our service team is thoroughly versed in the details of the area. From toy shops to hospitals, chemist shops, and pediatrics, everything can be accessed easily. 

Not just kids, even your entertainment and comfort are equally significant. From show recommendations, pre-bookings to even discount coupons can be passed on to you by our team working hard for you behind the service desk. With such a dedicated and warm environment surrounding you, your family would love a stay in Manhattan with us. 

Best Attractions Near Our Short Term Rentals in Manhattan, New York

One cannot stay at home or in the office for too long when in Manhattan. Times Square is always tempting for a few rounds of drinks, Chelsea Market calls for a day to be spent in shopping, while a range of parks and a celebrated set of museums will keep you occupied for the rest of your days here. With so much to observe and enjoy in this bustling neighborhood, our accommodation will always be neat and comforting to welcome you home after a tiring evening spent making memories.

From a fun stroll around the Broadway Theaters to a shopping spree in Chelsea, below are some of the handpicked attractions of Manhattan that you must know:

  • Times Square - Let's admit it, a majority of travelers choose Manhattan to stay only for this representative attraction. With nights that never end and billboards that never stop lighting, head here for food, drink, clubs, and markets like nowhere else in NYC.  
  • Theater District - Sneaking out your tight schedule for a play here is the best experience you could give yourself on this NYC trip. Choose from 41 Broadway Theaters and watch some magical play performances. 
  • New-York Historical Society - If exploring the past of this legendary city excites you, take some time out to visit this precious exhibit that takes you through NYC of yesteryear. From lifestyle to culinary snippets, witnessing the past here is quite fascinating.
  • Central Park - On days when you need a secluded place to enjoy a meal at peace, Central Park will welcome you with all its warmth. With a reservoir, lush greenery, excellent restaurants, and a pleasant vibe, just forget the bustle of the city and enjoy some time with your new friends here. 
  • National September 11 Museum & Memorial - This attraction is witness to the biggest man-made waterfall in the whole of North America. It bears the names of the 3000 victims of the extremely unfortunate 9/11 bombing. 
  • Rockefeller Center - Ask your fam back at home to keep their eyes peeled at the Today Show Plaza while you make your way to this iconic winter attraction in Manhattan. Over 3 lakh people visit here every day. 
  • Chelsea Market - Who wouldn't keep a whole day for shopping even on a 3-day trip? This is one of the most iconic NYC flea markets. It overflows with local food and little shops making for a great street shopping spot.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA) - One of the most visited NYC museums, MoMA is a global icon when it comes to art archives. It is huge so wear your most comfortable footwear. You can always check for exhibitions and tour timings, you would surely want to make the most of this breathtaking collection of ancient and modern art. 
  • Chrysler Building - How about eyeing the most spectacular triangle-shaped windows at night? This Manhattan skyscraper is one of the most celebrated ones in the entire New York City, especially with its fine brickwork.
  • Macy’s Herald’ Store - Constantly competing to be the largest store across the globe, Macy’s is a shopper’s paradise in the entire NYC. Do anything but not miss visiting this huge building to shop for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Best Restaurants Near Our Short Term Rentals in Manhattan, New York

From the most preserved flavors of the iconic challah bread from old NYC to standing in the queues every morning as a part of the local breakfast tradition at another gem of a place, Manhattan is all about winning it with taste. Even though our fully-equipped kitchens tempt you to cook each meal at home itself, the excellent location of your apartment will let you go around and try the most celebrated restaurants around you. 

Our top picks for the most loved eateries and restaurants near our short term rentals in Manhattan, New York, are:

  • Russ & Daughters - A foodie can be satisfied in Manhattan only after tasting this local favorite. Like most Lower East Side locals, stand in the queue for your turn and get treated by the most delicious and balanced meal here.
  • B&H Dairy - Why not start with one of the most prominent and the last remaining hubs from the old NY? Almost everyone you happen to meet in the city has been to this simple, delicious, and iconic restaurant in East Village. 
  • Via Carota - Run by a passionate power couple, this incredible Italian restaurant plays with the simplest possible foods and recipes. Head here for comfort food with a twist. 
  • Momofuku Ko - If you don't know David Chang already, you should probably Google and see the kind of experiment the esteemed chef does. Get your reservations done early to grab a spot here.
  • Mission Chinese Food - If Asian food with a twist excites your taste buds, this cozy restaurant specializes in it. A proud winner of the James Beard Award, this Chinese heaven can be spotted in Manhattan's Chinatown.
  • Joe’s Steak Rice Roll - Find this gem at Canal Street and savor the most delicious menu of the chef behind the restaurant. Taste for yourself to know what won it immense popularity here and in the Queens. 
  • Minetta Tavern - If not for its legacy, go for its iconic Black Label Burger. This restored restaurant is ideal for an authentic American feast for oneself when in Greenwich Village. The generous plates are quite fulfilling.
  • Mamoun’s Falafel - If inexpensive, on-the-go bites are your favorite kind of in-between meals, this Middle Eastern eatery has been serving comfort food since 1971. A $3 bill is all you need for a fulfilling meal here.
  • ABCV - The perfect vegan and millennial restaurant by Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Expect to gain a whole perspective on life by the vegetable benefit list that comes along. 
  • Kajitsu - When staying or traveling around our Murray Hill rentals, this should be a fine choice for a cozy evening dinner. With the most fascinating presentation to the most unusual flavors, this Japanese restaurant is the boldest you will go to.

Transport Near Our Short Term Rentals in Manhattan, New York

Since subway and buses run under Metropolitan Transportation Authority, get yourself a weekly MetroCard issued for somewhere around $33 as soon as you land in NYC. While reaching the nearest bus stand or metro station from your doorstep would be the last of your concerns, you must always keep the card handy. If you get stuck in a new place sometimes, you can easily rely on those popular NYC yellow taxis from wherever you are. Our apartments can be easily reached from any part of the city. 

Some of the most conveniently reachable public transport stations near our short term rentals in Manhattan, New York, include:

  • 53rd Street
  • 34 Street, Herald Square
  • Grand Central
  • Times Square
  • 5th Avenue
  • Lexington Avenue
  • 59th St- Columbus Circle
  • 50th Street
  • 8th Avenue

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