Short Term Rentals in Upper West Side, New York

Short Term Rentals in Upper West Side, New York

Another wealthy part of New York, Upper West Side has its rich locals and celebrity denizens that give the neighborhood its affluent reputation. With a bigger wealth of attractions and restaurants too, it’s no wonder that so many travelers of business and leisure choose to call this place home. Given its supreme popularity, we have numerous short term rentals that will more than provide the perfect stay for our guests thanks to their fully equipped spaces and central locations. Short term stays can be the best due to their contained adventure. It enables all guests to plan what they want to see when they stay here. Although, it’s best to say that serviced accommodation in New York has a 30 day minimum policy due to the local government’s laws. While 30 days may not seem short to some, it is always best to consider other alternatives if the stay is for less than 30 days.

Our Best Short Term Rentals in Upper West Side, New York

As with all award-winning portfolios of serviced apartments, even we have our prime choices. The ones that go that extra mile or have that special streak that puts it up a level or two. Our short term rentals in Upper West Side are no different. Each one is equipped with the amenities that are a part of our values to deliver comfort and convenience across the world. However, there are a few that really stand out because they have that sleek layout that pegs them to number one.

Below is a selection of our best short term rentals in Upper West Side, New York:

Facilities in Our Short Term Rentals in Upper West Side, New York

Our facilities are what make every stay at TheSqua.re one of comfort and convenience. Apartments that lack the amenities and features that our guests look for is one that simply wouldn’t be up to scratch. But all of our apartments are vetted to ensure that they have all the high standards that our guests deserve. For example, our bedrooms come with high quality linens so that the best night’s sleep is attained with ease, while our fully equipped kitchens have the modern conveniences needed for home cooking and family gatherings. Then there’s the flat screen TV which will provide the evening’s entertainment, the balcony for the morning and evening view and the free Wi-Fi that will enable guests to connect with family far away and work from home if needs be.

Then there are the additional amenities like a gym, spa and sauna that can add an extra bit of class to the proceedings. Not all apartments will have such things as it will depend on the building and the length of say, but they can be available.

Types of Short Term Rentals in Upper West Side, New York

When it comes to our range of apartments we have a wide selection available that can meet the needs and requirements of all travelers that book with us. Whether they want a big space or a small space will find our apartments to be more than accommodating. Families, groups and solo travelers will find everything they require in our stylish serviced apartments.

These are the varieties of short term rentals in Upper West Side, New York that we have available to book:

  • Studio - These open-plan living spaces are the ideal pick for those couples and solo guests that want privacy as well as a wide space to roam in. As always, they are fully equipped. 
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment - For the guests that don’t want an open-plan layout, there are these alternatives. Same as before, but not the wide-open space, just comfort, convenience and a private space to call home.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment - When a kid is coming along for the ride, or two friends want to stay together, then these bigger and cozier options are the way to go. All amenities are provided to create the perfect stay.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment - Larger families, groups of friends and corporate project teams will find these apartment choices indispensable to their short stay in Upper West Side. Spacious and private at the same time, everyone can gather together when needs be or have their own personal space.

Attractions Near Our Short Term Rentals in Upper West Side, New York

When it comes to the attractions in New York, there are many to consider visiting. But every neighborhood has its own things to see and places to explore that may not always be on the top 10 lists. Whether it’s the museums, old buildings, parks, galleries and other attractions, Upper West Side is more than prepared to show its guests a good time. Plus, our apartments will be ideally located so the landmarks can be visited easily.

Our short term rentals in Upper West Side, New York are close to the following attractions: 

  • American Museum of Natural History - One of the largest natural history museums in the world, it houses thousands of exhibits that range from the animals and beasts of modern Africa to the bones of the dinosaurs and insights into indigenous tribes. While the Night at the Museum series may well have made the museum even more popular, its reputation in the fields of research is unrivaled to say the least.
  • New York Historical Society - New York's first museum, this great beacon of education and knowledge presents exhibitions, public programs, and research that explores the rich history of New York and the United States. It may not always be on the lists of must-visits, but it has enough crowd-pleasing exhibitions to be of consequence..
  • Rose Center for Earth and Space - Part of the American Museum of Natural History, this is where all the science and space exhibits are stored to inspire new generations about the far reaches of the solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy and far beyond. Plus there are interactive exhibits and presentations that show the beginnings of life on Earth and the Big Bang that started it all off.
  • Nicholas Roerich Museum - Dedicated to the works of Nicholas Roerich, the museum shows off all the Russian-born artists’ major works and stores over 200 of his works. It covers everything he ever accomplished and is a mist for those that are big admirers of his work or those that want to learn more about his achievements.
  • Central Park - The major park in New York, it is always teeming with tourists and locals alike. Visitors can take long walks along the paths and even take a horse carriage around the park. Some people have set up stalls here that sell little bits and bobs that are always intriguing. Many people come here for a morning or evening run, so tourists that are walking slowly to take in the views and nature of the park should get out of the way quickly so they aren’t knocked over.
  • Central Park Zoo - The zoo is 6.5 acres and houses thousands of wildlife. A long time ago, the animals were displayed in cages, but now they are housed in more natural habitats that suit their needs and treat them better. No matter which part of the animal kingdom is appealing, it can be found amongst the many areas. Monkeys, penguins, puffins, lemurs and so much more are to be found here. While there are the main exhibits, there is a children’s zoo too that will appeal to the youngsters of the group.
  • Strawberry Fields - A memorial to John Lennon, the famous member of The Beatles and an advocator for world peace. Many fans and admirers will take a moment of silence here to pay tribute to an artist of irresistible talent. 
  • The Dakota - A building that has housed many celebrities, and still does, it may not be the most exciting of places but it is more than worth a snap to go on Instagram. Yoko Ono still lives here and rumor has it that certain floors of the building are haunted. Best to keep this off the list when Halloween comes around.
  • The San Remo -  A luxury 27-floor cooperative apartment building, this is an architectural landmark of New York and every camera needs to be taking a snap of it. Its old fashioned appeal gives it a haunted look but any admirer of true art will appreciate this building’s reputation.
  • Columbia University - This is one of the major universities in New York, and is where Barack Obama studied before he went to Harvard Law School. As one of the major educational institutions in the city, and always on the top lists of universities in the US, Columbia is more than worth walking around. While not all parts of the campus will be open to the public, it’s still worth a quick look.

Restaurants Near Our Short Term Rentals in Upper West Side, New York

When guests want a change from their fully equipped kitchens, they can head to the many dining options available in the neighborhood. With countless cuisines to choose from, taste buds will be afforded a diverse range of flavors. Upper West Side has many restaurants that can tailor to all dietary needs. Our apartments are near the best restaurants too for added convenience.

Our short term rentals in Upper West Side, New York are close to the restaurants listed below:

  • The Ribbon - Guests that come to this Upper West Side restaurant will be able to tuck in everything, from bone marrow to oysters to roasted chicken. More than just a restaurant, a lot of New Yorkers come here to chill with their mates and to watch sports on the TV. Relaxing, casual and scrumptious. 
  • Awadh - Serving northern Indian food like slow-cooked meats, kebabs, and biryani cooked in clay pots with naan layered over the top, this establishment is naturally full of flavors that will tickle the taste buds and leave all bullies full. A great place to bring family and friends for a flavorsome adventure.
  • Sushi Of Gari - Rated as the best sushi in Upper West Side, and probably the most expensive too, this is for the biggest fans of the raw fish meal. Yes, it’s healthy food to tuck into, but this joint is for those that simply can’t live without it and demand class. Only the big budgets will be able to do this on a regular basis.
  • Crave Fishbar - A big space with lots of options for those who love seafood, and even those that don’t love seafood, some of the dishes here include cavatelli and fried chicken, just to name a couple of them. Simply put, everyone will have something tasty to tuck into here.
  • Marlow Bistro - A neighborhood cafe filled with candles and potted plants, it serves mostly Italian food, with a touch of Mediterranean influence to add a bit of additional flavor. Pizzas and pasta dishes here have a unique flavor that is different from the average places, while its homely atmosphere makes it the ideal place for a bit of brunch.
  • Saiguette - A Vietnamese establishment, the menu here is huge, and serves everything from pho and spring rolls to lobster curry and steak over rice. Whatever delights or curries appeal to travelers, they will surely find it here amongst the collection of grub.
  • Sushi Kaito - A 15-seat omakase-style sushi restaurant where everyone sits at the chef’s counter, this is another one for the sushi admirers out there. Boasting the rich flavor that its fans love, the sushi here makes it another prime contender for the “best sushi in Upper West Side” title.
  • Jin Ramen - A ramen restaurant, it has all the unique tastes and flavors that its biggest admirers love about it. But, if some of the clientele don’t particularly like ramen then they can order a salmon sashimi rice bowl, chicken curry, or soba noodles. In short, everyone here will be covered.
  • The Mermaid Inn - With an oyster happy hour, lobster roll and a great atmosphere, this seafood joint has plenty to offer those who want a good place to tuck into the prime cuts of the ocean floor. For the sea foodies out there, this one is not to be missed.
  • Tum & Yum - Upper West Side’s best Thai food establishment,  the interior may resemble a cabin thanks to its wood-paneled walls and lamps hanging from the ceiling, but the food here is simply divine and more than complements the layout and design. Guests can tuck into the likes of pad see ew, drunken noodles and soft-shell crab and duck salad. With a delicious menu, the name almost makes sense.

Corporate Short Term Rentals in Upper West Side, New York 

Business travelers that want to stay in one of the most affluent parts of the city for a short while will always pick our Upper West Side. They are fully furnished with all the amenities that they need to return home to and chill after long office days. They can be close to the office if needs be, and can even work from home instead of heading in. In short, our apartments complete the corporate experience in Upper West Side.

Short Term Rentals in Upper West Side, New York for Leisure

Travelers that come here to enjoy the high life of the city will find our Upper West Side apartments to be the ideal companion. They’ll be able to relax and dine with ease thanks to their central location, as well as live like they would at home due to the amenities that the apartments have. Kicking back and exploring the city of New York is super easy.

Transport Near Our Short Term Rentals in Upper West Side, New York

The New York Subway is the best way to get across the huge city. While the rush hour chaos is well documented, there’s no quicker way to get from A to B. There are taxis and even the Staten Island Ferry, but they pale by comparison. As the subway is an essential part of the corporate and travel experience, we have ensured that our apartments are near the key station in Upper West Side so that our guests can reach other parts of the city and other landmarks, as well as their office, with ease.

Our short term rentals in Upper West Side, New York are close to the following subway stations:

  • Cathedral Parkway 110 Street
  • 103 St
  • 96 St
  • 66 St-Lincoln Center
  • 79 St
  • 86 St
  • 81 Street - Museum of Natural History
  • 72 St

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