Accommodation in Sydney CBD

Accommodation in Sydney CBD

If you are desirous of obtaining the best accommodation in Sydney CBD, then you should definitely take a closer look at our portfolio of apartments in the city. We have apartments tailored to all your needs right in the heart of Sydney within its exclusive and premier business district.

You will enjoy staying in the central business district where everything is at your fingertips including public transit facilities and other places of interest while our apartments also give you the best amenities, facilities and appliances that you require for a more convenient stay in Sydney. 

Our award-winning team for reservations will help you immensely with the booking process and also with finding the best possible accommodation in Sydney based upon your specific requirements. You can expect a fun and memorable stay in Sydney courtesy our extensive portfolio of apartments. 

Why Book Accommodation in Sydney CBD? 

You should definitely think of checking out high quality accommodation in Sydney CBD before everything else. This is because our apartments are well equipped with all the necessary amenities, facilities and appliances that you will require for an ultra-comfortable stay in the city of Sydney.

They come with great connectivity to major places of interest in the city along with tourist landmarks and business destinations alike. You will also appreciate oodles of space on offer in tandem with greater privacy, flexibility, comfort and convenience alike. Our team offers support and assistance round the clock with a view towards suitably addressing your queries without any hassles whatsoever. 

You will find a home in a new city during your extended stay in Sydney courtesy of our impeccably furnished and spacious apartments, some of which are below:

Accommodation in Sydney CBD for Business Travelers

You will greatly appreciate the right accommodation in Sydney CBD for business travelers. There are several types of apartments available for various kinds of travelers, ranging from couples and families to bigger traveling groups as well.

As a result, you will be able to enjoy your stay with total privacy and flexibility and that too without any accompanying hassles to bog you down in the bargain. Additionally, our apartments offer hugely strategic connectivity to major corporate offices, workspaces, business zones and public transit facilities by way of being located within the Sydney CBD itself. They offer more freedom and comfort during your stay along with all the amenities and appliances that you could possibly require at this time. 

Accommodation in Sydney CBD for Leisure Travelers

You will find a plethora of options pertaining to accommodation in Sydney CBD for leisure travelers and families alike. There are several types of apartments available including units tailored for bigger and smaller groups alike.

There are units that come equipped with all the facilities and amenities that you could possibly desire during your stay along with considerable privacy and freedom in the bargain. This is quite different from what you would normally expect at regular hospitality accommodation to say the least. At the same time, our Sydney CBD accommodation also gives you great connectivity to major tourist destinations, restaurants, shopping centers and more. 

About Sydney CBD

The Sydney CBD (Central Business District) is the key commercial and historical center in Sydney and is situated at the famous Sydney Harbor. The CBD is the city center or Sydney City as it is called and it is also known sometimes as town or the city in local parlance.

The city goes towards the south for approximately three kilometers from the Sydney Cove which is the point of the very first European settlement in which there was the establishment of the original city of Sydney. Due to its crucial role in the early history of the country, this is one of the most established zones here.

The north to south axis covers the stretch from Circular Quay to the Central Railway Station while the western axis goes from the parklands including Hyde Park, Royal Botanic Gardens and The Domain towards Darling Harbor and Western Distributor. 

It is a major economic hub for the entire Asia-Pacific and the city center and surrounding areas contribute a whopping 22% of the workforce of the whole region. The City has the biggest conglomeration of workers in all of Sydney.

Most of these are white collar professionals in the service and finance linked sectors. Economic GDP generated in the region as of 2015-16 was roughly at $118 billion. The city center is the focal axis for the nightlife in the city and other entertainment while also housing the most important structures and buildings in Sydney as well. 

The CBD in Sydney has several awe-inspiring skyscrapers and other buildings that are integrated with multiple parks like The Domain, Hyde Park, Royal Botanic Gardens and Wynyard Park. George Street is the key north-south thoroughfare in Sydney.

The streets run on the grid pattern here across the southern portion of the CBD. The streets have several grids that intersect neatly although they are placed in relation to the Circular Quay as part of the previous settlement in the area. The CBD has two ride lines along which it runs beneath the York and Macquarie Streets and between the ridges lie Pitt Street which runs near the original Tank Stream and also the Bridge Street which is named after the bridge that went from east to west and once crossed the entire stream itself. 

Facts About Sydney CBD

Here are some interesting facts that you should know about the Sydney CBD. 

  • Pitt Street is the key retail zone in Sydney and is located nearby with the Pitt Street Mall being hugely popular here. Other attractions include the famous Sydney Tower precinct which accommodates several buildings like the Supreme Court of New South Wales and also the State Parliament House. 
  • The Sydney CBD houses some of Australia’s biggest companies while also being the headquarters of the entire Asia Pacific region for several big global conglomerates. The financial services industry take up a major chunk of office space that is available here and some companies include the noted Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, HSBC, Allianz, AON, Marsh, Insurance Australia Group and ABN Amro. 
  • The CBD has commuter and light rail options along with ferry transportation as well. 
  • Bus services are readily available while the key commuter hub here is the Central Railway Station at Haymarket. 
  • It connects lines for services in the network of Sydney Trains along with being the key terminus for the NSW TrainLink Country and Inter-Urban Railway Service. 
  • There is the CBD underground loop that can be accessed here as well. 
  • The Sydney CBD has some of Australia’s tallest buildings including the MLC Center, Governor Phillip Tower, World Tower and more. The World Tower mostly contains apartments. 
  • The country’s tallest skyscraper, the Australia Square, is also located here in the Sydney CBD and the Centerpoint Tower which goes up to 309 meters. 
  • The CBD has an interesting fusion of period architecture and more contemporary touches. Old architectural buildings point to the historical past of Sydney as a settlement colony while there are grand Victorian buildings which indicate the prosperity from the gold rush and the onset of newer settlers to the region. The most elegant examples include the Sydney Town and Queen Victoria Building. There are contemporary skyscrapers and towers in this area as well. 
  • The earliest Sydney skyscraper, the Culwulla Chambers, is situated here and goes up to 50 meters. It was finished in the year 1912 and was designed back then by Spain, Cosh and Minnett. The building had a total of fourteen floors and cost a whopping $100,000 at the time for its construction. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Sydney CBD Accommodation

There are several top restaurants near our Sydney CBD accommodation . They include the following: 

  • Cafe Sydney - Cafe Sydney is a wonderful dining destination with a brand new menu and a gorgeous view to boot. 
  • Ragazzi - Ragazzi has an extensive wine collection from Australia and Italy alike while the eclectic pasta menu keeps changing on a daily basis. This is one of the best local restaurants to visit in the Sydney CBD. 
  • Continental Deli, Bar and Bistro CBD - Continental Deli, Bar and Bistro CBD is the follow-up offering to the highly famous Newtown’s cocktail bar with the same excitement, enticing cold cuts, canned products, lovely wine and drinks and lip-smacking cheese. 
  • Forty Licks - This restaurant is where you will be able to savor contemporary Vietnamese cuisine along with lip-smacking pancakes, rotisserie chicken and heady coffee. 
  • Bistecca - Bistecca offers some of the best sides in Sydney along with the special T-bone steaks which are sold by their weight and are absolutely delicious to say the least! 
  • Quay - Quay sets the benchmark quite high when it comes to elegant fine dining in Sydney. Peter Gilmore is the executive Chef here and is known for his continual emphasis on everything that is interesting, innovative and largely Australian in nature. He has a charming backyard which has test plantations for raw vegetables while he also works with local produce growers and ceramicists for churning out customized crockery, making him a pioneer in this department as well. The restaurant offers stunning views of Sydney Harbor while emphasizing greatly on native produce and producing a rather glamorous tasting menu for diners. 
  • Matteo Downtown - Orazio D’Elia, the Chef here, is known for his rather trendy and cosmopolitan meal offerings and dishes. This charming diner is located near Australia Square and comes with a couple of pizza ovens along with a dedicated bar for mozzarella while alfresco dining provisions are also available. 

Best Shopping Destinations Near Our Sydney CBD Accommodation

There are several great places to shop in the Sydney CBD. The city center is where you will find it all from historic and famous markets and elegant colonial-era arcades to glitzy contemporary shopping centers and premier boutiques alike. Here are some top picks that you should definitely consider.

  • Queen Victoria Building - Built back in the 1890s and restored lovingly in the 1980s itself, the Queen Victoria Building has three levels offering the best jewelry, fashion and other gifts along with top-notch restaurants and cafes galore. You can also visit the Tea Room QVB and admire their stunning Baccarat crystal chandeliers. 
  • Pitt Street Mall & Westfield Sydney - You will be strolling through the underground arcade which has numerous fashion boutiques for accessing the Pitt Street Mall and Westfield Sydney alike. Here you will find in excess of 250 stores and situated nearby, right at the intersecting corner of the Pitt, Park and George streets, lies The Galeries where you can shop for food, fashion, technology and books across multiple floors. 
  • David Jones and Myer - The flagship department store in Sydney, David Jones and Myer, is situated just a few blocks away from each other and they offer a wide collection of cosmetics, fashion, electronics, toys and home-ware products. 
  • Dymocks Building and Strand Arcade - The Dymocks Building and Strand Arcade from the 19th century house bespoke artisans, jewelers, designers and other fashion items. This is a great place to pick up some fascinating products and accessories alike. 

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