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If you are planning a trip to Tokyo then you would have done your research. If not then let us enlighten you a little. Shibuya is a special ward in Tokyo which is also the major financial and commercial center. If you want to experience the Tokyo you have in mind then you ought to stay in Shibuya. The place is famous for its Shibuya Crossing which is situated in front of Shibuya Station’s Hachiko Exit. Trust us; you need to be there to see for yourself what the hype is all about.

This vibrant district offers amazing shopping, dining, and nightlife experience. Though there are many hotels available for you to stay at, we assure you that our fully-furnished serviced accommodations in Shibuya are the best choice for you. With many facilities and comfortable living space, you would never want to stay anywhere else. All our serviced apartments are centrally located in every major part of Shibuya.

If you are worried about the commute then let us assure you that Japan’s transportation system is very reliable and our serviced accommodations are situated near major subway and train stations for your convenience. Apart from the many facilities that we provide, we also make sure that all our guests get a safe and secure environment to stay in.

Our Shibuya Accommodation

Our serviced apartments in Shibuya come with modern interiors, ample living space, and world-class comfort. Whether you are traveling alone on a solo trip, with family for a nice vacation, or with colleagues for official work; our serviced apartments are here to cater to all your needs during your stay in Shibuya. From open plan studio apartments to very spacious 5 bedroom apartments, we provide accommodations as per the requirement of our guests.

In our serviced apartments you’ll find comfortable bedding for a good night’s sleep, a fully-equipped kitchen for you to prepare your own meal, and countless facilities that would make you feel at home. When it comes to commuting you’ll find many subway and train stations near all our apartment buildings. All the major tourist attractions and places of work are easily accessible from all our serviced apartment locations. Whether you are traveling to Tokyo for a short or long term stay, we make sure that you have a great time staying with us.

Some of our best accommodations in Shibuya are: 

Why Pick Our Accommodation in Shibuya?

When you are away from home, you for sure want to stay at a place that would give you and your loved ones a comfortable and relaxed environment. Our Shibuya accommodation is designed to give you just that.

At our serviced accommodations you’ll find cozy bedrooms with plenty of room to keep your luggage, stylish living rooms with comfy and elegant furniture, a small workspace with table and chair, a fully-equipped kitchen with all the necessary utensils and energy-saving appliances, and a dining area with classy dining table and chairs. For entertainment purposes, there is a flat-screen television and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi at all our serviced apartments.

Whether you are traveling to Shibuya for a vacation or work, you’ll find easy transportation near all our serviced apartments including trains and subways. There are many good places near all our serviced apartments where you can enjoy a nice meal, shop till you drop and experience a fully lit nightlife.

Facilities in Our Accommodation in Shibuya

Our serviced accommodations in Shibuya are well-equipped to take care of your every need during your short or long term stay. We offer ample living space, a safe environment, and great facilities that would leave you speechless. From cozy bedrooms to tastefully designed living rooms, you’ll have no complaints once you stay at our serviced apartments in Shibuya.

All our apartments are fully-furnished with comfy beds in the bedrooms, restful sofas, and chairs in the living rooms, fully-equipped kitchens with all the necessary appliances, dining tables with chairs, and a small workstation. There is a complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi connection for you to keep in touch with your loved ones or to browse the internet to check out the tourist attractions near you or for official work.

You can also watch your favorite series or movies in your free time as we provide flat-screen televisions in all our Shibuya accommodations. We also make sure that you feel safe and secure when you stay with us, in order to do so we provide on-site security, first aid kits, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and 24/7 availability of management. Apart from all this, we offer many other facilities that you can enjoy while you stay at one of our serviced accommodation in Shibuya.

Attractions Near Our Shibuya Accommodation

Shibuya is filled with places where you can shop all you want, calm your nerves in a serene environment and enjoy the nightlife. The ever shining neon lights and streets crowded with people is precisely the definition of this place.

The most famous places to visit in Shibuya include Shibuya Scramble Junction, Hachiko Statue, Harajuku, Yoyogi Park, and Meiji Shrine. The young and stylish appearing ward of Tokyo is a place for all age groups. There is something interesting to do for everyone in this fun and vibrant place.

Our Shibuya accommodation provides easy access to all the major tourist attractions. You can spend your time sightseeing all day and return to your cozy apartment and have a restful sleep. Once you are recharged, you can again go out the next day and have a fun-filled time in Shibuya. 

Some of the best attractions near our Shibuya accommodations are:

  • Shibuya Scramble Junction - It is also known as the Shibuya Crossing which is an intersection with many pedestrian crossings. Thousands of people cross the intersection together at peak time. The best time to visit this place is at night when it is lit with neon lights, crowded with people and road traffic.
  • Hachiko Statue - You must have heard of Hachiko, the loyal dog who used to wait for his owner outside the Shibuya Station even after he passed away. Hachiko continued to wait outside the station for 9 years after the passing of his owner Ueno. A statue of Hachiko was erected outside the station to honor his faithfulness and loyalty towards his owner. A wall mural depicting an extended family of Akita dogs in memory of Hachiko is also located nearby.
  • Harajuku - There are many quirky things to experience in this place which is situated between Shinjuku and Shibuya. Robot restaurants, Samurai Museums, and rainbow food are some of the many things you can enjoy in this colorful part of Tokyo.
  • Yoyogi Park - During your stay in Shibuya if you need some peaceful and quiet place then Yoyogi Park is the perfect place to be in. Take a stroll in the middle of the greenery and calm your nerves or go there for a picnic with family and friends.
  • Meiji Shrine - The shrine is dedicated to the first emperor of Modern Japan, Emperor Meiji. The serenity and tranquillity of the shrine will give you peace and calm. You can enter Meiji Shrine through two huge torii gates which lead to a forest with over 100000 trees.

Best Restaurants Near Our Shibuya Accommodation

Tokyo is home to most Michelin starred restaurants in the world. For food lovers, street food in Shibuya is like a dream come true. Though eating out every day is not a feasible option for travelers who are visiting with a tight budget but every once in a while it is good to enjoy a nice sit-down meal at a restaurant with your family and friends. For other days there is a fully-equipped kitchen at our serviced apartments where you can prepare your own meal anytime you want. 

Here are some of the best restaurants near our serviced accommodations in Shibuya:

  • Menya Nukaji - Try out some amazing ramen at Menya Nukaji. The delicious noodles when paired with mouth-watering soup give you a foodgasm. You can also pair your noodles with Japanese craft beers on tap at this niche restaurant.
  • D47 Shokudo - The restaurant’s menu changes every month. It features food and drinks items from all 47 prefectures. The restaurant also sells some of the ingredients they use. This specialty restaurant is a must-visit place to tickle your taste buds.
  • Sushi Tokyo Ten - The place specializes in Edo-style sushi. With elegant interiors and a great menu, this place is perfect to have reasonably priced sushi. The restaurant is located in Shibuya Stream Complex.
  • Sagatani - This nice and cozy restaurant offers good quality food at very cheap prices. You will find the best soba noodles at this place with your choice of toppings. Do visit this spot to have some amazing soba at very reasonable prices.
  • Nagi Shokudo - This is a vegan restaurant that offers some of the best meals. With a nice library and soothing music, Nagi Shokudo is the busiest place to eat at during lunch hours. Also, if they run out of food then they close early at times.
  • Yamawarau - The restaurant offers shabu-shabu cuisine. The interior is inspired by mingei folk crafts with an oval counter made from natural wood surrounded by seating arrangements for guests. The restaurant provides a whole experience that you should not miss.

Cost of Serviced Accommodation in Shibuya

Let us assure you that our serviced accommodations in Shibuya are the right choice for you if you are thinking about your budget. At our serviced apartments we offer many facilities that you would not get for cheap anywhere else.

Apart from that, we also offer a safe environment for you and your loved ones; a great sense of privacy; fully-furnished modern apartments; well-located serviced accommodations; and much more. The commute from our serviced apartments is also easier as there are many major train stations and subway stations within walking distance. So, don’t worry about the cost because once you stay with us, you’ll be glad that you chose our serviced accommodation for your stay in Shibuya.

Transport Near Our Accommodations in Shibuya

The major means of transport for you while staying in Shibuya is the Shibuya Station. If you are planning on traveling a lot during your stay in Shibuya then you should get yourself a prepaid Suica or Pasmo card which provides lower fares when compared to paying for individual journeys.

There are many other stations in Shibuya that will connect you to different parts of the city. Traveling in Japan is never an issue as the transport system is pretty good. You just need to keep a map with you if you are a first-time traveler. Keeping a map makes things a bit easier as you don’t have to ask around a lot and it also, gives you a sense of confidence while traveling in a new country or city for the first time.

Here are some of the stations near our serviced accommodations in Shibuya:

  • Aoyama Metro Station
  • Shibuya Station
  • Keikyu Kamata Station
  • Akasaka Station
  • Gakugeidaigaku Station
  • Gotanda Station
  • Yoga Station
  • Yoyogi-Uehara Station
  • Kita-Sando Station
  • Nakanobu Station
  • Numabukuro Station

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