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San Francisco Short Term Housing

If you are seeking short term housing in San Francisco, then TheSqua.re is here to help you. We offer a diverse range of short term housing options in the city that will be perfect for you. We strive to make every trip comfortable and fulfilling with top of the line short term housing units in the best-connected areas of the city. They offer ease of access to all major tourist landmarks, business destinations and a whole lot more. 

Our team at TheSqua.re will help you find the very best short term housing in SFO. We also provide 24-hour assistance and support for attending to all your queries swiftly throughout your stay. 

Best Short Term Housing in San Francisco

These are only some of the properties that we have in our collection. Our world-class team will help you find everything you need for a comfortable and memorable San Francisco stay. 

Why Book Our Short Term Housing in San Francisco? 

Our short term housing offers privacy, flexibility and convenience. Enjoy ample privacy in the comfort of your own home in San Francisco. Have full flexibility with regard to whipping up your own meals, ordering takeout, having friends or colleagues over and going out as you please. Of course, it goes without saying that all our short term housing units come equipped with all the vital appliances, amenities and other facilities that you will require for maximum convenience. 

Our Short Term Housing in San Francisco for Business Travelers

Business travelers should certainly check out our options for short term housing in San Francisco. You will enjoy relaxing in style after a long day at work or evenings spent attending meetings, conferences, events and cocktail gatherings. Unwind in the comfort and privacy of your own home with entertainment and recreational amenities. Stay connected to all your loved ones and enjoy plush furnishings and super comfortable beds for rest and wellbeing. Of course, proximity to major business destinations and public transit facilities is a major plus.

Our Short Term Housing in San Francisco for Leisure Travelers

Holidaymakers and leisure travelers looking for a swell time will love our short term housing in SFO. Families will enjoy the extra space and ample privacy on offer along with fully equipped kitchens, bathroom amenities, comfortable beds and furnishings, vital appliances and other entertainment and recreational amenities. Of course, you will appreciate connectivity to major facilities of transportation in addition to tourist landmarks, parks, playgrounds, cultural attractions, restaurants, shopping destinations and a lot more from your short term housing unit. 

Top Restaurants Near Our Short Term Housing

There are many leading restaurants situated near our short term housing in San Francisco. These include the following: 

  • Sotto Mare - People usually frequent this charming restaurant for a taste of the iconic seafood delicacies that San Francisco is known for including Cioppino, the famous American-Italian fusion stew. This is the key specialty at this joint along with the lovely albeit spicy tomato broth and Dungeness crab accompanied by assorted Pacific shellfish and penne pasta. Seafood staples include Louie salads which are a big hit with visitors as well. 
  • Verjus - Verjus is a delightful establishment sporting elegant ceilings in red lacquer along with a fabulous menu spanning crudos, conservas and the highly discussed pate en croute as well. The grand dining experience here makes it worthy of the list. 
  • Sam Wo Restaurant - Sam Wo is another landmark for visitors and tourists. It is one of the USA’s oldest Chinese restaurants as well, offering tantalizing yet comfortable menus comprising dishes like barbecue rice rolls, fish jook and a lot more. Head Chef David Ho is himself an institution and will ensure a wonderful experience overall. 
  • Mister Jiu’s - Mister Jiu’s has infused more vigor into the shut-down Four Seas restaurant at Chinatown. The dining room is one of the most aesthetically appealing areas in the whole locality and is accompanied by the grocery cum pantry service named Jiu’s Ho Ho. Some of the top picks here include hot and sour soup, Chinese bacon or lap yok and also whole roast duck among others. 
  • House of Prime Rib - House of Prime Rib is a classic San Francisco joint situated in Nob Hill and is almost 70 years old. This takes diners back to a charming time. You will have to choose the cut thickness, meat temperature, loaded/mashed baked potatoes and of course, between your Manhattan or Martini. Every plate has an accompanying salad that is made at the table along with Yorkshire pudding, potatoes and creamed spinach. 
  • Swan Oyster Depot - Swan Oyster Depot is 100 years old and is still located at Polk Street, churning out the most appetizing crab Louie, oysters and crusty sourdough bread. The late Anthony Bourdain was a fan of the establishment and it draws sizable crowds on most days.  The raw oysters on the half shell and other seafood picks are prepared immaculately at this joint too. 

Best Nightlife Neighborhoods Near Our Short Term Housing in San Francisco

There are many nightlife neighbourhoods and zones near our short term housing. Here are a few that are worth paying a visit to: 

  • Union Square - The best neighbourhood for sampling a wide array of cocktails, this is where you will find local favourite Hawthorn which serves up the craft cocktail menu of your dreams. Pacific Cocktail Haven has another enticing menu with its iconic Oh Snap! coming with sherry, gin, absinthe, tonic, citrus and sugar snap peas galore. Benjamin Cooper has hand-made cocktails accompanied by fresh oysters while Burritt Room + Tavern is where you will find 16 highly authentic yet unique cocktails. 
  • Mission - Mission is one neighbourhood where you will find The 500 known for its vintage neon sign, affordable drinks and jukebox. Other dive bars that are popular here include Bender’s Bar and Grill which is ideal for playing some pool and taking pictures at the charming photo booth within the establishment. 
  • SoMa - There are multiple dance clubs and party picks at this locality including the DNA Lounge where the music fuses live bands and DJ tracks. Cat Club, a club nearby, has two dance floors and a go-go cage. Oasis is a cabaret establishment with performing artists, DJs and live acts. Adult DiscoTech is another joint worth visiting for its amazing audio experience and spring-loaded dancing floor. 
  • Civic Center/Hayes Valley - This zone is ideal for witnessing the best live performances in San Francisco. Venture to the Davies Symphony Hall and catch the San Francisco Symphony in action along with guest orchestral performances. You can also check out the San Francisco Opera which is situated within the iconic War Memorial Opera House and also the SFJAZZ Center where you will find pulsating jazz performances. 
  • Richmond/Presidio - This is where you will find the Fort Point Brewing Company which is one of the best microbreweries in town. Sessions at the Presidio is a great joint for an early brew or two while you should also check out the Richmond Republic Draught House which has 20+ craft beers on offer at affordable prices. 

Top Shopping Destinations Near Our SFO Short Term Housing

There are major shopping destinations located near our short term housing. These include the following: 

  • Fillmore Street - Fillmore Street is a shopper’s paradise with several stores retailing freshly ground coffee, specialty teas and skincare products along with various home designs and décor items. There is a club and theater in this area along with various restaurants as well.
  • Landmark Embarcadero Center - This shopping zone is home to smaller, charming and more intimate shopping joints/stores. There are well-known outlets including Boudin Bakery, Ambassador Toys and even Edward’s Luggage and Gifts among others. Hop over to the Embarcadero Cinema which screens culturally enriching movies while the Ferry Building has a local farmer’s market held on Sundays. 
  • Westfield San Francisco Center - The Westfield Center is just a couple of blocks away from Union Square with more than 150 charming boutiques along with other attractions such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Kenneth Cole. There is a 9-screen movie theater as well. 
  • Union Square - Union Square is surrounded by several premier shopping destinations including Saks, Macy’s, Gucci, Gumps and many others. There are multiple theaters and restaurants in this zone with readily available public transportation. This is the veritable heart of the city.
  • Ferry Building Marketplace - The Ferry Building has lovely artisanal stores and outlets indoors. The views of the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge are spectacular here. You can venture to the Ferry Building for shopping along with sampling local delights. This is one of the quintessential shopping destinations that you must visit in San Francisco during your trip.

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