Rent a Flat in Zurich

Rent Flat In Zurich

Over the years, Zurich has been on the top of the list for being one of the most popular destination in the world for tourists, professionals, and expats. With the changing times, this ancient city has now grown into a fully-fledged cosmopolitan city that has seen many serviced apartments cropping up in every corner of the city. It should be noted that Switzerland is an expensive country and guests needs to be fully aware of the expenses that come along with the travel. Right from the accommodation to transportation and eating, everything comes with a price, hence choosing the right stay is highly important.

Renting a flat in Zurich is a better option when compared to checking into hotels that can prove costly for budget holidays. There are a good number of flats in Zurich that can be rented by travellers that are adorned with tastefully decorated interiors, giving a warm feeling of staying in a home. Privacy is another highlight of staying in a flat in Zurich, where guests will not be disturbed by anyone. While flexibility is yet another major concern of travellers, flats in Zurich from TheSqua.re come with a variety of options, short and long term, that are beneficial for all.

Our serviced living spaces are well furnished to suit the needs of the travellers. They offer high-end amenities, luxury experiences alongside the buzzing cultural scene that the city has to offer. An obvious doubt that arises in anyone’s mind, the prices of the rent fluctuate depending on the preference of the area. Flats in the city centre will be relatively high when compared to those flats that are a little farther from the city. The flats here offers spacious living rooms, modern bathrooms, kitchens with luxury equipment, lavish furnishings, free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen television for home entertainment, not to forget, air-conditioning heaters are also attached to the rooms, which make it easy for guests to set the temperature of the room according to their liking. The flats also offer basic benefits, like laundry service, regular room cleaning and quick assistance during emergencies. Thus, renting flats in Zurich will be the best decision to make, as these flats make up for the most convenient and stress-free accommodation option.

Renting in the Old Town is very convenient for guests. However, party peeps can choose to stay in Niederdorf, as it is filled with bars and posh restaurants. Lindenhof, on the other hand, is relatively a quieter place and those who are looking for peace can choose to stay here. Seefeld is a vibrant lakeside district, a place that has a unique vibe and thrives with art and culture. Sightseeing every single tourist spot might be difficult but Zurich can be covered within a few days. Among all the tourist spots, taking a small journey in the flatboat through the River Limmat will surely offer a unique view of the city. These boats can accommodate around 51 passengers and they can easily pass under the seven bridges. Another outdoor activity after the boat riding is a visit to the botanical garden. The botanical garden in Zurich is compact and houses more than 9000 different species of plants, also the architectural glass biodomes, which have many exotic tropical plants are to watch out for. This is the place to take a day off to relax and sunbathe in the grass. While in Zurich, the tour is not complete without giving a visit to the Guinness Book of World Records holder and the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant Hiltl; choose either the buffet or ala carte, the visitor will surely be overwhelmed by the spread of dishes that are available in the restaurant.

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