Studio Apartments in Midtown East

Studio Apartments in Midtown East

From the most marvelous backdrops for your Instagram to an irresistible range of restaurants, pubs, bars, and trippy stores, this is what the authentic flavor of Manhattan, Midtown East is like. Our excellent service apartments showcased in this gem of a neighborhood make sure to offer a complete package to stay in NYC. Business travelers get to reach the office in no time since most of our studio abodes sit in Manhattan’s financial hubs. Couples adore the secure and Pinterest-ey surroundings here for a perfect annual vacation. The neighborhood with our fantastic accommodations sure becomes the star of Manhattan.

Why Studio Apartments?

When looking for a long term stay that is comforting, enjoys a central location, and doesn't mess with your budget, studio apartments are the best way to go about. Unlike hotels, serviced apartments make you feel at home despite several added luxury benefits to enhance that home experience. Studio abodes have a bed, seating area, and a kitchen in the same room and come with a spacious and attached bathroom as well. Every detail gone behind its curation is personal and that is exactly what makes it better than a hotel.

You can always choose your location, the view from the window, or get more amenities added to your list. All kinds of customizations are available based on your unique preferences and expectations with the stay. All these excellent features make studio abodes a bang-on choice for both long and short-term stays in Midtown East or any part of New York City.

Our Best Studio Apartments in Midtown East

Midtown East by the virtue of its central position enjoys refreshing attractions to explore. Our catalog of serviced apartments is carefully placed in the shortest possible radius. The studio abodes come with a whole variety of comforts that does complete justice to our expertise and market dominance. Expect our studio pads to be as upscale as you want them to be and as budgeted as you expect them to be. This is what makes our apartments so desirable among travelers of all preferences and budgets. 

A great mix of our most booked studio apartments in Midtown East has been listed right below for your immediate convenience:

Why Should You Book Our Studio Apartments in Midtown East

Are you a business traveler who is struggling hard to find a place closer to work and even entertainment at the same time? This is a very popular combo that will either cost you a bomb or take you ages to surf and safely book. With you, as our ideal client presented to the team, our studio apartments have been designed. That is exactly why each of our state-of-the-art apartments is a perfect match for you! From fun cocktails with friends, romantic dinners, or business brunches around the corner, a lot of cultural hubs to observe a perfect blend with locals, expect all kinds of experiences in and around our serviced apartments. 

Facilities in Our Studio Apartments in Midtown East

Our exquisite abodes snuggled in this lavish neighborhood come with a full-fledged kitchen each. The elaborate setting of the kitchens makes our studio apartments stand out. Despite being in a compact setting, it is well capable of cooking all cuisines alike. Apart from that, a television set awaits to entertain you day in and day out. From luxury toiletries in the bathroom to lavish queen-size beds, the cozy ambiance lets you snuggle in with your partner or feel secure even when alone. 

Let's take you through a crisp list of amenities that make our studio apartments in Midtown East stand out:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine and dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony with a view

Corporate Accommodation in Midtown East

Studio apartments are the best choice for a corporate trip. The most popular business hubs can be conveniently reached from our accommodations. If your trip involves business lunches and client meetings for work or connecting outside work, the endless brunch spots and fine restaurants allow you enough places to make an impression on the potential client. 

Amid long working hours, one often messes up their bodies and health in general. Our gym memberships that come complimentary with the luxury studio sets take good care of your body shape. As far as food is concerned, our stylish in-house kitchens let you enjoy from the quickest to the most elaborate dishes right at home. 

Studio Apartments in Midtown East for Leisure

Stay comfortably in the most snuggly studio accommodations that have been lovingly designed for the most endearing couple. Snuggle in our cozy fluffy beds and enjoy local American channels on a luxurious flat-screen TV. With free Wi-Fi with well-ensured speed, you can enjoy a romantic movie night as well. From surprise pizza order-ins to special dinners nearby, food sure is a great way to spend some quality time on a private vacation. Each of our accommodations enjoys proximity to the finest restaurants and local attractions within a short radius.

Best Attractions Near Our Studio Apartments in Midtown East

While Midtown shares its location with so many fine attractions, one often gets overwhelmed to see the variety. Just to ease your experience of picking up the finest places worthy of your time, we have picked up a bunch of attractions for you. From partying at the Square to shopping at the finest 5th Avenue, gasping at the marvelous St. Bartholomew's Church to souvenir shopping at the Grand Central Market or NY Transit Museum Shop; you will never have to worry about going far away to enjoy the true side of Midtown. 

From shopping at the Central Market to admiring art at MoMA, below are some of the handpicked attractions near our studio apartments in Midtown East that you must check out:

  • Times Square - Spend nights after work amid the ever-lighting billboards or stroll the excellent markets here with your partner to find the right pulse of the city. It is indeed a theater lover’s paradise as well. If there is a top-most star in Manhattan, it has to be this. 
  • St. Bartholomew's Church - Find this legendary attraction on Park Avenue and get overwhelmed by its enormous height. While it is dark from the inside, you will still be able to feel the peaceful vibe of it. With tinted glasses and an ambiance of belief, you would love being here. 
  • 5th Avenue - Sitting just 2.2 miles from Midtown, the extremely popular 5th Avenue is one of the most elegant and also expensive streets across the globe. Loves of high-end fashion, New York culture and shopaholics must not miss this wonderful street. 
  • Grand Central Terminal - From spotting it in movies to posing here, this iconic journey deserves to be treasured. If your partner is with you on this trip, the whispering gallery is a fine way unique to only Grand Central where you could propose. 
  • Rockefeller Centre - Start by visiting the Radio City Music Hall or move to the Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center is one of those Midtown East attractions which are equally popular in both winters and summers for different features. 
  • Central Synagogue - Know a lot about the Jewish faith and also about their history and that of synagogues. Find this near Eldridge St. And 5th Avenue. Be a part of the warm service here and take a tour around to savor the warmth that it has to offer.
  • Museum of Modern Art - A treasure of art archives indeed, the prestigious MoMA showcases a fine collection of art remains and newer forms of art emerging over the centuries. Someone not inclined toward visual aesthetics might enjoy it too. 
  • Grand Central Market - From daily roasts to exotic cheese, chocolates to gifts, this dense market is going to be your bae for everyday use. While groceries reach you weekly, you must experiment with other ingredients that NYC locals love to add to their food. It opens every day except festivals.
  • Japan Society - If you love Japanese Ramen, you would surely find knowing more about its culture, art, and even films. The wonderful museum hosts several exchange programs, exhibitions, screenings, and so much more to showcase and strengthen Jap and American ties.
  • New York Transit Museum/Shop - If you visited the Museum in Brooklyn, you just visit here to complete the experience. This transit museum one in Midtown is more of a store and less of a museum. It has all kinds of things related to the museum perfect for gifting. You must buy souvenirs here. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Studio Apartments in Midtown East

It is an undeniable fact that the culinary game of Midtown East is very strong. From savoring delicious food at a restaurant that looks like a Greek palace to enjoying an upscale Chinese menu, you can expect so much from our urban pads curated in the neighborhood. From a quick breakfast spot within walking distance to experimenting with a diverse range of cuisines including Spanish, Greek, and Indian, our pick in locations is not going to disappoint.

Some of the best tastes offered by the following restaurants can be easily reached from our studio apartments in Midtown East:

  • Hutong New York - An impressive dim sum chain right out today Hong-kong, Hutong brings together the flavors of a lot of Asian cities including Shanghai and Beijing. The dishes with a twist are quite loved by the locals here. 
  • Shun Lee Palace - This is a high-end Chinese restaurant that is lavish and very elegant. It has been serving an endearing menu since 1971 with some very loved dishes among locals. Don't miss their Szechuan beef for dinner. 
  • Bukhara Grill - With delicious kebabs served with all the love and the most regal interiors adorned by Persian carpets, this North Indian restaurant majestically sits here since 1999. The waterfall here on the first floor is quite fascinating too.
  • Avra Estiatorio - Feel like entering and dining in a lavish Greek villa at this marvelous restaurant. With a fresh menu, great seafood options, a gluten-free menu option, and a highly impressive selection of wine to offer, the classy restaurant should be a great option for important occasions.
  • Land of Plenty - Head here to taste some of the finest Sichuan dishes in the city. This private restaurant is interestingly decorated, trendy, and highly sophisticated in its outlook. The seafood noodles are a delight here.
  • Hillstone - A sophisticated restaurant with the most delicious burgers and a very relaxed ambiance. From specialty burgers to big portions with loads of cheese. A fine American chain eatery to check out during your stay in Midtown East. 
  • Alcala Restaurant - When craving Spanish cuisine, head here for a satiating meal. While it is a great one for elaborate lunches and brunches, they also have a separate tapas menu to try samples if you like. You must try their excellent sangria selection to complement the flavors. 
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar - From excellently cooked chowders to specialty oysters, this is an incredible restaurant to go for a fun outing. Their fried shrimps are big and incredibly loved by the locals. The combination of vaulted ceilings with delicious seafood adds to the overall experience. 
  • Sushi Yashuda - If you like being very particular about your sushi, from the choice of fish to the preparation of rice to perfection, the dedicated team of chefs at the restaurant is very precise about their dishes. They even pick their fishes based on their energies, can you believe that?
  • Tao Uptown - Wish to enjoy a warm meal in a very peaceful setting? With a huge idol of Buddha looking over you, this fusion Asian restaurant is an absolute delight to try. From a client coming over to a brunch to an experience taken after getting tired of all the upscale fancy fun, this is a wonderful choice to go for. 

Transport Near Our Studio Apartments in Midtown East

If you are a business traveler, the Financial District is just 6 miles from Midtown East which can be reached easily via bus and Subway. When traveling to explore the city of New York, ferries and taxis are quite convenient modes of travel. While the former is more relaxing, taxis might get quite expensive. Subway and train stations can be easily accessed from where you choose to stay with us. Expect the seamless transportation system of New York City to take you anywhere around the city from Midtown East at the most affordable prices and utmost comfort.

Some of the most easily accessible public transport stations near our studio apartments in Midtown East include:

  • Lexington Ave-59th St and 53rd St
  • Grand Central
  • 53rd Street
  • 33rd Street
  • 51 St
  • Grand Central- 42nd St
  • 28th St

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