Accommodation near County Ground

Apartments near County Ground

With the Cricket World Cup not too far away, many of the sport’s biggest fans will be looking to put up camp in a variety of places. But for those that are looking for accommodation near County Ground to watch all the action, they’re in luck. Serviced apartments can be found all over Taunton to make access to the Cricket Grounds super easy.

The location of the apartments makes them the ideal choice to watch the Cricket World Cup. Within walking distance or a short bus ride, all guests can be left satisfied by the convenience of the bespoke apartments and all that they offer within. Regardless of what team guests support, the apartments are the ideal spot to celebrate the win or sulk away the loss.

But to enjoy any win or loss, guests need a huge array of amenities that make their stay easier and bring hassle down to a minimum while they head out to the matches in the morning and return in the evening. And they're in luck as all serviced apartments near County Ground come with cosy living spaces, flat screen TVs, fully equipped kitchens and complimentary Wi-Fi.

The question next is where to stay? With the town of Taunton being a tranquil and quintessential space, guests that want to enjoy Cricket and stay in accommodation near County Ground should choose the town of Taunton itself. While they could stay in smaller areas, it makes sense to stay in Taunton to facilitate travel and to enjoy a pleasant area outside of the thrilling Cricket developments.

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