Temporary Housing in NYC

Temporary Housing in NYC

Looking for temporary housing in NYC? This is but natural if you are seeking longer stays in the Big Apple on either business or leisure. Why opt for conventional hospitality accommodation when you can simply find the right apartment unit in the city? We offer the best options in the city ranging from studios to 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in multifarious configurations. Our units come well equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities for guests as well. 

You can get assistance from our reservations team with regard to finding the best possible unit that caters to your needs. Living in New York City is a sheer delight with its plethora of cultural attractions, historical landmarks, restaurants, pubs, theaters and a lot more. Here’s to an enjoyable stay in one of the world’s biggest and most charismatic cities. 

Finding Temporary Housing in NYC

Finding temporary housing in NYC is not too difficult, provided you take a closer look at our expansive portfolio of options. Some of the available choices include the following: 

These are only some of our available housing units in NYC and you can find tons of other options pertaining to your specific needs as well. 

Why Book Temporary Housing in NYC

You should definitely consider booking temporary housing in NYC owing to the sheer comfort and convenience that you get at all times. Choosing conventional hospitality accommodation means that you will not have the flexibility and freedom to enjoy living in a vibrant city on your own terms. Here, you will get your own home away from home in the city for longer stays extending from a few weeks to even months at a time. 

Those relocating to New York City temporarily for a short span of time or landing here for professional/educational assignments will find temporary housing in NYC a great option. The same holds true for families coming down to the city for extended time periods, solo travelers and even couples. With your own apartment, you get the privacy and flexibility that you desire during your trip. Tune in to the best of American television after a hard day at work or sightseeing, with the flat-screen television and cable packages for company. Chill with a brew or two with your family and friends in the living room. Brainstorm with colleagues, schedule appointments or even crash on the couch as long as you like, it is all possible for you with temporary housing units. Add to that 24-hour management and support from our end and you are fully sorted! We take care of all your queries and hassles round the clock, making your experience even more pleasurable at the end of the day. 

Cost of Temporary Housing in NYC

Too many people suffer from wrongful perceptions of high prices relating to temporary housing in NYC. You could not be farther from the truth! We make it a point to keep our prices at reasonable and competitive levels without making them exorbitant or heavy on your pocket. Yes, there are peak seasons where we witness a higher rush of travelers and subsequently enhanced demand. However, you will never find our prices to be a burden. We adhere to industry standards and keep our rates fair at all times. Staying in your temporary home in NYC for a longer time period is not expensive or out of reach. We strive to make it a complete value proposition for you by all means. 

Facilities in Our Temporary Housing in NYC

There are several facilities and amenities that you can expect when you book temporary housing in NYC. Do keep in mind that amenities may vary across destinations although every apartment comes with its own characteristic USPs, flavor and ambiance. 

Some of the amenities at our temporary housing units in NYC include the following: 

  • Central heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Onsite gym 
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Intercom system
  • Onsite security 

While booking temporary housing in NYC, you may even find some apartment units which have several additional onsite amenities for guests. These may include everything from recreational spaces and rooftop terraces to gorgeous balconies and attached bars, restaurants and cafes. There may be room service along with complimentary or paid breakfast facilities on offer as well. Some units are accompanied by reception desks which operate on a 24-7 basis while some come equipped with dedicated business centers as well. 

There are several units that have onsite swimming pools and other fitness facilities for guests to enjoy during their stay. Some have sauna and Jacuzzi provisions while others come with spa facilities too. Additionally, gymnasiums are also par for the course at several apartment units in the city. All our units come equipped with fully stocked kitchens and all the appliances that you could possibly require. There are fire safety and other security provisions galore along with the best bathroom amenities, wardrobes, comfy beds and a lot more. Everything is tailored to the needs of discerning modern travelers with uplifted global lifestyles. Our apartments offer spacious and flexible accommodation choices and are centrally located near major landmarks, business centers, tourist attractions and a lot more. 

Temporary Housing in NYC for Families 

Are you landing here in New York City with your family in tow? From the spouse and the kids to even the in-laws or parents tagging along, accommodating families can sometimes be a major challenge if you are opting for traditional hospitality options. Choosing temporary housing in NYC for families will let you have your own apartment in the heart of the city and with all the space and freedom that you require. From ample playing chances for the kids to separate and spacious bedrooms and a wealth of other kitchen, bathroom and security features, you will be able to conveniently enjoy your New York City trip without any hassles whatsoever. 

Temporary Housing in NYC for Business Travelers

Temporary Housing in NYC is a major boon for business travelers looking for comfortable and convenient stays for extended periods of time. You may have landed in New York for business or other professional assignments that require stays of at least a few weeks or even a few months, depending on your schedule and official commitments. Why choose regular accommodation when you can simply move into a well connected temporary house of your own? From complimentary Wi-Fi to flat-screen televisions, cable packages, well-equipped kitchens and bathrooms and a plethora of onsite amenities, you will have everything you need at hand for an enjoyable trip. 

Things That You Didn’t Know About NYC

You may think you’ve got New York City figured out! However, as the most seasoned travelers always know, New York is one city that never fails to surprise, packed as it is with the best of everything! Coming to surprises, you’ll be in for quite a few when you browse through the list of things that you probably did not know at all about the Big Apple. 


  • Subway rides and pizza both cost the same - Yes, we’re not kidding at all! From the 1960s onwards, the cost of one pizza slice has virtually remained at the same levels as the cost of a single ride on the subway network. Economists even label this as the Pizza Principle. Talk about ingenuity! 
  • 722 miles of swift connectivity - Did you know that the subway system in New York City is actually the biggest system of mass transit across the whole world? If it was laid out flatly through huge strips of land, it would reach till North Carolina from NYC. There are 722 miles of subway lines encompassing NYC and its outskirts. 
  • Brown signs mean something else - Green is the preferred color for most regular street signs in New York City. However, if you chance upon a brown street sign, it indicates that you will have ventured into a historic neighborhood or district. 
  • New York City has its own hills as well - Governors Island, which is a charming oasis off Manhattan’s southernmost point, has its own 25-foot hill which has a panoramic and 360-degree view to offer of the harbor. It was a military base originally and has 10 acres of park space today covering playgrounds, bike trails, natural greenery and a lot more. 
  • The first underground park in the world - NYC is also home to the very first underground park in the whole world. The Lowline is housed beneath the Lower East Side and is the very first underground park across the globe. Skylights will reportedly be used from above for illumination purposes. 
  • Central Park has delightfully hidden waterfalls - Yes, when you traverse Central Park, look out for some of the most beautiful man-made and hidden waterfalls majorly surrounding the stream valley in the North Woods known as the Ravine. 
  • NYC can also be called the city of gold - Why the City of Gold you may ask? Well, 1/4th or 25% of the gold in the whole world remains in the vaults of the Federal Reserve Bank situated on the Financial District’s Liberty Street. 
  • Subways can sometimes be abandoned - Not every subway is used today and some of them may remain abandoned. City Hall Station, for instance, has its very own abandoned (and some say haunted) platform that can be toured courtesy the New York Transit Museum. If you pass on the 6 train, then you can easily view this platform as well. 
  • There is a skyscraper lacking windows in NYC - Venture to 33 Thomas Street and find a 33-foot skyscraper here which has zero windows. It was built for withstanding the impact of a nuclear blast till a couple of weeks at least! That explains the complete lack of windows, a first for any NYC skyscraper by all means! 
  • Subway cars are reused beneath the ocean - Another startling fact that you probably did not know, subway cars which are decommissioned by New York City, are put into the ocean for ensuring comfortable homes for sea mammals and creatures. Reports peg the total number of subway cars being dumped at 2,500 to date and counting. 


Things to Do Near Our Temporary Housing in NYC

Seeking a thrilling experience while visiting New York City? The Big Apple is home to some of the most exciting activities that you can indulge in during your trip. Here’s taking a look at the same! 


  • Learn how to fly on a trapeze - The Trapeze School in NYC is a great spot to learn how to fly on a trapeze with classes lasting approximately 2 hours. The costs are reasonable including the one-time fee for registration. Outdoor location classes on the Hudson River are spectacular and take place between April and October each year. 
  • Jet Skiing in New York - Jetty Jumpers is based in Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay and offers jet skiing tours lasting 1-3 hours of the city. The three-hour tour will let you get to Manhattan along with covering some of the beaches and other attractions. 
  • Horseback explorations - Enjoy a rather adventurous yet quaint experience on horseback as you explore Prospect Park. Kensington Stables has horseback riding lessons along with trail ride activities in the park throughout the year. 
  • Surfing in style - Rockaway Beach is a top destination for surfers on the East Coast and beginners can learn the basics at the Local Surf School here. There are two-hour lessons in groups at reasonable prices including all the equipment that you require. 
  • Make your own delicious wine in New York - Wine-making may not be something that you think of when you visit a bustling city like NYC. However, it actually works like a charm when you discover two urban wineries, namely City Winery (multiple wine-making programs) and Brooklyn Winery (tours of the 8,000 sq. ft. establishment and private blending sessions). 
  • Frolic with sea lions - Get hold of tickets for the Sea Lion Encounter at the famed New York Aquarium and you will have the photographic moment of a lifetime! Get close and frolic with the amiable Sea Lions after their enthralling show. Participants can pose for photographs with sea lions while getting kisses from them as well. These encounters are available post the Sea Lion Celebration shows. Participants should be a minimum of 6 years of age. 
  • Take in the lovely fall climate - New York City gives you great options to enjoy the foliage and outdoor ambiance during the fall. The changing leaves can be best observed throughout the city and its lovely parks and even beyond. You can take a fall foliage tour or cruise over the lovely Hudson River. Fall colors are a key draw for NYC tourists who visit during this time. 

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