West Village Short Term Rentals in New York

West Village Short Term Rentals in New York

One of New York’s other trendy hotspots, West Village is up there with Chelsea as a neighborhood for young professionals that want hipster bars, art galleries and more in close proximity to their accommodation. And when travelers need somewhere to stay in the short term, we have a series of apartments that are built just for that. While it must be mentioned that 30 days is the minimum stay in serviced accommodation in the city, our West Village short term rentals in New York are a viable option for corporate and leisure travelers looking to stay in the city for a month in the most characteristic of places.

Our Best West Village Short Term Rentals in New York

In any award-winning portfolio, there are the first-class apartments; the executive and deluxe collections that go above the standard definition. They have all the usual features but have the special something that gives it a kick to the next level. The extra swish in interior design, bespoke features that are given a refined edge. 

Our top West Village short term rentals in New York include the ones listed below:

Facilities in West Village Short Term Rentals in New York

We always ensure that our diverse collection of apartments have all the utilities and amenities that all of our guests need to have a perfect stay in NYC. From the likes of a fully equipped kitchen to encourage healthy cooking to fresh and soft linens that make the perfect sleep viable, furnishings that create the ideal homely atmosphere, free Wi-Fi to stream and connect, a flat screen TV to watch the US shows and furniture that is more than easy to curl up into at the end of the day, they are aptly equipped for all New York excursions. 

And that’s not all. In some buildings, and in other booking packages, guests can have access to gyms, saunas, spas and other handy extras that can create a luxurious and first-class experience that ordinary stays simply don’t. This will depend on the length of stay and what is on offer in the apartment buildings at the time, but such additional amenities are more than easily accessible by business and leisure travelers that want them.

Types of West Village Short Term Rentals in New York

Not all trips are the same, and we recognize that at TheSqua.re. Some bookings will be for solo travelers coming to the city for business, romantic couples looking for the ideal getaway, families looking for adventure and project teams looking to get the job done. No matter how big or small the group size may be, we can easily accommodate everyone and provide the top rated apartments that everyone requires in West Village.

Here are just a few of the West Village short term rentals that we can offer to guests and groups:

  • Studio - The top choice for those on their own or for couples that want an open plan layout to go with their adventure, our studios are fully equipped for all who choose them.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment - On the next level up are these apartments. While they don’t have the open-plan layout, all facilities have their own space so couples and solo travelers can unwind at their leisure.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment - For small families that need a bit ore space with their youngsters, this is a good alternative. Everyone can have their own space and come together at meal times and for the evening’s entertainment on the TV. 
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment - Perfect for project teams that need space and the free Wi-Fi to complete their tasks, all members of the team can have their own space to chill whilst coming together in the evenings for meals and to chill watching what America’s networks offer for entertainment. Great for creating a sense of teamwork.

Attractions Near Our West Village Short Term Rentals in New York

West Village may not be the big hit of Midtown or Upper East Side, but it does have other attractions nearby that can complete any New York adventure. Whether it’s the galleries, the parks, the theatres or the museums, all guests who stay in West Village will find something that they adore through their short term stay in the city. As we know that the landmarks and sights play an important role in every trip, no matter how small, we have placed our serviced apartments in good proximity from the best things to do in West Village so that guests can get to the best bits without long commutes and stressful journeys.

Some of the attractions near our West Village short term rentals in New York include the ones below:

  • Washington Square Park - Henry James readers may recognize the name from his eponymous novel. Either way, this is a smaller and quieter park to connect with nature and is far less intrusive than Central Park that is always crammed with tourists and locals.
  • Whitney Museum of American Art - This remarkable gallery specializes in 20th and 21st century American art, and has a collection that includes 25,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, films, videos, and so many other treasures.
  • Chelsea Market - Those that love little foodie treats and stalls that sell unique goods will find the famous market to be right up their alley. There are many trendy establishments to indulge in, and is the ideal addition on a wet weekend itinerary. 
  • Rubin Museum of Art - Art lovers can come to this wondrous gallery to experience Tibet, Bhutan and other Asian exhibits that rival the collections of the many other galleries in the city. Not to be missed by anyone that has a broad palette in the arts.
  • Broadway Theater District - Whether it’s a comedy that will leave the ribs in agony, a drama that will leave puddles of tears on the floor or a musical that will have audiences dancing into the streets, the plays of Broadway are always here to add their bit to any corporate or leisure experience in the city.
  • Flatiron Building - This cool bit of New York architecture is here for the travelers that want to impress their Instagram followers with the ideal pic. A big part of the skyline, and recognizable thanks to the silver screen, this is a must-see for all who are staying in West Village for the short term.
  • The High Line - This 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park is a must-visit for anyone that wants to see an underrated landmark in the city that has character and appeal, and is not always in the top attractions handbooks. Underrated but needs more appreciation from travelers.

Restaurants Near Our West Village Short Term Rentals in New York

Every traveler wants to eat out, and West Village has a range of restaurants that will satisfy any unique appetite. With global cuisines by the many, as well as meat, vegetarian and vegan choices to consider, every pesky and healthy eater will be able to find something that tickles the taste buds. From expensive options to affordable establishments, all budgets can be more than accommodated for here. Plus, our short term rentals are ideally located which means that when guests want a change from homemade foods in their fully equipped kitchens, they can jump on a quick bus or subway to reach the very best foodie options with relative ease. Our award-winning collection makes everything easy.

Our West Village short term rentals in New York are close to the following array of scrumptious restaurants:

  • I Sodi - Serving the best Italian food in West Village, it has an entire negroni menu, and traditional foods here are something else. It is very popular so it’s best to book a table to avoid disappointment.
  • 4 Charles Prime Rib - Clients can tuck into big hunks of prime rib, scrumptious burgers, and fries in creamed spinach. The classic American foods are given a kick and a twist to make them the tasty selections like they always could be.
  • Sushi Katsuei - Good fish, firefly squid, ocean trout, and toro are just some of the top options here at this sushi establishment. It is also incredibly popular so folk should be prepared to queue. 
  • Via Carota - More exceptional Italian food is waiting to be indulged upon here. Clientele can taste the heart of the Italian cuisine with fine pastas and other institutional favorites that give the nation its deserved reputation.
  • Llama San - One of the only Nikkei restaurants in NYC, guests can indulge in duck nigiri, lobster with beef heart, and hamachi tiradito with uni and matcha foam. The Japanese-influenced Peruvian establishment is a rare treat for all those that want to try something a little bit different. 
  • L’Artusi - Another long-time favorite of locals in West Village,  it serves immaculate pasta and has a menu that is simply incredible. Yes, it may be another Italian restaurant on the list but it is here because it serves dishes that have taste and flavors beyond the ordinary.
  • Anton’s - A new addition to the neighborhood foodie scene, it is popular for its martinis and broiled oysters, and its candlelit room with oil paintings and wood-paneled walls. Regardless, this is a tasteful treat in the area when people want to experience the new haunts that are popping up. 
  • Emily - Serving a collection of thin, crispy pizzas, and thick, cheesy Detroit-style pies, this is one of the best places for pizza in the area. However, it also does burgers and a variety of pretzels to add to the American vibe. 
  • Rahi -This Indian establishment serves prawn curry with uni butter, housemade paneer with guava compote, and duck over a mildly sweet green curry, just to name a few of the top dishes here. Not to be missed by those that love their curries and other assorted treats.

Corporate West Village Short Term Rentals in New York

When business travelers want somewhere with a bit more character during their shirt trip to New York, they choose our West Village apartments. Each is equipped for the modern business world so they can have the ideal place to come back to after long hours of meetings and networking events. They can simply cook a hearty meal to round off the day, watch the sports and comedies on the TV or have a strong drink and watch the sunset on another day. Even better, when they don’t want to head into the office, they can work from home thanks to the free Wi-Fi. Doing strategies and presentations from the cozy sofas and armchairs is better than a cramped office with cheap coffee suppliers. Modern business travel taken care of.

West Village Short Term Rentals in New York for Leisure

Solo travelers, families and groups of friends will find that our short term rentals in West Village have them in mind too. They can book accommodation, get the keys and discover a bespoke living space that has all the utilities required for stays in West Village at the city of New York. Group meals are made simple with our fully equipped kitchens, everyone can have their separate sleeping quarters thanks to the bedrooms and sofa beds. Plus if they want to stay fit, they may well have gyms and health centers nearby that can help push muscles and energy to their limits. Then again, there is also Washington Square Park or the streets for other running spaces. Either way, everyone will find something to enjoy in our collection of West Village short term rentals in New York. 

Transport Near Our West Village Short Term Rentals in New York

When it comes to getting around the city, all guests will be more than taken care of thanks to the New York Subway. It stretches across the city so everyone can utilise its services whether they’re in a trendy hotspot or a corporate district. While it may get crowded during rush hour, visitors and locals alike can get to where they want to be in no time. And West Village has its own fair share of subway stations. What’s more, our apartments are ideally situated close to the stations so that our guests don’t have to worry about long commutes or getting drenched walking in the rain.

Our West Village short term rentals can be found next to the following subway stations:

  • Christopher St - Sheridan Sq
  • Christopher St/Waverly Pl
  • 7 Avenue 
  • W 4 St 
  • Christopher Street 
  • Av of the Americas
  • 14 Street

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