Where to Stay in Brooklyn, New York

Where to Stay in Brooklyn

Thinking of where to stay in Brooklyn? There are plenty of options available in one of the hottest and most coveted neighborhoods of the city including serviced apartments, 1 bed and 2-bedroom apartments alike. After all, Brooklyn is one of the most cosmopolitan, culturally diverse and exciting places to live in New York City. And when you’re here, we help you get access to the most coveted locations which are well connected to major business, historical and cultural landmarks. 

Our award-winning reservations team will solve your dilemma of where to stay in Brooklyn with a vast portfolio of units that cater to highly specific needs. These units are reasonably priced and suitable for extended stays in one of the world’s most expensive and great cities. 

Where to Stay in Brooklyn - The Best Options 

There are tons of options available if you were wondering where to stay in Brooklyn. All our units are located on some of the most coveted stretches and thoroughfares in town while helping you easily access the top restaurants, pubs, cafes and other entertainment zones in the neighborhood as well. Here are some of the available options worth considering: 

We also offer 24 hour support, assistance and management services to all our guests which help us take care of your queries swiftly. 

Why Book our Brooklyn Apartments? 

You must be wondering why you should be booking apartments when you are looking for places to stay in Brooklyn. For those wondering where to stay in Brooklyn, serviced apartment units are the best possible options. Picture an ambience that is characterized by the utmost comfort and convenience. If you are staying for longer durations in New York City, you will naturally need a place to call home. Our units are tailored to help you do just that, giving you more space, freedom and privacy as compared to conventional hospitality options. 

You can get all the amenities and facilities that you require along with enjoying greater freedom in terms of enjoying your downtime better. From chilling with pals and family members to catching up with colleagues or simply crashing on the living room sofa with the flat-screen television and cable for company, you can do it all here! 

Cost of Serviced Apartments in Brooklyn

For those thinking about where to stay in Brooklyn, serviced apartments naturally make for great choices by all means. However, if you have been worrying about the costs of these apartments, you need not fret at all! We offer apartment units tailored to your specific needs and that too at extremely reasonable rates. We have fair and competitive prices for our guests round the year in spite of there being peak seasons as well. We throw in 24 hour assistance and support along with the best amenities and facilities for giving you greater bang for your buck as well!

We are always there to help you enjoy a fulfilling stay in NYC along with providing central locations, comfy and well-furnished apartments and easy access to public transportation facilities as well. Our prices are never exorbitant; we charge rates in sync with industry standards and endeavor to keep them competitive at all times as well. 

Facilities in Our Brooklyn Apartments

Those of you who have been thinking about where to stay in Brooklyn should know that our serviced apartments are well equipped with the best facilities that every modern traveler/family requires for a comfortable stay. 

Some of the amenities commonly available include the following: 

  • Central heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Business center
  • Balconies and rooftop terraces
  • Gardens
  • Lounges
  • Onsite Gyms
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Fire safety provisions 

Amenities may vary from one unit to another although every apartment comes with its own special features, distinctive ambience and plenty of facilities for modern travelers. Solo travelers or couples may look at our well equipped studios in Brooklyn while 1 bed apartments are more suitable for smaller families. 2-bedroom apartments and upwards are ideal for larger families or business groups as well. Whatever be your requirement, we will always have the best options lined up for you. 

Some apartments may also come with several onsite amenities including gymnasiums, fitness facilities, swimming pools, spa facilities, sauna and Jacuzzi and even onsite cafes, bars and restaurants. It all depends on the facility in question along with the location, type of apartment and various other parameters. 

Where to Stay in Brooklyn for Corporate Travelers

Corporate travelers will understandably wish to put up in a location which is centrally connected to major landmarks in New York City in addition to offering proximity to public transit points as well. Our serviced apartments are the best options if you were thinking where to stay in Brooklyn as a business traveler. We offer units that are tailored to meet your needs to the fullest, complete with the best amenities and facilities and central locations. Enjoy the space, freedom and privacy of an apartment after spending hectic days traveling or working in New York City. Relax with flat-screen television and the best of American cable or stay connected seamlessly with your loved ones and associates courtesy complimentary Wi-Fi. A fully equipped kitchen and appliances help you whip up delicious meals during your stay. You can even brainstorm with colleagues over a drink and prepare for the next day’s grind. It is all up to you! 

Where to Stay in Brooklyn for Families 

Families thinking about where to stay in Brooklyn should look no further than our impeccable serviced apartments. Our apartments will put you in close proximity to major facilities of public transportation along with all the major landmarks in New York City. After a hectic day of sightseeing and exploring the city at leisure, come back home to a comfortable and spacious apartment with adequate room for everyone! Enjoy fully functional kitchens with all appliances and other basic amenities along with the best security, safety and convenience features as well. Stay happily engaged with flat-screen television, Wi-Fi, cable packages and several other facilities. 

Our studios are ideal for solo travelers or couples while 1 and 2-bedroom apartments cater to the needs of slightly bigger families. As a result, you will have all the comfort and flexibility that you crave during your time in NYC. Want to keep the kids engaged? Want some space to chill by yourself or with your significant other? Want a good night’s sleep? Whatever your needs, we have them fully covered with our apartments in Brooklyn. 

Transportation Options in Brooklyn

Public transportation networks are excellent in Brooklyn and will help you get access to several destinations in NYC without any hassles. A and C line trains go into Manhattan while the Long Island Rail Road stretches towards the JFK International Airport and AirTrain along with going towards Penn Station in Manhattan and Long Island. The Atlantic Terminal is connected to the Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center complex in New York City while being served by the 2, 4, 3, 5, B, D, Q and N lines. Nearby bus lines include the B45, B41, B65 and B63. There is a wealth of public transit facilities helping you get almost anywhere in New York City minus any hassles whatsoever. 

Best Places to Visit in Brooklyn 

There are numerous places worth visiting here during your stay. Some of them include: 

  • Brooklyn Bridge - The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the biggest landmarks in the neighborhood and was the world’s biggest suspension bridge in the past when it opened in the year 1883. The iconic landmark has 100,000 vehicles and more passing every day with lovely views of Brooklyn Heights and Lower Manhattan for company. If you’re a frequent Instagram user, this is where you’ll want to take most of your Brooklyn photographs. The views are literally too good! 
  • Prospect Park - Prospect Park was designed by the pioneering designers behind the creation of Central Park in NYC, Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted. It offers a chance to take in the beauty of nature and simply unwind at the Long Meadows and sprawling greens along with indulging in hikes spanning the Ravine, one of the city’s few indigenous forests, guaranteeing a picturesque experience amidst natural splendor. There are several outdoor activities taking place in the park from time to time as well. 
  • Brooklyn Museum - Brooklyn Museum covers all of 560,000 square feet and is one of the most reputed cultural establishments in all of King’s County. It is the first museum in America to showcase African objects in the form of artwork. Additionally, there are 4,000+ items for display in the Egyptian sections while other artwork by masters like Monet, Cezanne and Degas are also showcased here. The Dinner Party, the path-breaking installation by Judy Chicago, is also housed here permanently, being one of the biggest attractions for art lovers. 
  • Brooklyn Flea - Classic shopping experiences come alive at the Brooklyn Flea which is home to numerous local vendors and bustling markets alike. It now has markets spanning DUMBO and also Industry City in the Sunset Park location. Shop, eat and stroll around in complete peace while having a swell time in the bargain. This is a quintessentially Brooklyn experience like no other! 
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden - The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an oasis of peace, calm and tranquility. The garden neighbors the Prospect Park and Brooklyn Museum and was established in 1910. With hundreds of varieties of flora spanning 52 acres, it is a sheer treat for nature lovers. The famous Sakura Matsuri Festival takes place here in spring, drawing numerous visitors from other parts of the country. 

Best Restaurants in Brooklyn 

There are numerous acclaimed restaurants in Brooklyn including the following: 

  • Olmstead - Spearheaded by the successful team behind Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Per Se, this restaurant functions on the innovative farm-to-table concept with a relaxing setting for company. You should definitely try the carrot crepe with clams along with the grilled scallops, sourdough bread with chives and garlic butter and jelly laden krapfen doughnuts. 
  • Paulie Gee’s - Paulie Gee’s is for large gatherings with pals and family, particularly if you all simply love pizza. The iconic Greenpoint joint offers the best Neapolitan-esque pizzas complete with amazing toppings to boot! The Hellboy is a crowd favorite, fusing Italian tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, Berkshire soppressata Picante and Mike’s Hot Honey.  Be prepared for the winding queues though; you should ideally have some time in hand when you visit. 
  • Al Di La Trattoria - If you’re in the mood for a no-frills, relaxed and intimate supper at a comfy neighborhood joint, venture to this popular restaurant. The charming, quaint and rustic décor themes and ambience at this Park Slope favorite draws travelers in large numbers. The Northern Italian fare is simply delicious with dinner, lunch and weekend brunch specials galore. An evening here will involve some fine wine, friends and specialties of the house like tagliatelle al ragu, spaghetti neri alla chitarra, braised rabbit and octopus confit along with basil and hot chilies. 
  • Di An Di - One of the coolest restaurants for visitors, this joint packs quite a punch with its Scandinavian influences and a fiery lineup of tasty Vietnamese dishes galore. You’ll find the rather hip and sophisticated crowd sampling delicacies here including Vietnamese pizzas, summer rolls with pork, taro and tofu stuffings, Daikon rice-cake omelets, Vietnamese scotch eggs crafted from pork sausage, quail eggs and green rice flakes. There are various pho varieties on offer as well. It is best to book in advance since you may have to wait for a bit otherwise. 
  • Emily - Burgers, pizzas and other classic favorites are dished out in style at this friendly neighborhood joint in Brooklyn. Manhattan classics like Prince Street Pizza or even Rubirosa are more famous although Emily can give them tough competition with its lip-smacking grub and friendly décor theme. The small yet comforting space in Clinton Hill draws a good number of locals and tourists alike with its rather uniquely crafted pizzas. Find everything else from sticky wings and spicy goodies to one of New York City’s best burgers as well. The Emily and Colony pizzas deserve special mention along with the supersized Emmy burgers. 

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