San Francisco Bay Area Serviced Apartments

San Francisco Bay Area Apartments

San Francisco is one of America’s most visited cities - famous for its liberal atmosphere and iconic landmarks. Whilst the city centre is full of diverse and exciting areas, many find that the surrounding bay area also has plenty to offer - from stunning national parks to luxurious vineyard resorts. Whatsmore, San Francisco Bay Area apartments offer the ultimate base from which to explore the region.

San Francisco Bay Area apartments offer guests the best of both worlds - close proximity to one of America’s most impressive cities, as well as easy access to the breathtaking surrounding countryside. They are also ideal for those who are perhaps making an extended stay in the city and want to explore the usual tourist hotspots - such as Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge - before venturing out into some of the more remote natural wonders surrounding the city.

Another great thing about San Francisco Bay Area apartments is simply the properties themselves. Choosing to stay in serviced accommodation not only offers guests all the benefits of a hotel - such as daily room cleaning and reception/concierge, but these properties also come with the added advantage of fully stocked kitchen facilities - making them ideal for those perhaps on a longer stay. The addition of home entertainment, private access and a range of mod-cons also make them ideal for relaxing after a long day’s exploring.

San Francisco Bay Area covers a large area and anyone planning a trip to the region will need to decide what kind of experience they want. Most will no doubt want to nase themselves in San Francisco County, which of course incorporates the city itself, however, anyone looking for a slightly more relaxing experience may choose San Mateo County - which offers access to both San Francisco and San Jose, whilst also affording incredible views of the Pacific coastline.

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