Zurich Apartments

Zurich Apartments

A popular destination for both business and leisure purposes, Zurich, is the largest city of Switzerland and counts millions of travellers every year. Apart from professional travellers and tourists, Zurich sees a large number of students who flock to the city every year for higher studies and internships. Also, most importantly, Zurich is a city of a high standard of living, and thus most of the hotel accommodation is pretty expensive, especially for those who plan to stay for a few days or weeks to explore the beauty of the city. To ease the pain of finding accommodation, our serviced apartments in Zurich are the best option, as they offer the visitors more than what they bargain for.

Frequent travellers or those who visit the city for business might be already familiar with serviced apartments in Zurich, and for the first-timers, choosing them increases benefits like privacy, comfort, flexibility and convenience.  To be more precise, serviced apartments in Zurich offers plush interiors so guests get a feeling of living in a stylish home. Also, the host of modern amenities and appliances that serviced apartments offer ensures that guests will have an agreeable.

All the apartments in Zurich give an assured feeling of great comfort and homeliness. Privacy is something that everyone craves, especially when they are in a new city, and these apartments do not leave any stone behind in providing the required space that the travellers are asking for. These apartments give immense flexibility for the visitors to explore the city at their own pace, without the apparent hindrance of the rigid fixed-timing breakfast that the hotels offer. These apartments are pretty spacious, which means, those who like to travel with their family and friends can stay together in the apartment without the thought of hesitation of curbing each other’s privacy.

These apartments in Zurich are sure to act as a second home to the travellers, with the facilities in the apartments including a spacious and comfortable living room accompanied by separate bedrooms, flat-screen televisions, free Wi-Fi, dining tables, kitchens with all the cooking equipment, clean and modem bathrooms, wardrobes to hang clothes and finally soft and comfortable beds to retire at night after a long exploring day. Not to forget, some apartments have attached balconies, which offer the right space for those who prefer to spend their evening sipping their hot coffee, while experiencing the cool breeze of Zurich.

People visiting the city for business purposes can opt for an apartment in the Greater Zurich Area, where they can get an opportunity to stay close to their business place. Other places include Altstadt and Lindenhof where there are plenty of churches, museums, parks and another architectural marvel that the place has to offer. Altstadt is the oldest area of Zurich, where it has seen all the history of what Zurich has experienced. This place, apart from being the oldest area, is the amalgamation of the best of both the worlds. If the area in one hand boasts of having various historical monuments, medieval churches, medieval houses, and the iconic 17th century Town Hall, on the other hand, one can see the city’s fast life with numerous pubs, restaurants, cafes, and souvenirs. Lindenhof is a serene place where the famous Roman Fortress is situated. The Hedwig Fountain, the Roman Tombstone and the Grossmunster Church (that was once upon a time a monastic church) are the attractions that the area of Lindenhof has to offer. 

Trips to Zurich would be incomplete without taking a voyage down the city’s main river, Limmat. The boats are beautifully designed and they pass under all the 7 bridges of the city. Also, the tourists can witness the marvel of Grossmunster and Fraunmunster in different hues as the evening sets in.

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