NYC Summer Intern Housing Apartments

Finding the right summer internship in NYC is a long and arduous process; millions of online forms, interviews, networking etc. But after all the fuss and hectic nature has died down, interns need to find the right intern housing in New York that suits the length of their internship. Whether it’s a 1 month internship, 3 month internship or a 1 year internship in New York, they need a space that they can unwind in at the end of a busy day, but most importantly, somewhere that they can call home.

At TheSqua.re, we have over 2,000 serviced apartments in New York that can easily function as living spaces for interns. Plus, our portfolio of apartments reaches right across the city, with all main neighborhoods in Manhattan covered as well as in Brooklyn. No matter where an intern has to be, we can find the perfect stay for them.

Whether they’re completing a business internship, fashion internship, finance internship, engineering internship or a journalism internship, our NYC serviced apartments will make any intern feel right at home.

Our Best NYC Summer Intern Housing Apartments

We have a cool but refined collection of intern housing apartments spread out in the top areas of the city. They all have that modern charm that young professionals in training like and are fully equipped so they can feel right at home and get prepared for the world of work. With polished furnishings and delightful interiors that have contemporary tastes of corporate travelers in mind, interns can sit back in pure comfort and enjoy the surroundings.

Some of our top NYC summer intern housing apartments include the ones down below:

Facilities in Our NYC Summer Intern Housing Apartments

When interns are put in our apartments, they will have all the features and amenities they need so they can study before they head into the office and have a place to unwind at the end of a long day. With a fully equipped kitchen for cooking healthy meals, a flat screen TV that has access to US entertainment, free Wi-Fi to stream and connect to loved ones, and the coziest furniture and bed linen to make every minute more relaxing when they want to curl up in the evening. Plus the Wi-Fi means that they can work from the apartment if needs be when they’re not needed in the office or require a change of scenery.

Plus there are extra amenities too in some buildings which will create a seamless and luxurious experience for all interns. From gyms, saunas, spas and so much more, there are ample opportunities for interns to have a first-class adventure in our accommodation if they choose to.

Where Can You Find Our NYC Summer Intern Housing Apartments?

We always aim to give our guests a wide selection of accommodation regardless of where they’re staying across the world. And New York is no different, even for interns. They can stay in some of the most diverse, leisurely and corporate spots in the city. No matter where businesses wish to place their interns, we can make it happen so they can be close to the office or somewhere with good connections to arrive at the office on time every morning. 

Our NYC summer intern housing apartments can be found in the following neighborhoods:

  • Midtown - Where all the magic happens, this neighborhood is full to the brim with attractions and amenities. From Times Square to the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Plaza and the Broadway Theater District, interns will love staying here.
  • Financial District - For interns in the financial sectors, this could be the best option. They can stay close to the office and have other museums and luxury restaurants in close proximity to have a complete corporate experience.  They can spend the day at the New York Stock Exchange and be home in time for tea and TV with little delay. 
  • West Village - Another one of the groovy spots to stay in NYC, the interns will love the bars, eateries and galleries that are around here, as well as the youthful vibe.
  • Murray Hill - A very characteristic neighborhood, townhouses and budget dining options that include cafes, some chain restaurants and several blocks known as "Curry Hill” due to the high concentration of Indian restaurants, make it one another cool and trendy place to stay in New York.
  • Chelsea - One of the most trendy spots to stay in New York, the neighborhood is known for Chelsea Market as well as having the Empire State Building in close proximity to it. And then there are hordes of independent art galleries too. Interns won’t be disappointed. 
  • Upper West Side - An affluent neighborhood, it has a rich history of being the spot where America’s greatest dynasties have resided. Now, interns can stay here too and maybe pick up a few contacts. Or they can simply chill in Central Park. The choice is their own.
  • Upper East Side - Arguably the poshest part of the whole city, it is surrounded by luxurious eateries and apartment blocks that are very expensive. However, when large corporations want to give their interns an unrivaled experience in NYC, this is where they should book accommodation.

Attractions Near Our NYC Summer Intern Housing Apartments

When interns want to kick back in the evenings and the weekends, they have a host of attractions and landmarks to visit that are close to their accommodation. They won’t need to travel far at all to see the very best of the city as we ensure that they have ample access to the sights that make New York what it is. From the numerous galleries, museums, parks and architectural marvels, there is so much for them to see when they want to unwind in their free time.

Some of the key attractions near our summer intern housing apartments include the following:

  • Empire State Building - One of the tallest buildings in the world, this was made famous by the movie King Kong and by its rivalry with the Chrysler Building. Couples propose at the top, and social media addicts take pics of the stunning views to go on their feeds. 
  • Chelsea Market - Full of sumptuous foods and other assorted goods, this is one pace not to miss off the list when interns get peckish out and about near the Chelsea Market. Food stalls and more abound to create the ideal way to pass the time.
  • Wall Street - The place where the world economy always hangs by a thread, this will be a vital spot to visit for all those doing internships in the corporate heavyweights. Other highlights around the area including corporate dining options are there to be experienced too.
  • 9/11 Museum and Memorial - A somber landmark, the museum and the memorial highlight the tragic losses on the most fateful day of the 21st century. It’s enlightening as well as upsetting. 
  • Rockefeller Center - A large complex, it’s a huge monolith and even has an observation deck on top with views that can rival the Empire State Building. Not to be missed.
  • Flatiron Building - A work of inspired engineering and architecture, most interns will recognize the building from Hollywood movies. The crooked and flat top of the building is where it gets its name.
  • National Museum of the American Indian - Interns and other visitors can see Native American art and artifacts, with some in the huge collection going back 12,000 years. Impressive.
  • Chrysler Building - Another work of innovative engineering and architecture, this building rivaled the Empire State Building once upon a time. While interns will not be able to enter, they can still take a snap to go on their social media feeds.
  • Broadway Theater District - Numerous plays of laughter, drama, music and the human condition can be experienced at all times of the year. Whether it’s a huge Broadway hit like To Kill a Mockingbird or something more independent and visceral, there is a play for everyone here.
  • Central Park - This huge park can take hours for people to traverse. With a zoo hidden away here too, along with horse carriage rides and other assorted things, every intern can find something to entertain themselves with here, even if it’s just a morning or even run.

Restaurants Near Our NYC Summer Intern Housing Apartments

There are many places for interns to eat in New York when they want a change from their fully equipped kitchen. Whether it’s a trendy burger bar, a cool vegan restaurant, a fine dining establishment or one of the top Chinese restaurants in the city, there is much to indulge their food buds in. As eating out and experiencing the American-sized portions is part of the NYC adventure, our apartments are never too far from the best places to eat. Interns can go there with their managers and their other associates to have an evening out feasting on fine foods and paying expensive cheques.

Our NYC summer intern housing apartments are close to the following top restaurants:

  • Los Tacos No. 1 - Serving the best tacos in the city, this is the top place for brunch or something to eat when interns are in Chelsea Market. The place can become very busy though. 
  • Citizens of Chelsea - An Australian-owned coffee shop, with avocado toast available on the side too, it’s a trendy spot for a light bite when working hard. 
  • Sushi Of Gari - Those interns that love their sushi will not want to miss this place off their list. Serving the best sushi on the Upper West Side, it is a key favorite with people that want to spend a little more on their grub.
  • Gennaro Restaurant - An old-school Italian establishment, it’s famous for seafood risotto, spaghetti pomodoro and veal chop. Those that want a real slice of Italy should come here. Not to be missed off any long list of places to eat.
  • Daniel - A fine dining establishment that is fairly expensive compared to most other places, it is also one of the best places to eat in New York and is perfectly viable for a special treat or for when interns and line managers have something to celebrate.
  • Angkor Cambodian Bistro - Interns should come here for duck salad, red curry with pungent, groundfish and silky noodles, and other Cambodian dishes that taste like pure heaven. One of many popular establishments, no one that has eaten here has left feeling disappointed.
  • Middle Branch - Tucked away within a two-story townhouse, this is the spot in the city for a range of cocktails to celebrate big deals with the boss or somewhere to start a night of revelry with other interns and associates.
  • Blue Smoke - One of the top spots for BBQ food, it’s a favorite for brunch and other meals out with colleagues from work or family. With a cool menu, it’s not one to be missed.
  • The Little Beet Table - A healthy eating establishment, it serves foods that are rich in taste and flavor but not in unhealthy acids and fats. If there is one place near our apartments that will serve the good foods that all modern bodies need, it’s this restaurant.

Transport Near Our NYC Summer Intern Housing Apartments

The city of New York is aptly connected via its subway network which spans most of the boroughs. As interns will soon find out, it is not without its flaws, with rush hour being exceptionally manic. Plus, they will soon learn how a sardine feels trapped in its tin. Apart from that, there are also the main airports that make international travel so much easier. But we know it’s the subway stations that matter, and are going to be the chosen form of transportation to get to the office and the landmarks of NYC. So we have ensured that our summer intern housing apartments are close by so that the young interns can get around the city without hassle and have the robust connections they require to get to the places that matter.

Our NYC summer intern housing apartments are near the following subway stations:

  • 5th Avenue
  • Fulton Street
  • Christopher St Station
  • Times Sq-42 St
  • West 61st
  • Lexington Ave 53rd St
  • 96th Street
  • Columbus Circle

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