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Rent Apartment In Zurich

Situated in the North Central of Switzerland, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is a leading global city that houses the world’s largest financial institutions. One of the first things that people know about the city is how expensive it is. Zurich can be visited for both business and leisure, so everyone can find something they enjoy here. But before the city’s eclectic culture and divine foods can be sampled, the perfect stay needs to be found.  And fortunately for travellers, Zurich is home to many rental apartments that are elegantly furnished to ensure the best stay possible for everyone.

Inevitably, the kind of apartment that guests choose depends on the purpose of their visit and budget. Being one of the oldest and the most important cities in Europe, Zurich is a place where thousands of people flock for various reasons. So, those who are visiting for business can rent an apartment that is close to offices in The Greater Zurich Area, which is the economic hub of the city and home to many IT and financial companies. On the other hand, those visiting the city of Zurich for leisure can opt to stay in Altstadt or the Old Town, Adler, Wallenberg and The Bristol - some of the destination’s most cultural and popular spots.

Experiencing Zurich in a serviced apartment is a superior choice than choosing a hotel. Why? Because serviced apartments have the look and feel of how a home does. Here, the tourists and guests can travel around the city at their own pace and with an equal combination of privacy and peace. Even business travellers who opt to stay in one can complete their work at whatever time is convenient for them and come home and have the home-cooked food that they have prepared. Inside the apartments, guests can also enjoy the likes of complimentary Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, well-equipped kitchen, well-designed bedrooms, and a spacious living room. A few apartments also have an attached balcony, where the visitors can sit and enjoy a cuppa while watching the day-to-day activities of the Zurich people.

There are many things to see in the financial city of Zurich for both the tourists and business travellers that love cultural landmarks. Be it the churches, museums, parks, world heritage sites and splendid architectures, every place in Zurich has a story to tell. Some of the key attractions include the Grossmunster church, Fraumunster Church, St Peter Romanesque-Gothic Baroque Church, and the Predigerkirche Church, while museums like the Zurich Museum of Art, Swiss National Museum, Tram Museum, and the North America Native Museum are also highly rated.

While the landmarks and attractions have their appeal, what’s also key is that our apartment portfolio is renown for centrally located apartments; meaning guests can be close to museums, galleries and restaurants, and also be near to transport connections and so much more. Any stay should be convenient as well as comfortable, and at TheSqua.re we ensure that by having our apartments in the most central of locations in the city of Zurich so everything is as close to the front door as possible.

Travelling around the city is also pretty convenient, as the city is well-connected and public transport is in abundance. So, just catching a bus to explore the city is just enough to get the best of what Zurich has to offer. Otherwise, there’s trains, bicycles, ships and other modes of transport to have an adventure around the city.

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