Where to Stay in New York

The Big Apple has everything from the variety in food to iconic tourist attractions, financial giants to Instagram worthy places, parks to museums. The city is a giant when it comes to opportunities to explore and experience. To do your best and explore the most possible star attractions in the city, you should find a well-equipped serviced apartment in the heart of NYC. With our premium range of apartments curated in the most convenient parts of the city, where to stay in New York would be the last thing to worry about. 

Our Best Serviced Apartments in NYC

If there is one thing that this decade-long experience of curating serviced apartments has taught us, it is the key to a traveler's heart. We take pride in the fact that we are fully aware of all the comforts that you may need. Each of our state-of-the-art apartments is fully ready to provide them. With spacious rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, balcony for a homely vibe to CCTVs, and secure localities for your safety, you can count on us. 

Some of our handpicked serviced apartments carefully placed in the best parts of the city are: 

Facilities in Our Serviced Apartments in NYC

Right from reaching the apartment from the airport to reaching the subway station every day till you are here, our convenient locations are sorted. With our ovens, bone china sets, crystal glasses, and a lavish dining area for a spread, your family vacation to NYC is in good hands. Even if you are a group of friends who hate buying groceries, with restaurants nearby and grocery packs coming to your door, we have you covered for that as well. 

Some of the amenities that make us different and promise a stay like never before are:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • CCTV
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Lavish interiors
  • Amplifiers
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix and Amazon membership
  • Balcony

Where Can You Find Our Serviced Apartments in NYC?

Based on the variety of preferences that our esteemed travelers seek on their NYC trips, we have a wonderful mix of both trendy and posh neighborhoods. Each with its own set of attractions makes it a unique place to stay. Our motive behind maintaining such a massive variety in terms of location is to ensure that you get to make the most of whichever area you end up choosing. 

Our apartments can be found in the following areas:

  • Midtown - It is ideal for first-time visitors to NYC as it is well connected to the rest of the city. Probably the most favorite choice for where to stay in New York, Our serviced apartments offer the nearest access to the plethora of attractions available here. The best part is that it has something for all budgets.
  • Chelsea & Greenwich Village - If a romantic getaway is an idea behind your hunt for where to stay in New York then this is your best shot. With so many restaurants, beautiful sites, and vibrant nature spots to explore, this is a hit plan. 
  • Upper East Side - If a luxury stay is on your mind then this is your best answer to where to stay in New York. With high-end shopping sites and endless posh things to discover, it sure reminds of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Not to forget the endless museums here. 
  • Soho & Lower East Side - If you like hip nightclubs, exciting ambiance, street art that is both vibrant and quirky then this is an ideal area to choose. Soho has an endless number of restaurants and it has been a trendy favorite since forever.
  • Queens - If you are looking for an answer to where to stay in New York on a budget then head straight to Queen's and choose from our exciting standard range at highly affordable prices. 

Attractions Near Our Serviced Apartments in NYC

From museums to parks, theatre to shopping, NYC lives up to its name when it comes to attractions. Your answer to where to stay in New York is essentially based on what kind of things you wish to explore during your stay here. Whether it is the bustle in and around Manhattan or the NYC culture in Midtown, once you figure out what you wish to live near to, where to stay in New York will get easier to choose. When that is done, our exclusive and fully-equipped serviced apartments can be easily found a stone's throw away from your chosen attractions. Easy peasy, isn't it?

Some of the most famous attractions near our respective serviced apartments in NYC include:

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - When in NYC, it would be unfair to not visit the largest museum in the entire country. This fine art gem has been a proud curator of art since 1870. It is home to a fine collection of prehistoric artifacts and sketches the development of art and history over the centuries. 
  • Statue of Liberty - An evergreen icon of freedom and liberty, this legendary symbol of NYC upholds its pride and beauty even today. Head to this World Heritage site majestically standing on the Liberty Islands to duly complete your trip to NYC. 
  • Central Park - With a zoo, fancy restaurants, a massive lake, and a lot of upcoming festivals and screenings, Central Park is the ultimate destination to be in NYC. With a partner, friends or family, and kids, the beautiful park has something for everyone. 
  • Times Square - This Central Manhattan gem is known for its 24x7 bustle full of bright billboards and of course, the iconic Broadway Theatre. With New Year's Eve, Madame Tussauds, and endless shops to hop into, it is one of the most visited attractions in the city. 
  • Empire State Building - With 2 observation decks at 86th and 102nd floors each, the sky-reaching skyscraper has earned a lot of popularity over the decades for its magnificent NYC view. It is surprising to note that the lightning rod above it is annually struck by lightning by over 20 times. Fascinating, isn't it? 
  • Rockefeller Center - Just imagine how a massive city inside a city like NYC would look like, that's Rockefeller Center. Witness the most iconic Christmas tree in the entire city here and enjoy the popular ice rink inside. There are a total of 19 buildings within its premises and it all looks like a lavish movie set. 

Corporate Accommodation in NYC 

From the Financial District in Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn, Long Street to Long Island City, the financial hubs of NYC are quite vast and impressive. As far as the question of where to stay in New York is concerned, you can choose anyone from the above clusters of business houses. Some of our finest corporate accommodations can be found right nearby. 

While we take good care of making traveling as seamless as possible by curating properties right near the subway station, we do consider living comforts equally well. From full-fledged kitchens for home-cooked food to cozy beds to charge you up for the next working day, expect everything at our corporate abodes. While you don't have to worry about Wi-Fi or groceries, just take the wine glasses and head straight to the balcony after work. Thanks to the proximity to several restaurants, just order in a pizza and relax.

Family Accommodation in NYC

Your family's satisfaction from this trip is as important to us as it is to you. Don't worry if you have toddlers accompanying you or even senior citizens. Our concierge team, negligible distances from subways, and on-door cab availability will take care of that. Even if you get in need of any emergency essential, our accommodations are centrally placed to facilitate that. While we can already picture you enjoying an evening meal together in our dining area, fresh out of the oven, even your order-ins are sorted. Each room comes with enough comfort, light, and space to ensure a memorable stay with us. We look forward to hosting you.

Best Restaurants Near Our Serviced Apartments in NYC

Whether you are a fan of scrumptious American burgers or elite seafood is on your mind, pizza and only pizza is what can tempt you or the concept-based interiors are what excite you, NYC has it all. Our serviced apartments have been based particularly near the restaurants which are not only popular but also live up to their popularity. Your food cravings with TheSqua.re are 100% sorted. 

No matter which neighborhood you pick after contemplating on where to stay in New York, some of the best restaurants that can be found nearest to our apartments include: 

  • 5 Napkin Burger Hell's Kitchen - Head here to get your hands on the most popular burgers in town. With a craft beer menu and an entire cocktail bar, it is a great option to try an evening drink with a juicy burger. 
  • K Rico Steakhouse - Try the most delicious steak spread in the heart of Midtown West. Value for money and excellent taste are the 2 prime specialties of this popular restaurant. While K-Rico Sirloin Steak is a must-try here, they also serve a gluten-free menu which is a big plus. 
  • Le Bernardin - An absolute icon for fish lovers in NYC, this gem of a restaurant has been a proud part of the city's food scenes since 1986. Having won awards by the NY Times for 4 consecutive years, don't miss the Lounge lunch deal, desserts, and of course, Eric Ripert's special menu.
  • The Pony Room - Enjoy a meal at a concept-based restaurant that feels and looks like a hull of a boat. It is known for its inside experience, decor, and lots of seafood. Must try their oysters and pickled mangoes and flavorful salmon. Sounds like a treat already. 
  • Bleecker Street Pizza - Renowned for bagging quite a few positions in some of the most loved pizzerias in the city, come here for the classic NYC pizza experience. Located in Greenwich Village, it not only offers an impressive pizza variety but also has a vegan and gluten-free menu to offer.
  • The Four Horsemen - This iconic restaurant is run by James Murphy and it is known for its delicious menu. With friendly staff and a hygienic spread, their weekend brunches are a hit among tourists and locals alike. Pay anything around $32/- and enjoy a hearty spread. 
  • Polo Bar - Hands down the restaurant boasts of having the most surprisingly gorgeous interiors. With rich leather seats to massive horse portraits, this concept-based restaurant, established by Ralph Lauren, services juicy burgers and steaks. 

Centrally Located Serviced Apartments in NYC

Prefer the local train for shorter distances here and the express train for longer ones. Apart from trains, subways are quite popular in NYC but one must be careful of the entrances as it often gets tricky because not all entrances take you to all metro lines. The iconic yellow taxis are always readily available but don't trust them on rainy days. 

As far as other less hectic modes of travel are concerned, ferries are always a way less stressful experience of traveling across the city. The Citi Bike program is a fun way I get around on blue bikes. 

Some of the common subway stations near our apartments include:

  • 96th Street
  • Wall Street
  • 86th Street
  • 2nd Avenue
  • 50th Street
  • 42 Street
  • 28th Street

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