Short Term Rentals in Upper East Side, New York

Short Term Rentals in Upper East Side, New York

Upper East Side is the poshest part of New York. Complete with high-rise residential buildings and wealthy denizens, the high rollers of the city call this place home. And while it may not be suitable for every budget out there, the neighborhood does have a fine selection of apartments that boast the upscale and luxurious feel of this highly-rated spot. As this is a prime choice for corporate and leisure travelers that can afford it, we have a variety of serviced apartments in this neighborhood that hit the mark of the area’s high scale touch and luxury vibe. But not everyone wants to stay forever, some only want to stay a short time and when this happens they choose our short term rentals. It’s best for any short term bookers to realize that 30 days is the minimum that anyone can stay in NYC serviced accommodation. Anything less, then guests should try other available alternatives.

Our Best Short Term Rentals in Upper East Side, New York

There are always going to be apartments, in any award-winning portfolio like ours, that boasts the highest of standards. While every last one of our serviced apartments is a testament to our values, there are a few that go beyond the ordinary and have that extra special streak to them that takes above the usual standards. They may well have extra amenities or will have a special interior design and layout that sparkles. 

Our top short term rentals in Upper East Side, New York include the ones below:

Facilities in Our Short Term Rentals in Upper East Side, New York

When it comes to our apartments we always ensure that they are fully equipped to provide that touch of comfort and convenience far away from home. We recognize that guests want their apartment to have everything that they would usually have in their own home, so they can expect to have that second home feel with us. Plus, given the posh nature of Upper East Side, guests that stay with us may well have a few extra amenities given that some of the buildings will have exemplary clients to please. When guests enter our apartments, they will find a fully equipped kitchen ready to assist with home cooking, a flat screen TV to catch all the top shows of the US and maybe a few sports games too, a living area to put their feet up, bedrooms with high-quality linens to fall asleep in and free Wi-Fi to connect to loved ones far away and to easily enable working from home.

In terms of additional amenities, there’s the potential for having a gym, spa and sauna for strenuous exercise and a simple slumber. While not all apartment buildings will have them or may be limited to long term bookings, guests may still be able to enjoy such things and should grasp them if they’re available.

Types of Short Term Rentals in Upper East Side, New York

Groups, solo travelers, families and project teams all have their own idea of what their apartment should look like, what space they need. As we know that travel is as much about sharing the experience as well as solitary interactions, our portfolio has a range of apartments available that will meet the demands of corporate and leisure travelers seeking short term rentals in New York. Spacious areas for multiple guests and small spots for the solitary traveler can be found in a marvelous portfolio.

These are some of the types of short term rentals in Upper East Side, New York that can be booked:

  • Studio - The ideal picks for those solo travelers and couples that love an open-plan space that is fully equipped to meet their corporate and leisure needs. In Upper East Side, some studios may be very spacious.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment - When open-plan spaces are no longer appealing, couples and solitary adventurers will go from our 1 bedroom apartments. They still have the space and the amenities that all stays require.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment - Small families or a couple of friends will find these apartments to be exactly what they need to experience the highs of Upper East Side, and the Big Apple in general.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment - Finally, these spaces will bring families, big groups of friends and project teams together under one roof where they can share the facilities and come together in the mornings and evenings, whilst having their own private space when they want to be on their own.

Attractions Near Our Short Term Rentals in Upper East Side, New York

The landmarks in New York are recognizable across the world. They have that aurora that everyone respects. But every neighborhood in the city has its own attractions and sights to offer, and Upper East Side doesn’t miss out either. It has a legion of sights, including some of the top ones in the city, to entertain its many guests that are lured in by the high-class and upscale feel of the neighborhood. Galleries, parks, museums and so much more are some of the highlights to be enjoyed. Even better, our Upper East Side apartments won’t be far away either, meaning that guests can access the best bits with ease and maybe in just a few blocks. 

Our short term rentals in Upper East Side, New York are near the following attractions: 

  • Museum Mile - Seeing 10 museums together at once may well sound like a dream but it’s true when visitors come to this part of New york. All along the road are some of the most pivotal and inspiring institutions of art and culture to fill up any day with intrigue and adventure. 
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - Looked upon as one of the top galleries in New York, the art here hits a new peak that few of the others in the city can hit. A collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, early Modern, and contemporary art is stored here and is awaiting appreciative eyes.
  • Carl Schurz Park - Playgrounds, fountains and river vistas make up this park that attracts those that want to steer away from the crowded and crammed Central Park. Suitable for all ages, this is where a reflective stroll can take place and where the kids can run riot for a little while.
  • Frick Museum - Admirers of European art will find this art gallery to be completely indispensable. Featuring a wide range of works from some of the most essential masters on the old continent, it will be a haven for those that love the finer things.
  • Bethesda Fountain - One of the tallest fountains in the city, enjoying a long read or watching birds will be second nature around this icon. It can be tranquil to those nervous people that have had a rough day. Sometimes the best thing to do is come here and listen. The soothing water clashes will erase any perturbation in no time at all.
  • Park Avenue Armory -  A venue that hosts visual and performing arts, this is one of the oldest NYC structures. Meanwhile, the armory itself is loaded with history and antique beauty that is difficult to match, especially for those that love old buildings.
  • Gracie Mansion - The Mayor’s house is set in an old colonial building with several antique embellishments and much more. For those that want to see and experience a quieter and far less crowded attraction, then this is where they need to go to escape the crowds.
  • Sotheby's - Those that love to horde expensive arts and gifts then this is where they should be taking their wallets and cheques. While not everyone will be able to afford the artworks stored here, they represent some of the finest present-gen artists. More than worthwhile for those that love modern art. Plus, the terrace cafe is always a treat.
  • Bloomingdale's - Full of designer apparel and so many great gifts, no trip to New York is complete without an adventure in this store. Most will recognize it off many films and TV shows, whereas others will simply realize the symbolism of carrying a Bloomingdale’s bag around New York signifies to everybody else - status.
  • Neue Galerie - Legendary artists and designers from Austria and Germany are the key focus of this gallery. Anyone who loves artwork by artists of such heritage will find that the halls of this exhibition space will more than appeal to their sensibilities.

Restaurants Near Our Short Term Rentals in Upper East Side, New York

Eating out in New York is one of the great treats that the city provides. With its open and diverse reputation, the city has a horde of restaurants that display the world’s best dishes. Whether guests want to dine on Italian food, indulge in Asain delights or go for the usual American grub, they will have much to choose from. Plus, our apartments are never too far from the action either meaning that when our guests want a change from home cooking they can head outside and find another scrumptious alternative in no time at all.

Our short term rentals in Upper East Side, New York can be found near the following restaurants:

  • II Divo - Antique white furniture and exquisite sparkling chandeliers make this plush restaurant what it is. Guests can indulge in the Italian menu that brings the locals coming back time after time. Celebrations with friends and family need a place like this to go with the jovial mood.
  • Sfoglia - With a seasonal menu that changes throughout the year, this is the ideal romantic restaurant to bring loved ones too. It has an open and friendly atmosphere and has a wonderful interior that works well with the food on the plate.
  • UVA - Italian flavors and an antique interior combine handsomely to create the unique dining experience at this very popular restaurant. The menu is scrumptious to say the least and will leave all bellies feeling full.
  • The Penrose - Cocktails and jazz make up this fine establishment. The best place to go in the evening for a looser experience, it has all the stylish sensibilities that many want and desire from a jazz and cocktail joint.
  • Two Little Red Hens - Looked upon as a cheesecake paradise, this is certainly the spot to head to for a casual bit of dessert after spending a few hours in another place filling up on the main course. More than just a spot for cheesecake though as there are pies and other sweet things to indulge in.
  • Sushi Noz - Adorned with ancient highlights, including a 200-year old wood counter, guests can feast on his special sushi in ceramics that date back centuries. The high-end look is one reason why it is the more expensive choice for sushi. For big sushi lovers only. The casual sushi eater should go somewhere a bit less pricey. 
  • Naruto - Chicken curry to sweet corn and pork, the establishment’s menu is more than affordable and leaves all appetites happy after a long day strolling the NYC streets. There’s something here for everyone. Not to be missed by anyone staying in Upper East Side.
  • Pastrami Queen - From classic corned beef and pastrami sandwiches to other fine little bites, this is another affordable spot to eat amongst the high-end and expensive restaurants of the neighborhood. The menu does a variety of things that can entice and appeal to many.
  • Up Thai - Those that adore the spicy and flavorsome Thai cuisine will be more than happy to tuck into the dishes here. They all boast the usual varieties and can appeal to all taste buds.. The Panang Curry is delicious and a must-have here, so it’s always best to offer it to see what everyone is talking about. 
  • Quality Eats - The innovative menu here has much to rave about and has many dishes to showcase its rewarding talents. If anything, those that want to try something really American should head here and see what all the fuss is about.

Corporate Short Term Rentals in Upper East Side, New York 

Business travelers love the Upper East Side as it allows them to live in style and convenience. While Wall Street may be far away, the apartments boast all the facilities that they require to enjoy their evenings or even work from home if needs be when they don’t want to catch the morning subway. Their lush interior designs are part of the experience and the reason why they get booked for corporate trips so regularly as they can show off to their friends and clients in the office.

Short Term Rentals in Upper East Side, New York for Leisure

When it comes to relaxing in the city, some people want a flashy apartment that will enable them to live the high life. Our short term rentals do exactly that. Being in one of the most idealized neighborhoods of wealth and prosperity, they have the glamour and the sleek look that will make leisure trips here beyond perfect.

Transport Near Our Short Term Rentals in Upper East Side, New York

Getting around the large metropolis of New York is easier than what many would expect. This is thanks to the New York Subway that goes across the whole of the city, even connecting boroughs. While traveling by taxi, and even by sea, are still options, the subway is by far the fastest choice and will get guests to where they want to go in no time at all. Plus, our Upper East Side apartments are close to the key subway stations in the area to enable fast and efficient transport for our guests.

Our short term rentals in Upper East Side, New York are close to the following subway stations:

  • Lexington Avenue/59th St
  • Lexington Avenue/86th St
  • 68th St
  • 72nd St
  • 4 Train
  • Q Train at 86th St
  • From at Lexington Ave & 63rd
  • 96th St

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