Luxury Apartments Paris

Luxury Apartments in Paris

Paris is the best destination to enjoy all your luxury fantasies. Each part of our apartments comes laden with fine luxuries, right from the shining luxe jacuzzis and bathtubs to the most stunning living room views. While priceless paintings from globally renowned artists adorn the walls, the exquisite furnishings make it the most sophisticated stay in the heart of Paris.

It isn't only about the things you see, the comforts that our guests feel in everything they do in our apartments make our luxury apartments in Paris all the more irresistible. From a hot bubble bath to memory foam mattresses, exotic ingredients ready to be used in the kitchen to rich velvet adorning the living room couch, the highest quality of elements used in our abodes make TheSqua.re worthy of being a celebrated market leader. 

Our Best Luxury Apartments in Paris

Paris is home to some of the poshest areas, fashion streets, and a soft buttery aroma from the tiny bakeries filling the cobblestoned streets. Our finest urban pads come with a detailed modern approach. Right from the interior decor to the furniture designs, kitchen appliances to the quality of the upholstery, TheSqua.re team has gone to lengths to curate the most luxurious stay in Paris. 

Every traveler looking for a high-budget honeymoon stay or a quick business stay has a hectic schedule or an ambitious itinerary to chase, the excellent TheSqua.re catalog offers the most luxurious stay to impress and overwhelm whoever chooses to stay with us. 

Some of our handpicked luxury abodes include:

  • Marais Verrerie Serviced Apartment, Marais
  • Etoile Victor Hugo Serviced Apartment, Champs Elysees
  • Champs De Mars Serviced Apartment, Palais-Bourbon
  • Parc Monceau Apartment
  • Eiffel View Serviced Apartment, Palais-Bourbon
  • Boulogne Billancourt Serviced Apartment, Champs Elysees

Facilities in Our Luxury Apartments in Paris

If you are someone who picks hotels based on the view from their room, you would surely love our excellent views from our exclusive homes. Not just that, the details like; sourcing only the organic produce for your kitchen or a cozy reading nook in the balcony, a cute dining table near the kitchen, to the most refreshing color palette balancing the whole vibe, puts our expertise to good use of making memories for you. 

Apart from these, little complimentary add-ons like discount coupons, gym memberships for long term stays, Netflix and Amazon memberships, and further customizations together ensure a picture-perfect stay in the city. 

Types of Luxury Apartments in Paris

Paris is one such city that welcomes travelers from all walks of life. From honeymoon couples to business officials, young adult groups holidaying or complete families coming over, there is something for everyone. We are excited to present to you carefully curated modern pads that replicate the comforts of your home, offering a familiar space in this new city.

We have the following prominent types of a luxury apartment in Paris readily available for you:

  • Studio Apartments - Snuggled in the poshest Paris neighborhoods, our studio abodes are all about the comfort to travel to work daily, convenience to unwind in an organized and easy to manage apartment. The compact kitchen lets you whip some quick breakfast before leaving every day.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - For a better homely feel, a more private setting, and some extra space to feel more like home, our one-room sets are quite efficient. You can expect a separate kitchen with a living room, master bedroom, and attached balcony which makes it all the more comforting.
  • 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments - With two or more people traveling to Paris; a better level of privacy, comfort, and a touch of technology make our bigger serviced apartments in Paris a steal. Enjoy home-cooked meals together with dining tables by the kitchen or pick a twin-sharing basis for stay, our abodes cater to all preferences with equal efficiency. 

Attractions Near Our Luxury Apartments in Paris

The city with tourist magnets like globally renowned Disneyland, cathedrals, the finest cabaret venue, and of course, the Eiffel Tower, travelers don't have to worry at all. With our homes snuggled right nearby the finest city attractions, peeping at your entire itinerary would be way easier. The luxury experience of making the most of Paris hopes to get you closer to the perfect fancy stay here. 

Our luxury apartments in Paris brush closely with the following bunch of attractions:

  • Disneyland Paris - When talking about big budgets and Paris, this deserves to be the show-opener. The various parts, zones, and experiences make it the best choice for all kinds of travelers. 
  • The Louvre - Marvel at the largest museum in the world with over 35k works displayed with over 10 million annual visitors. Their Islamic art section is particularly worth admiring.
  • Château de Versailles - Another epitome of luxury, this wonderful site has been home to the French royalty for years. With 2,300 rooms, immerse in the elegance of the site day in and out.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral - This 12th-14th century breathtaking Gothic architecture must be visited for its majestic outlook and the marvelous classical concerts’ acoustics.
  • Galeries Lafayette - This jaw-dropping department store is made up of the most dreamy glass-dome ceiling, a luxurious outlook, rare brands, and a range of roof-top restaurants offering unmatched views. 
  • The Centre Pompidou - It is surreal to feel the escalators taking one over and above the rooftops. The transparent inside out appearance here with everything visible is a visual treat. 
  • Shakespeare & Company - Spot high profile writers here in this 60-year old bookstore. It is a gem for lovers of theater and books. It has been mentioned in innumerable books and films. 
  • Moulin Rouge - After traveling across Paris, have a blast at this iconic cabaret venue. With a 120-year old legacy, this is a whole new world of musical showbiz with great food & glamour.
  • National Museum of Natural History - A great place to pick when traveling with kids. From nature’s diversity to the evolution of animals, spot and learn about the animal skeletons and guided tours available in the museum.
  • Eiffel Tower - The most iconic end to the trip, this magnificent example of man-made structure is unbelievably gorgeous. Enjoy a meal at the Michelin-starred restaurant while you absorb the beauty of the view from the top. 

Restaurants Near Our Luxury Apartments in Paris

Food is often the top keyword used for Paris. It is the unimaginable variety here that sweeps tourists off their feet. From the most blingy glass-roofed restaurants serving excellently-presented food, to the most humble spots to share the other side to Paris, the city facilitates all alike. You will find everything here from steaks to seafood, sandwiches to vegan burgers; just let the city take you places.

Some of the finest restaurants near our luxury apartments in Paris are:

  • Le Train Bleu - A high-end restaurant that looks nothing less than a dream. Snuggled within a train station, this magnificent restaurant offers the most memorable dining experiences.
  • Comics - Indulge in the dreamy contemporary French cuisine perfected by a gifted Canadian chef. This Michelin-starred restaurant serves rare wines and burns a hole in the pocket.
  • Anahi - Charcoal-cooked steaks have taken over this wonderful little restaurant which shares flavors from all over the world. You will be shown all the details of what you are being fed here.
  • Chez L'Ami Jean - With the 17-year old rugby pub vibe and the comfort of the farmhouse food, this restaurant will be a pleasant addition to your list. Their non-vegetarian menu stands apart.
  • Quinsou - The chef behind Quinsou has curated the most innovative menu which is both brilliant and delicious. Their seafood is one of the best in the city and their oysters cannot be missed.
  • Otium - This must be a list-topper for every vegetarian visiting Paris. The restaurant is particularly popular for its star tofu burger. The perfectly made BBQ sauce is a real deal here.
  • Mokonuts - If an international menu excites you enough, the flavourful food of this restaurant is all you need. The chef and food presentation are great here while the meals are well-balanced.
  • Restaurant Passerini - With an irresistible weekday lunch menu, this restaurant will be your bae for pasta. The specialty handmade kinds of pasta made from scratch are an absolute treat. 
  • Abri - Purely for the love of sandwiches, Abri is the best anyone can pick. Its menu is full of heavy fulfilling sandwiches. The restaurant may be small but their tonkatsu pork sandwich is a huge hit. 
  • Pierre Sang - An absolute delight with the most diverse menu. The dishes are seasonal, the flavors are refreshing, and the preparation is fresh. The mix of French and Korean makes it different.

Corporate Luxury Apartments in Paris

With over 3600 companies clustered in the La Défense district alone, Paris is a celebrated epicenter of business in France and Europe. Other business districts like the Paris Bourse and the Saint-Denis Pleyel enjoy a big chunk of the corporate world. With officials flying in from across the seven seas, our business abodes present the finest living experience in the heart of the city.

Enjoy the most lavish beds to relax after a tiring journey and expect your office building in less than 20 minutes from our doorstep. When staying with us, your healthy breakfasts, workout needs, and evening coffees are sorted with our excellent amenities. Make the most of a stylish stay with us in the most stylish city in the world. 

Our Luxury Apartments in Paris for Leisure

Paris city is all about romance. Go through the most aesthetic part of the world while our excellent accommodations stand elegantly to back your vacation up. With the perfect beds and couches to snuggle in and a kitchen to cook together, strategic locations to Wi-Fi, and flat-screen, an all-round stay awaits love birds flying to Paris. The close attention to every detail makes TheSqua.re worthy of making your Paris stay every more special. 

If traveling with your fam, the precise locations, eclectic set of amenities, availability of all kinds of necessities and comforts, and a whole team ready at your disposal 24/7, our luxe abodes give you no reason to doubt our hospitality. Choosing such a thorough living experience for your loved ones will be one of the best decisions that you could make when visiting Paris. 

Transportation Near Our Luxury Apartments in Paris

Buses, metros, regional trains, and tramway together offer an interdependent complementary public transportation system. All the major transport stations are easily accessible from our luxe serviced apartments which makes them so popular among our guests. Paris is preferred by such a huge margin of international travelers because of its highly efficient and reliable travel network which is pretty much like most other countries. With no fuss at all, one can expect to move across the city seamlessly for all kinds of works. 

For the night owls wanting to party all night, if taxis are too mainstream for you, the very efficient night bus called Noctilien will be available to your rescue till 5:30 in the morning! Just grab a weekly travel pass when you land in Paris and you are good to go.

Some of the busiest and the nearest public transport stations from our luxury apartments in Paris include:

  • Gare Saint-Lazare
  • Gare du Nord
  • Gare de Lyon
  • Gare Montparnasse
  • Gare d'Austerlitz
  • Gare de l'Est

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