West Chelsea Apartments in NYC

West Chelsea Apartments in NYC

When it comes to the trendy neighborhood of Chelsea, there is much for corporate and leisure travelers to enjoy. And while the whole of the neighborhood is divine from start to finish, the west side of Chelsea is arguably one of its most distinct areas and where most of its astounding attractions and entertainments can be found. When visitors want to stay here, they choose our West Chelsea apartments in NYC. Each one comes fully furnished with all the essentials so they can enter their apartments and start living.

Our Best West Chelsea Apartments in NYC

Within a portfolio as vast and diverse as ours, we obviously have the deluxe apartments that go above and beyond the standard ones. The fine jewels that are finely polished to give off that bright allure that makes them the top choice for those that want a first-class experience. They are in wonderfully modern buildings and are ideally located close to the sights and restaurants of the area.

Some of our top West Chelsea apartments in NYC are the lucky ones below:

Facilities in Our West Chelsea Apartments in NYC

When a guest comes to our apartments, they want to stay somewhere that has their every need taken care of. They don’t want a space that is adequately equipped, they want somewhere that has all the amenities for a perfect New York experience. In short, they want to stay in an apartment that can feel like a second home. And our West Chelsea apartments in NYC do exactly that. Guests can enter their apartment and find a fully equipped kitchen where healthy cooking can abound, a flat screen TV where all their favorite shows can be accessed, cozy furniture where they can curl up at the end of a long day and a bed that has luxuriously soft linens that are more than fit for getting the perfect night’s sleep in. Whether it’s a solo traveler, a couple on a romantic getaway or a family that has come to the city for a quick break, they will have the essential tools and utilities to make every second in the apartment simple and easy for modern living.

Then there are the extra amenities that can be available in buildings or in other booking packages. These include the likes of gyms, spas, saunas and more. Again, this depends on how long a booking is, or what’s available in the apartment buildings. Either way, these luxury extras can take a stay in West Chelsea from one level to the next.

Types of West Chelsea Apartments in NYC

At TheSqua.re, we know that one size doesn’t fit all in the world of modern travel which is why we have a variety of serviced apartments for different shapes and sizes. From cozy spaces for solo travelers to bigger spots for families and project teams, we can cater for everyone regardless of size and purpose of visit.

Our West Chelsea apartments in NYC can be booked in the following variations:

  • Studio - Single corporate travelers and couples will find these compact living quarters to be right up their alley when they want everything to be in easy reach in the apartment in an open space.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - For those that don’t like open spaces, our 1 bedroom apartments are the next step up. All areas have their own placement so all quests can move around amiably.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - An ideal pick for small families and small project teams, these bigger spaces have all the amenities that guests will need so everyone can live in peace without getting in each other’s way.

Attractions Near Our West Chelsea Apartments in NYC

Chelsea has a varied display of sights and attractions in the area. Renowned for its eponymous market and a wide selection of art galleries, the whole neighborhood is really quite a treat for foodies and artsy lovers. The modern streets are lined with old buildings and new developments that bring a characteristic feel to the neighborhood. And if guests are staying in the right place, they may be able to see the Empire State Building towering above them in the distance. 

Some of the top attractions near our West Chelsea apartments in NYC include the ones mentioned below: 

  • Empire State Building - Arguably one of the most visited landmarks in the city, this is where King Kong had his final act on the silver screen and where countless tourists head to for great views and even to propose. For social media addicts, a snap of the views is one way to get likes and shares. 
  • Flatiron Building - Another Instagrammable pic for the followers, this wondrous piece of architecture is recognizable from the big screen and other pieces of art about the Big Apple. It may not top the reputation of the Empire State Building, but it is still worth seeing.
  • Rubin Museum of Art - Tibet, Bhutan and other Asian exhibits ensure that there is always a variety on display here that will appease those with diverse tastes in the art world. 
  • Chelsea Market - Many foodie delights and shops that will keep tourists coming back for more as well as the book stores and other trendy establishments that are here to indulge in.
  • The Museum at FIT - Rotating exhibitions and a permanent collection of garments and accessories make this small but treasured treat museum a fantastic treat for all those that want to enjoy a different kind of attraction to the usual variety. 
  • The High Line - Charming and tranquil views make this 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park a must for anyone that wants to see an underrated landmark in the city that has character and appeal.
  • Doosan Gallery New York - Another gallery that boasts contemporary art, it focuses its lens on the best work coming out of the new artists dominating the art world of today.
  • Whitney Museum of American Art - Specializing in 20th and 21st century American art, the respectable collection includes 25,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, films, videos, and so much more.
  • Times Square - Part of any New York experience, this is where the loud sounds and traffic give the city its on-screen character. Guests can take snaps of the teeming crowds and maybe even record what it’s like to stand here.
  • Macy’s  - This major departmental store has many floors filled to the brim with boutique goods that are more than worth the sky-high prices that are on the tags. Not to be missed by any erstwhile shopper.
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum - Visitors can explore the USS Intrepid, USS Growler and the Space Shuttle Enterprise at this remarkable and must-see attraction. The collection of planes and the tours of the military equipment are unrivaled. 

Restaurants Near Our West Chelsea Apartments in NYC

When it comes to eating out, New York has so much to offer its hungry denizens and visitors. As our guests will soon find out, the global nature of NYC means that there are many cuisines to tuck into, and not just the greasy American meats. From the tasteful depths of Asia to the rich textures of the Caribbean and the finesse of French dishes, there is much to indulge in when our guests venture out of their apartment and see what the streets of Chelsea have to offer.

A few of the top restaurants that are near our West Chelsea apartments in NYC include the selected ones below:

  • Los Tacos No. 1 - Situated in Chelsea Market, the establishment sells the best tacos in the whole of New York. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that it’s always busy.
  • Los Mariscos - Full Mexican seafood, visitors can expect fish tacos at more than affordable prices. Aside from that, they can simply tuck in and save money on great food.
  • Cookshop - Looked at as a neighborhood staple, visitors can sit out on the patio and bring their friends and family along with them for somewhere that will really rock their world with flavor and taste.
  • Motel Morris - A 1960s-motel theme makes this an interesting establishment to eat out. With burgers and steaks as well as healthy eating options, everyone can find a dish worth ordering.
  • Miznon - A new stall inside Chelsea Market, it specializes in pitas filled with steak, lamb, and ratatouille that will tame any hungry appetite. 
  • Momoya - Looked at as one of the best places to go for sushi in Chelsea, there are many options for sushi lovers to consider when they are feeling a bit peckish.
  • Citizens of Chelsea - An Australian-owned coffee shop, it has plenty of avocado toast and salads to make it a healthy alternative to the usual dining experiences. Not to be missed in any circumstances.
  • Empire Diner - This fantastic establishment has been remodeled on a dining car, so visitors can sit in a booth and eat a burger or some roasted chicken when they’re taking a break from their long and exhausting day.
  • Tia Pol - Those that love tapas will adore this super stylish and very popular place. Its plates are even smaller than the standard tapas plates but the food, along with its flavors and textures, is something that is rare and can’t be matched at any other tapas establishment in NYC.
  • Aroqa - A modern Indian restaurant, this is a weird and wonderful twist on the typical Indian cuisine. It boasts the usual dishes and its own specialties so the clientele can enjoy their favorites and test out something new.

Corporate West Chelsea Apartments in NYC

When business travelers want a bit of hip to go with the bling, they choose our apartments in West Chelsea. They are located not too far from the wails of Walls Street and come with all the furnishings they require for short and long term business trips. They can use their fully equipped kitchen to save on eating out, a TV to unwind with a comedy in the evening, or simply mash a cocktail or whiskey together and watch the sunset from their balcony or window. Plus, the free Wi-Fi means they can work from home instead of traveling to the office. Think about it, corporate guests can work from the comfort of their plush sofa rather than being cooped up in an office or a crowded cafe.

West Chelsea Apartments in NYC for Leisure

For families and couples seeking a relaxing vacation, our apartments are here to provide the comfort and convenience that all stays require. Fully equipped so modern living becomes simple and easy, our serviced apartments can bring families and couples together in bespoke spaces so they can eat and chill together throughout their stay with us. Free Wi-Fi will keep the young kids happy and the cozy furniture and bed linens will be just what couples will want to sink into after a long day of exploration.

Transport Near Our West Chelsea Apartments in NYC

The New York Subway is how our guests can get around the city so easily. And in Chelsea, there are a range of connections that can get them to the office and to the big sights of the city. They don’t need to travel far as our serviced apartments are ideally located near the key stations of the neighborhood. But guests need to beware about traveling during rush hour as the carriages can get super crowded by jaded city workers.

Some of the subway stations near our West Chelsea apartments in NYC include the ones below:

  • 34th St-Hudson Yards Subway Station
  • 34 St - Penn Station
  • 28 Street
  • 23 Street
  • Times Sq-42 St Station
  • 33 Street Station
  • Eighth Avenue - Fourteenth Street
  • 14 Street Station

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