Zurich Accommodation

Zurich Accommodation

Considering the busiest railway station and airport in Switzerland, Zurich is hands down one of the most loved tourist destinations around the world. The city sure is magical with its share of rich history, art that gets you into a trance, and stainless beauty. From business opportunities to shopping, playing with the snow to hopping through tourist attractions, our Zurich accommodation catalog gets you closer to all the exciting activities that the city is famous for. Apart from the utmost comfort that our apartments offer, it is its combination with sophisticated luxury that makes us one of the best in the country and even outside. 

Our Best Zurich Accommodation Picks

The most skilled curators and brand partners have come together to create the most perfect abodes for all kinds of travelers. From a stunning master bedroom to rich oak floors, air-conditioned interiors to a fully-equipped kitchen, our Zurich abodes go to lengths to provide the finest and most comforting experience of living in a foreign city. Right from the ease to enjoy your staple breakfast every day to coming back to the most homely vibe and comfort, expect everything and more with our team support. It is the tiniest of the features that get you closest to your ideal stay that we thrive for. After hosting guests from all backgrounds and nationalities, we have mastered pleasing all preferences alike. You can be well assured that the level of familiarity that our safe little apartments can provide is unmatched across the city.  

Choose from some of our most booked Zurich accommodation options from a crisp list right below:

Why Should You Book Our Zurich Accommodation? 

The choice of location combined with the glorious set of amenities is what makes each of our Zurich Accommodations so worthy. With our set of homes awaiting you in the best parts of Zurich, you wouldn't have to worry about the quality of living, availability of daily essentials, and access to anything and everything in your chosen abodes. No matter which apartment you go for, assurance of security, service, and convenience will go hand in hand. With incredible culinary experiences and a lot of touristy things accessible within a radius of 5 kilometers from your doorstep, you are not going to regret trusting us with your vacation. 

Facilities in Our Zurich Accommodation

Let's take you through a picture of you flipping your finest omelet in our kitchen right on your first morning with your partner. If not your partner, picture yourself enjoying utmost privacy even on a twin sharing with our spacious rooms, bathrooms, and almirahs. From the most elegantly furnished urban pads in the heart of Zurich to the finest modern appliances impressing you in our kitchen, the range of facilities that we offer is quite expansive.

Expect our service team to take care of your bed linens, groceries, and even cleaning while you can rely on our online representatives to fix anything that goes wrong during your stay with us. It is this value to keep guest preferences first and foremost that makes our Zurich accommodation range irresistible.

A crisp list of amenities that ensure a comforting stay in our ideal Zurich accommodation chosen by you include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine & dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony with a view

Where Can You Find Our Zurich Accommodation?

Picking locations by yourself in a city you barely know can be tricky. To save our guests from this blunder, our team has worked tirelessly to come up with the most ideal neighborhoods in Zurich City. Each of our exquisite abodes enjoys a finely balanced mix of cozy local ambiance, proximity to the nearest attractions, commercial and financial hubs, lots and lots of food, and of course, public transportation just a hop away. 

With this expert mix made available to each of our esteemed guests, we are fully confident of offering the finest stay in all of Zurich. 

You can pick your ideal Zurich accommodation from the following list of ideal neighborhoods:

  • District 8 - If you are here for work purposes, this is the best neighborhood to go for. With an ideal distance from the business district and an authentic local ambiance, this has to be your long-term base in Zurich.  
  • Bahnhofstrasse - If you are a modern business traveler looking for a posh neighborhood in Zurich by the popular Limmat River, this is your finest option. Enjoy a fine mix of work and lots of food along with sightseeing here.
  • District 4 - If you are a party animal or just one of those travelers who cannot do without soaking in the night scenes of a city, this is just the perfect neighborhood. It also hosts concerts in the icon Bäckeranlage Park. 
  • District 2 - If you are on a hunt for the ideal city vibe in Zurich, this expansive neighborhood is all about art museums, FIFA Museum, and a mix of high-end luxury and quiet time. 
  • Altstadt - If you are trying your chances in the third most expensive city in the world with a budget, this is your ideal place! The museums, experiences, and city vibe here are great.
  • Zurich West - Hands down one of the coolest Zurich neighborhoods, Zurich West is ideal for party animals and admirers of local culture. The vibe here is chill, welcoming, and the endless bars add to your party spots. 

Corporate Accommodation in Zurich

With a cluster of Banking headquarters clubbed around our Zurich homes in and around Paradeplatz, your corporate stays are sorted. With fancy real estate embellishing the area, you can be assured of jelling with the sophisticated vibe around our apartments. While most commercially active parts of Zurich have different features to offer, the comfort factor of our abodes runs the same. With the highest living standards to the most attractive interiors, a kitchen just like home to all the pointers to help you work from home, we offer everything to make you feel at home. Our team has made consistent efforts to include all the possible amenities that every modern traveler deserves during a hectic business trip. 

Zurich Accommodation for Families

How about we give you a whole bunch of coupons that you can redeem at the local stores near your chosen Zurich accommodation? While shopper heads in the family love this feature of TheSqua.re, it is the security measures, amenities, decor, and unbelievable amount of apartment space that impress the rest. While we never compromise on any of our guest stays, it is with families where we go out of the way to make sure that everything is nothing less than perfect.

From a fully maintained set of furnishings that make storage of luggage easy to the availability of every little ingredient that your kid might demand out of nowhere, we cover them all. We sure don't want you running errands in the middle of the night so we make sure to cover every little detail for the most wonderful stay with us in Zurich. 

Best Attractions Near Our Zurich Accommodations

Whether you are a nature lover or geeky traveler who adores historic sites and churches with a lot of legends and history behind, our list of attractions near our picks has got you covered. Even if you are an art lover who loves hooping through museums or just a tourist whose favorite travel hobby is street shopping, we still got you sorted. 

From the most gorgeous churches to a whole bunch of celebrated museums, below are the handpicked attractions near our Zurich accommodation options that you must know:


  • Swiss National Museum - With over 860k artifacts adorning the cases and walls here, this extraordinary museum is the most celebrated one across the country and is loved by tourists globally.
  • Lake Zurich - Who wouldn't like enjoying a busy summer afternoon amidst locals having fun. Grab your skateboards or roller skates and soak in the incredible view of the waterfront.
  • Bahnhofstrasse - Don't even think of returning without checking out this world-famous shopping street. A dense local market that goes up to a mile where locals and tourists can be seen shopping their hearts out. 
  • Kunsthaus Zürich - Another museum ideal for artists and ardent admirers of art. With over 4k works of Swiss artists and global artists showcased here, you can easily spend memorable hours here. 
  • Old Town - If you wish to explore the charming squares of Zurich, the beauty of the Limmat River, and the community feels here, this is the best area to make the most of Zurich city. 
  • St. Peter’s Church - Experience the oldest church in all of Europe which dates back to the 9th century. Not only is it a gorgeous attraction to see but it is fascinating to see the largest clock face of 28.5 ft. 
  • Money Museum - Zurich is the apt city for being home to this museum because it is the 2nd most expensive one across the globe. Immerse in the antiques, trophies, coins, and precious items from across the country. 
  • Botanical Garden - Dive in the Amazonian sceneries and scents with over 7,000 species of plants stuffed within a whopping area of over 570k sq ft. Explore the flora of the Alps here. 
  • Grossmünster Church - Believed to be built on the graves of the Zurich patron saints, this is a historic city landmark. Everything from the stained glass to choir windows is notable. 
  • Lindenhof - Enjoy the glorious view of the Limmat River, the city, and the whole of Old Town at large. An epicenter of innumerable significant historic events, even today it is a great peek into the local values. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Zurich Accommodation

Our Zurich homes presented to you come with the special advantage of lots and lots of food variety available nearby. You can rely on some of the fanciest and the most incredible food spots for anything and everything. A romantic dinner date or a hearty brunch, a fulfilling breakfast, or classic steaks and pizzas, expect to get all your cravings satiated right in time around our serviced apartments. 

We completely understand how confusing picking from our Zurich accommodation catalog can be. A bunch of specialty restaurants listed below will help you decide better:

  • La Fonte - If you wish to start with the most incredible pizza in Zurich, this is your perfect restaurant. While they serve Middle-Eastern and other European cuisines, their vegan menu is quite a hit. 
  • Differente Hotel Krone Unterstrass - With a lot of consciously prepared dishes adorning the menu here, it is one very loved restaurant for healthy eating and authentic Swiss taste. 
  • Restaurant Weisses Rössli - With fresh ingredients and exceptionally balanced taste of most dishes, this restaurant is a classic when it comes to tasting French in Zurich's heart. 
  • Restaurant Khujug - When craving traditional Chinese food, a spicy hotpot, or just a fan of quirky interiors, this is an ideal spot for all your Sichuan cravings. The place is loud and quite fun. 
  • Pizzeria Azzurro - When craving the most incredible pizza in the city, head here without a single doubt. With a very comforting menu and unmatched taste, it is a local staple. 
  • Didi’s Frieden - With a crisp menu and a lot of 5-star reviews, this is an irresistible restaurant with its exceptional preparation and fair prices. Their wine list is impressive too.
  • Mesa - It is particularly famous for its delicious 7-course meal while the chefs swear by perfecting each dish on the menu. The ambiance is quiet and welcoming while it is the best for lunches. 
  • Echo Restaurant - Head here for its classic Cheese Fondue, authentic local vibe, and a lovely outdoor view while you eat. It is the commendable and consistent quality standards that make it so worthy.
  • Restaurant La Soupière - Outstanding hospitality, unmatched food presentation, and effortlessly balanced taste; these are the unique features that make it such an adored spot in the city. 
  • Marktkuche - Savor the most delicious European dishes in this elegant space that offers an extensive dining experience. The stellar presentation and special taste combined with hospitality make it just perfect. 

Public Transportation Near Our Zurich Accommodations

The best part about Zurich is that public transportation is available here every 300 meters or so. Not only does it allow us to pick the best locations for you without worrying about the convenience to travel but also makes it easy for you to explore. While trains and buses are the most convenient modes here for longer distances, trams are the easiest choice for shorter ones. Apart from these, thanks to the excellent water connectivity with two major rivers beautifying the city, the ferry is the most popular travel experience in Zurich among tourists.

If you are wondering how to access Zurich Transport Network most conveniently, you will have to keep a few tips handy while traveling. Buy a Swiss Travel Pass for the most convenient travel experience across the city. As Switzerland works on the divisions of zones, the city falls under Zone 110. If relying on individual tickets for every ride, it is advisable to keep it handy at all times as officials come to check it often. With these tips in hand, you will easily make the most of this gorgeous city. 

Our abodes offer proximity to some of the busiest and most convenient public transport stations. Some central stations that can be accessed from your chosen Zurich accommodation include:

  • Zurich Hauptbahnhof (HB)
  • Oerlikon
  • Stampfenbachplatz
  • Zürich Triemli
  • Bahnhof Selnau
  • Zürich Enge
  • Köschenrüti
  • Zürich Wipkingen

Major trams and trains running through the city include: 

  • Trams: 3, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 14
  • Trains: EC, EN, IC1

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