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Williamsburg is the trendiest neighborhood in the Brooklyn borough of New York City and it is one of the most fun places to live in the city. From a very happening nightlife to over 6,000 artists residing in this fairly smaller neighborhood, it brims to the top with food, beer, and graffiti. With such an exciting itinerary to look forward to, we would love to host you here on your upcoming trip. Choose for yourself the perfect Williamsburg Brooklyn apartment from our finest range of accommodations and let the hip ambiance and the endless experiences of this part of the city gift you a memorable trip. 

Our Best Williamsburg Brooklyn Apartments

Brooklyn is famous for its art and an exciting ambiance. Those are exactly the things that it passes on to Williamsburg as well and with our fantastic team on board, we try our best to keep you closest to all its fun. Our finest accommodations here come with a view of the aesthetic area from your cozy balcony and homely vibe in the house itself. You will be welcomed by everything comforting to accommodate your stay, from fluffy mattresses to soft couches, elaborate kitchen to sunlit corners to snuggle in. With such detailed and thoughtful features chosen for your stay, we are sure that you would love our Williamsburg Brooklyn apartment options. 

Skim through some of our top picks below and choose a Williamsburg Brooklyn apartment that suits your taste best:

Cost of Our Williamsburg Brooklyn Apartments

This earthy Brooklyn neighborhood has managed to regain itself as one of the most expensive ones of the borough. Believe it or not, the prices and consequently the standard of living began sinking over the last decade. Even though its rent saw a jump lately, you can bag quite a few deals on the cozy accommodations snuggled a little on the inside. We have balanced all apartments well as per all budgets that we wish to cater to, so you can leave the rest of the negotiating game to us.

No matter what, one thing is well-assured that at the end of the day, whatever you end up paying to TheSqua.re, it would be the fair market price at all costs. With its cost index jumping to 110, renting a serviced apartment for a long stay with a kitchen and groceries available right inside will save you a lot of order-ins and extra dining expenses. 

Why Should You Book a Williamsburg Brooklyn Apartments?

This hyperactive neighborhood is a hub of nightlife, art, food, booze, and a lot of carefree fun in general. With a very strong community vibe being so evident, it is a great choice to live in and get a lively perspective of NYC. While Williamsburg has so much to offer within its premises, there is a big advantage of its proximity to various Brooklyn attractions. From Coney Island to Brooklyn Bridge, you can easily reach other must-visit sites from your doorstep. 

Since the area is so rich in its offerings and culture, each of Williamsburg Brooklyn apartment types offers complete comfort to live, travel, explore, and make the most of your stay with us here. This homely and highly secure living experience right in the center of Brooklyn amidst friendly locals is precisely why you should consider our urban abodes here. 

Facilities in Our Williamsburg Brooklyn Apartments

With these star features adorning the area, our team has curated some of its finest apartments here. From home appliances to upholstery selection, CCTV surveillance to Wi-Fi connectivity, lavish bathrooms to a well-laid dining table, we offer it all. To top it all up, each Williamsburg Brooklyn apartment comes with a beautiful view to get up to. It has been a product of extensive research by our in-house experts that we have managed to bring together such tech-savvy and aesthetic additions to your urban pad. With such an unmatched set of amenities chosen exclusively for you, that too at such fair prices, our years of experience and expertise surely speak for itself. 

The eclectic list of amenities that make our Williamsburg apartments stand out includes:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Dining table
  • Dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix membership
  • Balcony

Corporate Accommodation in Williamsburg 

Williamsburg is well-connected to Manhattan through multiple modes. With 2 stoppages of East River Ferry in Williamsburg itself, the Financial District and Pier 11/Wall Street can be directly reached from our accommodations in this Brooklyn neighborhood. Despite not being a cluster of big financial giants, Williamsburg still stands as a strong and quite potent location for business stays. 

We understand how boring cooking for oneself can get, especially on an uninteresting business trip that keeps you occupied. With a microwave in the chosen Williamsburg Brooklyn apartment, you can easily reheat that leftover pizza and enjoy it on the balcony. With all kinds of restaurants and coffee houses mushroomed all-around your centrally located accommodation, your order-ins are going to be way quicker than you imagined. Coffee houses around serve a very aesthetic and calm place to work from. If you are worried about the cleaning and the laundry part, our service teams backing your stay up will take care of them all. 

Williamsburg Brooklyn Apartments for Families

With play areas like KnockerBall, Twinkle Playspace, and parks including McCarren and Domino, families with kids of all ages are sorted in Williamsburg. Our apartments are most suitable for families because of the absolute proximity to all these attractions that we offer. 

While providing you with the ease to travel around the city and explore the best attractions have been our top priority, we have given enough attention to the comforts of each apartment. From space for the in-laws or the extended family tagging along to a Netflix and chill zone in the living room for moody teenagers, there is something for everyone. While your gym schedules and fresh protein pancakes are sorted with our gym access and a fully-functional kitchen, you can always order in from the plethora of restaurants around the corner. That sounds like a perfect getaway plan, doesn't it?

Attractions Near Our Williamsburg Brooklyn Apartments 

With huge Colossal Media murals and graffiti covering the buildings of Williamsburg, the outlook of even its streets is marvelous. This doesn't mean that this Brooklyn hub has nothing to explore. From art galleries to lots of waterfront parks, thrift shops to everything ranging from food tours to live theatre and music performances, Williamsburg is the trendiest and the liveliest of them all. With these endless experiences and attractions to consider, we are proud to share with you our fine sets of serviced apartments which are located at such precise locations that make you a center of most of these prime places to visit.

Some of the finest attractions nearest to our Williamsburg Brooklyn apartment clusters include:

  • East River State Park - Not for the waterfront view, not for the lush greenery spread as far as the eye can see, go here for the famous Smorgasburg food market on Spring Saturdays for endless good variety by over a hundred vendors flooding the park. 
  • Monk Vintage - For shopaholics, what can be a better attraction than an overflowing thrift store? Stuffed till the roof is this fantastic vintage store with everything ranging from costume jewelry, funky apparel, and a mandatory $1 rack. 
  • Domino Park - How does a playground with a waterfront and an effortless Manhattan view sound to you? Sure sounds fantastic to me. It has a theme inspired by the old Domino sugar refinery on which the park stands today. It also has a Volleyball and Bocce ball court. 
  • Smorgasburg Food Market - Each Saturday of Spring and Summers witnesses this fantastic food market which is all about delicious street food served by vendors from all over the borough and the city. It is one of the top things to do here with Ramen burgers and endless types of fries to enjoy. 
  • Knitting Factory - This music venue is one of the iconic ones in the entire city. From live performances to Sunday comedy shows, it serves as a legendary institution for decades now. You will be glad that it shifted here from Manhattan so that you can enjoy it better in Williamsburg.
  • McCarren Park - From a lush sports field to a lovely swimming pool open for the community, coffee houses to collective barbecue grills, this is a perfect attraction to experience the neighborhood vibe. You can always enjoy the Brooklyn Brewery, a movie at Nitehawk, or even bowling nearby. 
  • Nitehawk Cinema - Worthy of separate mention is this iconic cinema in the neighborhood which is known for offering a unique experience of a restaurant and a cinema together. It also offers booze while you enjoy the movie, isn't that great? 

When you have gone through all these fantastic attractions of the city, if you are staying here for longer, chances are that you would want to explore more. In that case, choose from any nightclub or bar from the endless options because the coolest neighborhood won't disappoint you. Apart from that, the Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyn Bowl are two very popular options nearby. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Williamsburg Brooklyn Apartments

Consider yourself lucky that the plethora of Michelin-starred restaurants have hit Williamsburg over the past decade, which is exactly when we made our way to the New York housing industry. It has been an absolute pleasure to curate apartments in such a potent neighborhood like Williamsburg that has so much to offer. From Peruvian food to the finest Italian eateries, from old school food trucks to Ethiopian coffee houses, this wonderful neighborhood is nothing less than a hip paradise to eat your heart out. 

Some of the best restaurants near our Williamsburg Brooklyn apartment locations are: 

  • Bamonte’s Restaurant - This classic restaurant is known for its fine Italian cuisine. While its Bolognese sauce and spaghetti do all the talking, you must know that this gem of a place has been majestically sitting in Williamsburg since 1900.
  • Llama Inn - It is an ideal place for a hungry large group or frankly, for an entire village considering the generous quantity that they serve, especially for Lomo Saltado which is their specialty. Their pork skewers and this traditional beef dish are the show stealers. 
  • Rocka Rolla - Did you expect scorpion bowls or pinball machines at a bar? Well, this gem here has them along with inexpensive booze and lit music that will make your party the night away like a local. 
  • Variety Coffee - Enjoy a freshly brewed coffee with beans coming straight from Mexico and Ethiopia, this beautiful eatery is gorgeous and stands up to its name with the endless variety of coffee and snacks. 
  • Union Pool - What is the fun of traveling if you miss out on the street food. The list couldn't be complete without a food truck, can it? It serves delicious food for late-night rescues, it has fairy lights lighting the place up, and it even hosts concerts the old-school way, what more could one ask for?
  • Kings County Imperial - From duck, shrimp, pork, and whatnot on the menu, this high-end Chinese restaurant is for the win in Williamsburg. It is a stylish option for traditional Chinese cuisine and cocktails.
  • Lilia - This Michelin-starred beauty is owned by the very popular Chef Missy Robbins which is known to serve the most delicious Italian delicacies with the cleanest presentations. The black bar on the inside is a fantastic addition to the overall experience of Lilia. 
  • The Blue Stove - This Graham Avenue bakery is all about comfort food and George Howell coffee. If you are tired of hopping through the stylish restaurants with bling, this is a classic bakery to head to. 
  • Surf Bar - If you are craving beach food amid all the Brooklyn madness, head to this bar-cum-restaurant for some shrimp tacos, lots and lots of beer with a crisp menu of other beach dishes. It is inexpensive, it is conveniently located, and it is delicious.

Transport Near Our Williamsburg Brooklyn Apartments

Bedford Avenue is the prime and the busiest train station at Williamsburg. While the L train connecting it and 8th Avenue is the most widely known mode of travel from Manhattan, there are multiple other ways as well. South Williamsburg is directly linked to Manhattan over trains J, M, and Z respectively. Costing just $2.75/ride like the buses, Ferry is the second and most interesting way to travel around the neighboring while buses come to third. You can choose the Expressway connecting Brooklyn and Queens as well. Each of these modes is easily accessible from our centrally located accommodations in the heart of Brooklyn.

Apart from Subway, some of the commonly available buses near each of our Williamsburg Brooklyn apartment types include:

  • B62
  • B32
  • B24
  • B39

Some of the common public transport stations near our Williamsburg Brooklyn apartment include:

  • L Station at Bedford Avenue
  • L Station at Lorimer Street
  • Metropolitan Avenue
  • Hewes Street
  • Flushing Avenue

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