Where to Stay in Stockholm

The capital of Sweden, Stockholm is a stylish and breezy city that attracts leisure and corporate travelers throughout the year. And when you end up being one of them, you’ll have much to explore. But when it comes to accommodation, it’s always best to find out where to stay in Stockholm. What are the best spots that will appeal to you and your purpose? Do you need a leisurely environment all around you, or maybe you want somewhere quieter? And when it comes to accommodation, are you needing a spacious, upscale serviced apartment, or just a small studio away from the hustle and bustle? Whatever you require, our award-winning portfolio is here with all the major attractions and restaurants always close to the apartments to give you comfort and convenience no matter how long you intend to stay.

Our Best Apartments in Stockholm

When deciding where to stay in Stockholm, you need the assurances that your accommodation is centrally located, has all the amenities you require and boasts the sleek and homely design that makes the evenings a joy to chill in. All of our apartments have what you desire so you can book, turn up and start living.

If you’re still wondering where to stay in Stockholm, these serviced apartments are the top ones to book:

Facilities in Our Stockholm Apartments

Inside each and every one of our Stockholm apartments, you will discover all the amenities needed for your stay. From a fully equipped kitchen to free Wi-Fi, cozy living and sleeping quarters, spacious interiors and so much more, you can stay with us and have all the convenience that you have in your own home. And even better, you could even have access to a gym, pool and other facilities if they are available in the building where you’re staying. Just to think, you could see and experience the best bits of the city and then come back to a swift workout.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Stockholm

There are numerous places in Stockholm that can easily be called home; all you’ve got to do is pick the right one for you. Whether it’s a city center location or one of the islands just outside of it, there are always plenty of neighborhoods in Stockholm that would be perfect for any corporate or leisure trip of yours.

Here are the top neighborhoods to stay in Stockholm:

  • Gamla Stan - When you want to stay in a well-preserved medieval town, then this area is one to go on the cards. Enjoy having narrow and cobbled streets to wander and old architecture to gaze up at. And there are many bars and restaurants here too when you want to relax. 
  • Södermalm - One of the creative hubs in the city, if you are an artsy individual, then you’ll want to stay here. Artistic shops, cafes and more can be enjoyed when this is your local area. Be astounded by the old Scandinavian architecture.
  • Vasastan - With Neo-Renaissance buildings and access to Rörstrandsgatan, cafés, boutiques and parks, with a homely and neighborhood feeling.
  • Djurgården - One of the top spots to stay in the city, the island is a top party spot and has access to the Open-Air Museum, Skansen, the Vasa Museum and the ABBA Museum.
  • Östermalm - As the city center of Stockholm, this is where the top spots can be indulged in and the posh vibe of the place is always good. When you want a top-tier stay, this is the place. 

Places to Visit in Stockholm

While Stockholm may not have the treasures that can be found in London, Paris and New York, it still has a variety of landmarks and attractions that show off the Swedish character and proudly show off its history. Make time during your trip to see the ones that speak to you and your sensibilities.

Here are the top attractions close to our serviced apartments in Stockholm:

  • The Royal Palace - This is the residence of Sweden’s monarch. Like any European palace, it has the grand and opulent architecture that lures in the tourists. Plus, there are a few attractions for you within the old walls including the Royal Apartments, the Royal Treasury and the Museum of Antiquities. 
  • Grona Lund - When you need an amusement park to give you a few thrills or if the youngsters along for the ride need somewhere to let off a bit of steam then look no further than here. The games and rides will bring adrenaline levels to a fever pitch. Don’t forget to enjoy the restaurants, bars and summer concerts here too if you have the opportunity.
  • Gamla Stan - If you want to experience one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe, then here it is. Take a walk around the cobbled streets and have a look inside the restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and museums within. Plus, you’ll get to see the oldest and smallest streets in Stockholm.
  • Fotografiska Museet - Spend a few hours in one of the incredible exhibits. Major events are held here throughout the year and you may get a chance to experience one of them if you’re lucky. When you’ve had a look at all the wonders within, don’t forget to go to the cafe for a coffee. 
  • Spritmuseum - Focusing on the history of alcohol in Sweden, you will find this intriguing museum in one of the two remaining 18th-century naval buildings. As it is sponsored by Absolut, you will get to have a drink at the bar here and see a collection of artworks too.
  • City Hall (Stadshus) - You’ll have seen this on all of the travel guides. Why? Because it’s one of the most famous buildings you’ll get to see in the city. As the seat of the national government and where the Nobel Dinner takes place, it holds a prideful place in the Swedish consciousness. You can take an insightful tour while you’re here and get all the history and details you need.
  • Royal Swedish Opera - When opera is on the cards, then the nation’s top stage is where you need to go to. It has displayed the top dramas and tragedies since 1773, and guarantees you a night to remember. Don’t forget, you can also take a tour backstage and see the royal rooms, and orchestra pit.
  • Skyview - When you want to snap amazing views of Stockholm, then here is the top spot. As one of the world’s largest spherical buildings, you’ll have a 360-degree view to indulge in. There are shops in here too if you want to spend away.   
  • Nobelmuseet - Want to know more about the Nobel Prize and specific categories? Then your interests will be more than indulged here. Various exhibits happen throughout the year so you’ll be more than happy.  
  • Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral) - Come and experience the medieval church that was built in 1279, and home to the Vädersolstavlan. Appreciate the incredible architecture and go to one of the services too to take in the atmosphere.

Places to Eat in Stockholm

Ever delved into Swedish cuisine? Well, now is your chance. There are many traditional dishes to try out in the array of restaurants. You will love dining in fine wooden establishments and living like a local. And when you want to taste something more familiar, there are Italian and French restaurants here too.

Try out these restaurants in Stockholm, all of which could be close to your serviced accommodation:

  • Konstnärsbaren - Enjoy fine foods and have the works of Isaac Grünewald and Einar Forseth plastered around you to add to the exceptional artsy atmosphere. As a laid back bar and restaurant, this is an ideal spot in Stockholm to chill out and feast on husmanskost, as well as other vegetarian choices.
  • Eriks Gondolen - One of the finest restaurants in Stockholm, not only does it offer scrumptious food but also tasteful city views on the side too. Experimental but keeping with its Nordic roots, the set menu is a great choice, and you’ll find yourself coming here time and time again throughout your trip.  
  • Indio Kitchen - One of Sweden’s first Nikkei restaurants, this Japanese and Peruvian combination has created many fans across the world. With an array of sushi, sashimi, ceviche and cordero options to choose from, your taste buds will thank you for this. Plus, the restaurant has a homely vibe that makes the establishment.
  • Den Gyldene Freden - Cooking vegetarian options as well as meatballs and all the other national favorites, this restaurant is another top pick. High ceilings, long wooden tables and wooden floors give the establishment a vibe that is difficult to match.
  • Taverna Brillo - When your appetite growls for Italian cuisine, here is where you need to hurry to. Serving deluxe Italian food, it may not be the cheapest of places but you’ll more than adore the menu. Plus, it has its own bar too when you need something strong to go with the grub or a few DJ mixes. 
  • Oaxen Krog - A fine dining restaurant, this is referred to as a Nordic treasure and you’ll soon see why with its range of dishes and waterfront location. Using sustainable agriculture for its ingredients it harnesses rich flavors and textures to go with its range of foods to give you the best dining experience.
  • Café Nizza - When you enter the restaurant, you will be taken aback by the red and white checkered tile floor, dark wood furniture and white tablecloths. Fusing a Mediterranean charm to compliment the cool breeze of Stockholm, it serves a variety of foods, including French and Italian, so you can set your taste buds on an adventure.
  • Operakällaren - With gilded oak paneling, grand chandeliers and a geometrical wood-paneled ceiling, this will be a fine dining experience that you won’t forget too soon. Dine in an opulent dining room or go for a more casual experience; completely up to you.
  • Lilla Ego - When you desire innovation and flavors to be combined elegantly, then choose this divine space for lunch or dinner. Modern classics are given unique twists and the aromas wafting from the dishes will make you want to come back for more.  

Corporate Apartments in Stockholm

When coming to Stockholm on business, you’ll want an apartment that is centrally located so you can get to the office, and be the place to unwind at the end of a long business stay. Plus, if you want to work from home you can thanks to the free Wi-Fi. So you can work and live and enjoy the high flying business life.

Apartments in Stockholm for Leisure

When you’re coming here to chill, relax and get away from the working life, our serviced apartments are fully equipped to provide the perfect atmosphere for your short or long term trip to Stockholm. All the amenities are here so you, your friends and family can kick back and indulge in an interior that is close to all the best bits and suitable to act as a second home.

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