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Paris Fashion Week is fast approaching. All the glitz and glamour are only a few weeks away and all the top brands and models are busy preparing themselves. But for those that are on their way to visit (maybe YOU), they require somewhere to stay that’s as stylish and colourful as the catwalk.

At TheSqua.re, we have a whole array of serviced apartments in Paris that are near the Fashion Week and will provide all the glamour after the event is over. With bespoke living spaces that not only offer convenience but also the likes of free Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchens, flat screen TVs, cosy bedrooms and so much more, relaxing will become second nature when staying in our Paris apartments.

What is Paris Fashion Week?

This is one of the top events in fashion that happens twice throughout the year (February and September). The biggest talents and the biggest labels will be there to show off new styles and themselves.

When is Paris Fashion Week?

The Paris Fashion Week will be starting on Monday, 23rd September and it will end on 

Tuesday, 1st October.

Why should Paris Fashion Week be celebrated?

It’s one of the key fashion events of the year. What’s not to celebrate?

Need somewhere to stay during Paris Fashion Week? Take a look at our apartments below, close to the glitzy proceedings:

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