Furnished Apartments Singapore

Furnished Apartments in Singapore

If you are looking for the best furnished apartments in Singapore, you will find a variety of options available in our portfolio. We offer all necessary accommodation types for various kinds of travelers, ranging from solo travelers and couples to smaller and bigger families or traveling groups. We offer comfortable apartments that are furnished with top-notch fittings and fixtures while offering more space and privacy in the bargain. They also come equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities for ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay in Singapore. 

Singapore is not just one of the biggest tourism hubs in the world but also one of its leading financial, commerce and corporate destinations. Singapore is a great place to stay for an extended time period, whether on business or leisure. If you are thus looking for quality furnished apartments in Singapore, we will help you find the best unit tailored to your specific preferences and lifestyle. 

Our Best Furnished Apartments in Singapore 

There are numerous options available if you are looking for furnished apartments in Singapore. Some of them include the following: 

These are only some of the options that we have in Singapore and our apartments are situated in prime city locations which are conveniently located near major options for public transportation, social amenities, tourist landmarks, shopping and dining destinations and more. 

Why Book Furnished Apartments in Singapore? 

You should certainly consider booking furnished apartments in Singapore for a variety of reasons. Firstly, our apartments give you all the space and privacy that you desire on a regular basis during your stay. Secondly, you will enjoy the ample freedom and space available for accommodating everyone, right from the spouses to the kids and even your in-laws or parents who may have tagged along! Thirdly, our apartments are well equipped with everything you require on a daily basis which includes all vital kitchen appliances, gadgets, bathroom amenities, complimentary Wi-Fi and flat-screen televisions among others. Lastly, you will always be staying in really close proximity to major places of interest, corporate and business hubs and public transportation facilities which is a major plus point by all means. 

Why Leisure Travelers Should Book Furnished Apartments in Singapore 

You should definitely consider booking our furnished apartments in Singapore if you are a leisure traveler or family. You will appreciate the ample space offered which offers ample freedom to everyone. There is total privacy and comfort courtesy of the stylish furnishings and all vital appliances at your fingertips. You can enjoy fully equipped kitchens complete with bathroom amenities and the like. There are all necessary security and safety features while complimentary Wi-Fi keeps you connected to your loved ones and family members without any hassles. Flat-screen televisions also keep you engaged and entertained minus any problems whatsoever. 

Why Business Travelers Should Book Furnished Apartments in Singapore

Business and corporate travelers should definitely book furnished apartments in Singapore since our units come with all the space and flexibility that you desire. You will love the top-class amenities on offer here while enjoying the privacy, comfort and connectivity on offer. Our apartments are well connected to major business hubs, corporate centers and commercial zones in Singapore. You can also avail of public transportation facilities nearby. You can relax in peace after a hard day at work, call colleagues or friends over and simply hop over to nearby entertainment and leisure destinations as well. Our apartments promise to make life more memorable for you by all means. 

Top Attractions Near Our Furnished Apartments in Singapore

Singapore is home to numerous attractions. Some of them include the following: 

  • Marina Bay Sands - The luxurious Marina Bay Sands resort comes with a premier hotel, a shopping mall with a canal going through the same, the Marian Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck and ArtScience Museum. The deck is a great place for viewing the whole city panoramically and the viewing deck and infinity pool at the SkyPark will be found in the ship (yes you heard it right) on top of the hotel. The SkyPark offers a gorgeous view of the highly attractive double helix bridge, Gardens by the Bay and port. You can also have a coffee and fulfilling snack at the restaurant on the rooftop or pick up souvenirs from the stand positioned there as well. You can buy a photograph of yourself which is green-screen in front of the huge hotel which is lit up at night although the costs are on the higher side! Marina Bay Sands is a great place to start your sightseeing journey in Singapore. 
  • Gardens by the Bay - Gardens by the Bay is a wonderfully tailored green space and you can simply take a stroll through the Bay East Gardens which is ideal for enjoying the lovely flora all around. Supertree Grove is a delightful zone where you will find several futuristic structures that can ensure future sustainability. You can then venture to the Cloud Forest Dome for witnessing the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. 
  • Botanic Gardens - Botanic Gardens are worth visiting as well and Singapore got its very first UNESCO World Heritage nomination for the same. The city may sometimes be intimidating with its concrete jungle-esque vibe and the botanic garden preserves the city’s lovely heritage as well. A walking trail ventures towards the heritage trees of the garden and these have been conserved as part of the initiative towards safeguarding the species of mature trees present here. You should also visit the National Orchid Garden too. You can also visit the eco-lake, eco-garden, formal gardens, sculptures and bonsai garden. 
  • Singapore Zoo - Singapore Zoo is often known as the best rainforest zoo in the world and is a lovely facility with well-treated animals and ample habitat area and lush green vegetation. You will love viewing the orangutans along with the chimpanzees, meerkats, zebras, komodo dragons, mole rats, kangaroos, white tigers and several other animals. You can observe how the animals are fed and give a minimum of three hours for exploring the zoo likewise. You can also choose the Night Safari and River Safari along with the Jurong Bird Park. You can also enjoy a unique experience breakfasting with the orangutans at the Singapore Zoo. 
  • Orchard Road - Orchard Road is an ideal zone for shopping and this is a great place for commencing your shopping spree since there are premier stores located here at every corner. There are more than 20 shopping malls here along with 6 departmental stores as well. There are four movie theatres here including the KTV karaoke joint and IMAX Cinemas. 
  • Singapore Flyer - Singapore Flyer is another attraction which you should visit for enjoying the biggest giant observation wheel in the world. You can choose from multiple packages for your visit in this regard while getting an opportunity for clicking some enchanting pictures of the Singapore skyline. You can view as far as the Straits of Johor in Malaysia and the Spice Islands in Indonesia. You will also enjoy access to the multimedia exhibit known as Journey of Dreams which goes well into Singapore’s chequered history and the development of the Singapore Flyer itself. The flights take usually half an hour and operate from early morning till late at night. 
  • Raffles Hotel - The Raffles Hotel is a grand 19th century colonial building that was once visited by several icons including Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling and even Charlie Chaplin. Developed in the year 1887, the property has been a major landmark for more than one century and has lived up to its premier reputation with impeccable food and service. The tropical gardens and classical architecture ensure a more sophisticated setting along with offering a widespread historical perspective of Singapore. The Raffles Hotel Singapore is situated in the Colonial District of the city which is also home to multiple other historic landmarks and is a great place to stay in the city as well. You will find the Raffles Landing Site where the founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, came ashore in the year 1819. He reportedly bought this land from the Johor Sultan and invited immigrants from India and China to shift here. 
  • Chinatown - Chinatown is one vibrant neighborhood that you should not miss while in Singapore. From its quaint mom and pop stores and authentic Chinese cuisine to vibrant red lanterns, there is a lot of adventure in store for visitors here. You can venture to the Chinese Heritage Centre along with the Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple. The Buddha Tooth Relic temple is another landmark worth viewing and you can hear the early morning drum as well, if you arise at dawn. You can simply check out the closing ceremonies in the evening as well if you are not an early morning riser! Heritage markers are installed right alongside this locality in Japanese, Chinese and English for you to understand the importance of the area better. This locality is highly progressive with free Wi-Fi available for all visitors as well. It is also where you will find the buzzing Ann Siang Hill where the bistros and premier boutiques are worth checking out as well. 
  • Sentosa Island - Sentosa Island is another big tourist attraction in Singapore. It is home to the Siloso Beach if you love lounging about and playing volleyball across the free courts or even a spot of skimboarding and kayaking. The Underwater World aquarium gives you a chance to swim with the dolphins as well. The Merlion is a must-visit on Sentosa Island, the iconic statue in Singapore with the head of a lion and a fish body. You can take the escalator to the top of this statue and get fabulous views of the area as well. The SeaBreeze Water Sports @ Wave House and Flying Trapeze can be checked out as well if you are in the mood for some adventure. 
  • Clarke Quay - Clarke Quay is the major commercial center of the 19th century and lives up to its sterling reputation as a major hub of Singapore. It has a more refined vibe in current times and after a long day spent shopping along Orchard Road, you can simply venture to Clarke Quay for an entertaining evening complete with dining on the waterfront. River cruises and taxis also depart from the location, offering a great chance for admiring the historic and famous bridges of Singapore along with viewing major landmarks like the Merlion as well. The massive bungee-jumping attraction is also hugely popular with tourists here. Some of the attractions that can be viewed nearby include the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, Asian Civilization Museum and Hong San See Temple which is a charming place of worship for Buddhists. 
  • Universal Studios Singapore - Universal Studios in Singapore covers a whopping 49 acres in the Resort World Sentosa location. The park is thematically structured with every area paying a major tribute towards a popular television show, film or location. Destinations here include Hollywood, New York City, Madagascar, trips to Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, Lost World and Far Far Away from Shrek. You will find roller coasters here along with the indoor dark coaster named Revenge of the Mummy. Apart from these thrilling rides at the amusement park, you can choose several other rides and attractions here. There are multiple options for dining and shopping at the theme park along with live shows that take place throughout the day and also at night. 
  • Night Safari Singapore - The Night Safari Singapore is another major attraction which will uniquely twist the conventional zoo-based experience. Visitors can glimpse the nocturnal lives of animals and the habitats are sub-divided into four areas with dedicated trails for observing these creatures as they go about their daily routine. The Leopard Trail is popular and you can view leopards, flying foxes, lions, porcupines and civets among other animals while the Fishing Cat Trail tours the habitat of native Singapore creatures including the fishing cats, binturong, pangolin and other species including endangered and common animals alike. The East Lodge Trail has spotted hyenas and Malayan Tigers while the Wallaby Trail has marsupials from Australia. There are buggy rides, private tours and educational programs available in tandem with delightful experiences like feeding Asian elephants. 
  • Merlion Park - Merlion in Singapore, as mentioned, is one of the biggest attractions for tourists. It is the figure of a mythical creature with the body of a fish and lion head and it indicates the humble beginnings of the city as an erstwhile fishing village while showcasing its Malay name of lion city or Singapura. The structure was shifted to Merlion Park in the year 2007 where it looks upon Marina Bay. It weighs roughly 700 tonnes and stands up to 8.6 meters in terms of height, spouting water gregariously from its mouth in the manner of a fountain. The Merlion Cub is located nearby which goes up to just two meters although it weighs three tonnes and there are five official Merlion statues throughout the city as well. The park is a great place to take some stunning pictures with the iconic statue or simply for snapping gorgeous bay views as well. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Furnished Apartments in Singapore

Singapore is home to several top restaurants. Some of them include the following: 

  • New Ubin Seafood - This restaurant offers a vast menu of mixed cuisines including chili crab and Biryanis from India along with Heart Attack Fried Rice (rice fried with dark soy sauce and beef fat) and also impeccably cooked US-inspired Black Angus rib eye with foie gras satay. The menu is highly diverse although the dishes are lip-smacking to say the least. 
  • Rang Mahal - Rang Mahal stands out not just for its grand décor theme but also for its fusion of Western ingredients with Indian cooking styles and spices alike. It offers several top picks including cheddar and chaat masala infused Tandoori Portobello Mushrooms. The food is light on the stomach although it is packed with diverse flavors as well. The lunch buffet is a great way to savor some of the best dishes on the menu at comparatively reasonable rates.
  • Katong Laksa - Katong Laksa is a charmingly tiny establishment serving up a wide range of favorites including the light, spicy, coconut-infused Laksa noodles which are cut into pieces for convenient consumption along with the Fish Otah that is crafted with fresh mackerel with banana leaf wrapping and the delicious Nasi Lemak which is coconut rice with lovely toppings. You are guaranteed to love the tasty food rustled up by this restaurant.

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