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Travelling with a family or a group of close-knit friends always makes a difference to travelling alone on business. Be it the choice of food, place and, most importantly, the accommodation, there will always be a few bonuses when travelling with established groups. Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, is a must-visit. Travelling with the entire clan or group will be an agenda and task for anyone, and while making the plans, choosing the accommodation that fits into the budget and that suits the need of everyone matters the most. And this is where our apartments and house rentals come into it.

An ideal option while holidaying with family and friends in Zurich, our team at TheSqua.re offer a variety of rentals that are centrally located and are a stone’s throw away from the nearby markets. One can never go wrong by renting a house in Zurich for holidays, as they provide all the basic and extra essentials that are required for every member of the family. They are spacious enough to accommodate more than a dozen members, which makes it a perfect place to bring family and long-time friends together.

With furnished homes available here in Zurich, guests and groups can find what works for them. Booking with TheSqaua.re gives the advantage of finding centrally located homes which are completely authentic. They have the same facilities that any local in Switzerland has, including the possibilities of a tiny lawn, accompanied by a backside pool, living areas that have facilities like plush sofas, flat-screen televisions, and Wi-Fi. All the rooms are equipped with air conditioning and heaters along with attached bathrooms. The homes are set with dining tables, a fully equipped kitchen, wardrobes to hang clothes, and a variety of other amenities.

Among all the areas in Zurich, Enge and Seefeld are centrally located and are pretty popular among the professionals but offer very little for tourists. Kreis 5 or the areas like Oberstrass and Unterstrass are active areas, as they are thronged by students, expats and many tourists. These places have the best bars, restaurants and other amenities to look out for. Whilst being the business and financial capital of Zurich, one should not assume that the tourist spots and attractions are limited. Plus, our rentals and accommodation options are scattered around all these areas so guests can be in vibrant and quiet areas; whichever is more suitable for them.

After the areas, there’s, of course, the landmarks and attractions. While they may well be in a variety of spots around the city, our portfolio ensures that guests can be as close to them as needs be. Whether it’s the River Limmat or Zurich Opera House that takes their fancy, travellers can be a few stops away or a nice leisurely walk. The choice is up to them. One of the most popular landmarks is the aforementioned Zurich Opera House, founded in 1891, where a wide array of shows and performances are lined up throughout the year. The building is adorned with a neo-classical design that features busts of famous poets, playwrights, and musicians. Meanwhile, the Swiss National Museum (or Schweizerisches Landesmuseum) is designed like a neo-classic castle that has everything related to the cultural history of Switzerland. It houses more than 820,000 collections ranging from the pre-historic era to the latest 20th century.  Also, the Rietberg Museum is another neoclassical villa modelled museum that has an elegant collection of Baron Eduard von der Heydt. Built-in 1857, this museum is the only place that does not specifically display anything related to Europe and instead, the place has a collection of Asian artefacts and paintings from countries like China, Tibet and India. 

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