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Short Stay Apartments in Zurich

The contrasting beauty of greenery and high-rise office buildings is what makes the city Zurich different from other European cities. From the architectural buildings, churches, narrow lanes, fancy museums, parks and boat tours, there is something that Zurich keeps in store for its visitors. The financial hub of Europe is compact enough for travellers to cover the entire place just by walking. But while the city is amazing, not everyone can admire the city for a long time. Some travellers only have a few days or an interrupted week to really grasp the city and its history. At times like these, short stay apartments come in handy

Short stay accommodation is just like any other form of accommodation, but the terms and conditions are suited to the traveller and their needs. The interiors and other features remain standard, so the usual high-scale amenities that travellers recognise are all here for them to enjoy day and night as they make the city and the apartment their home for a few days, a week or even a fortnight. Convenient and built to deliver comfort on all levels, short stay apartments are provided to ensure that guests have a variety of options for any kind of trip.  

While travelling to Zurich can lead to eye-watering budgets, finding the right place to stay will never be an issue when you use TheSqua.re. Their global network of serviced apartments features the best apartments for short stays in the city. Whether the travel is for professional or leisure purposes, their apartments will provide all the necessary comfort and convenience for travellers to enjoy their stay and feel at home. All the short stay apartments in Zurich are centrally located, where the markets are just a stone’s throw away.

All the short stay apartments by TheSqua.re are located within the city limits, which means all the tourist attractions are a walkable distance so visitors can navigate the city without any hassle. Every apartment here is fully furnished with the likes of plush sofas, TV, Wi-Fi, well-fitted bathrooms with hairdryer and shower. The fully equipped kitchens in these apartments are something to look out for, as they are equipped with a dishwasher, oven, stove, refrigerator, and microwave. Bedrooms are cosy and provide the utmost comfort as the beds are soft and provide warmth throughout all seasons. All the apartments have air conditioners and heaters, helping the visitors to set the temperature of the rooms accordingly.

As a city, Zurich represents the very best of Switzerland, with a whole load of attractions and landmarks that show off its history and place in modern Europe. From the likes of the Grossmunster (one of the four major churches in the city), the Bahnhofstrasse (the city’s main shopping avenue and one of the most expensive streets in the world), the Lake Zurich (a great spot for a few snaps) and the Swiss National Museum (showcases Switzerland’s prehistory right through to the modern times), the city offers all the cultural riches that guests require to fill up their short time in the city, and to gain insight into Swiss culture and traditions. Plus, our apartments can be found close to some of the above landmarks, or are certainly close to public transport connections so getting to and from landmarks is easy and convenient.

And finally, all of our short term rentals can be found all over Zurich, so guests can be in high-end spots, or even less populated areas, throughout their few days here. Whether guests want to be in the Old Town, Langstrasse, Zürich-West, Wiedikon and City Centre, we can supply the ideal apartment in the perfect spot.

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