Where to Stay in Zurich

Where to Stay in Zurich

When thinking about where to stay in Zurich, both the location and the comfort of your stay matters. The city not only offers some very happening places and attractions to live near to but the vibe of the locals and the ambiance sure changes with different neighborhoods. Whether you feel like enjoying a romantic stay by the river or you like to keep it crisp for a business stay, our abodes offer you the best location choices. Our thorough amenities range from cooking a cozy breakfast in the finely furnished kitchen to cuddling in the comfiest beds by the end of the day. This combination of both puts a stamp on our credibility. 

Our Best Serviced Apartments in Zurich

Whether you are picky about finding locations nearest to local cuisine, markets, or tourist attractions, or it is the level of in-house luxury that decides the ideal stay for your trip, we have both the grounds well covered. From stunning interiors and the most amazing balcony view to a full-fledged kitchen and the luxury of a bathtub, the comfort of you and your friends traveling along has always been our top-most priority. We care about your workout routines, your favorite cuisine, your health which deserves home-cooked food, and the smallest detail. No matter which neighborhood you ultimately pick, our team will always be right at your service. 

While you still think over where to stay in Zurich, here is a quick list of our best accommodations below to help you decide better:

Why Should You Book Our Accommodations in Zurich?

Whether you prefer shopping at the incredibly famous Bahnhofstrasse street or you plan to stay near Paradeplatz, or even if you go for the luxury of a waterfront, our exclusive range gives you all. The luxury to go as extravagant with your apartment location as you want to is what makes us so worthy of hosting you in this beautiful city of Switzerland. While we give you transparent support to choose where to stay in Zurich, we also keep you sorted with the comforts during the stay. From our 24x7 service team support to the thoroughly maintained kitchen, lavish furnishings to the highest level of homely comforts, we take pride in offering you the finest in the industry. 

Facilities in Our Serviced Apartments in Zurich

To quickly take you over the facilities that our team offers in our Zurich accommodations, with our appliances like microwaves, ovens, and soft memory-foam mattresses, you will never have to worry about reheating the dinner from last night or not getting good sleep. From baking something early in the evening while you are home to getting a fresh cup of coffee, thumping straight on to the living room sofa as soon as you are home to getting lazy before the TV all day, you can enjoy them all with us. 

The dishwashers and washing machines along with our cleaning team take care of the mess that follows the fun and literally haunts you when you are running late. This pretty much sums the range of facilities that we plan to welcome you within this gorgeous city of Zurich. 

While it might be getting hectic to pick where to stay in Zurich, skim through our most loved list of amenities that make our Zurich apartments stand out:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine & dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony with a view

Where Can You Find Our Accommodations in Zurich?

Whether you prefer staying closer to business centers in general or you like to your workplace from a distance; be surrounded by food from all sides alike or just soak in the local warmth, our abodes in Zurich has them all. We believe in offering all kinds of possibilities and even going all the way to make it happen for you. Compromising on the quality of living and your choice of location in a dreamy city like Zurich would be the last thing TheSqua.re team would allow. 

To guide you through your question of where to stay in Zurich, our accommodations can be found in the following premium neighborhoods of the city:

  • Zurich West - It is most popular across the globe as the coolest Zurich neighborhood. Hop through bars, restaurants, cultural experiences, and community clusters right in the city's heart. 
  • Bahnhofstrasse - The epicenter of finance and business in Zurich, this is one luxurious and quite fun neighborhood to pick. It is ideal for slightly bigger budgets and modern travelers and sightseeing lovers.
  • Zurich Town Hall - The town hall called Rathaus is the star attraction of this little neighborhood sitting across Bahnhofstrasse and Limmat River. It is ideal for foodies and church believers. 
  • Altstadt - It is another nearby neighborhood brushing Town Hall. It will be your evergreen bae if you have come to Zurich with a budget. It has an elaborate city library, independent art galleries, and museums to check out.
  • District 4 - Ideal for night owls and party lovers, this sassy neighborhood is awake day in and day out. With endless clubs and bars here, consider it an ideal spot for a vacation with friends. Bäckeranlage and Kasernenareal are the two fun parks here. 
  • District 8 - If you are planning a long-term stay in the heart of Zurich, go for District 8. Not only is it closely connected to the business hub of the city, but it also serves as a quieter base with a local vibe to enjoy. Don’t miss out on the earthy restaurants here.

Corporate Accommodation in Zurich 

If you are from a creative background and contemplating on where to stay in Zurich, our apartments in Zurich West must be a prominent choice to consider. An epicenter of arts, creativity, architecture, and design, this part of the city and several others give our corporate accommodations enough variety to explore. You can expect to have the best work trip in this impressive city with the living, cooking, dining, bathing, and sleeping comforts that collectively come assured with each of our abodes. Such is the fulfilling stay that you must look forward to as our curators, concierge team, and service team leaves no room for disappointments. 

Serviced Apartments in Zurich for Families

Even if you settle for a location one step below your expectations because of a tighter budget, you can be well assured of enjoying the most thoughtful stay with your family in our cozy family accommodations. From a kitchen packed with all possible ingredients that you might need with your toddlers traveling along to the comfiest mattresses awaiting you and your parents to have the best sleep after a long journey, it is the tiny thoughtful details that matter to us. 

Our team particularly enjoys seeing families like yours make memories in this beautiful city of Zurich and we cannot wait to host you with our exceptional list of services and amenities waiting for you right here. With everything for your daily needs, food cravings, and even for the tourist in you accessible just a short walk away from your doorstep, you can expect an equally welcoming experience outside your apartment.

Best Attractions Near Our Zurich Apartments

Based on your area of interest you could choose our abodes placed closest to your kind of places. Whether you prefer churches and nature or you would choose museums any day, lots of food and shopping to a relaxing riverside time with your partner while the parents are away, it is all about the extensive variety of experiences with us. Savor the finest outlooks of several local attractions nearest to your doorstep. With us secretly working on making your trip the best, you are surely not leaving Zurich without having truckloads of fun here.

From immersing in the Bellerive Museum to eating the finest local food at Limmatquai, Zurich has so much to impress you with. Below are our top attractions that you must consider:

  • Bahnhofstrasse - Why not begin your vacation with an afternoon full of shopping from this world-famous shopping street? It has everything from fancy restaurants to designer boutiques, more clothing to a lot of potential window shopping. 
  • Swiss National Museum - It would be fascinating to explore the most-visited museum in the country. It is a very loved spot in Zurich and people from around the globe celebrate its collection.
  • Bellerive Museum - If you are a ceramic hoarder and connoisseur, head here for the most amazing ceramic, textile, and art collections from the past. The merging of creativity here is magical. 
  • Cabaret Voltaire - If you are an art fanatic and exploring the roots of Dadaism excites you, this is the perfect spot for the art lover in you. The quirkiness here dates back to over 100 years. 
  • Grossmünster Church - When in Zurich, you shouldn't miss this iconic landmark at any cost. The cloister Reformation Museum, bronze doors, stained glasses, and the pious vibe together make it legendary.
  • Uetliberg - If immersing in the natural beauty of a city is what your ideal touristy thing is, this local mountain of Zurich will be your bae. Look at the blossoming flowers, city, and the Zurich Lake from the top. 
  • Lake Zurich - Talking of Uetliberg, one would surely want to take a closer look at this bustling city lake. It is best to visit here during summers while the Chinese Garden nearby is a must-visit too.
  • Limmatquai - Another shopping street to check out in Zurich. Not only is it a great spot for collecting souvenirs but the local vibe here with old houses and outdoor restaurants makes it even more popular. 
  • Fraumünster - This is another historic church of Zurich but with a cause behind its inception. It is a historic symbol of woman empowerment as it translates to ‘Women’s Church’. Marc Chagall created its glorious glass windows which makes it more special.
  • Zoological Museum - If you are an animal lover or traveling with kids to Zurich, this is a must-visit attraction. Fall in love with the majestic and some endangered animals here that cannot be spotted in the wild.  

Best Restaurants Near Our Serviced Apartments in Zurich

While all things cheesy might flood your food list for Zurich already, there are so many restaurants that offer the best versions of that. From Cheese Fondue to Raclette, local food to exotic international cuisines, our Zurich abodes are quite near multiple restaurants here. With the most authentic food experiences and a whole range of unexplored tastes, you can expect to treat yourself to the finest meals while you stay with us in Zurich. 

While you are considering where to stay in Zurich, some of the central and locally adored food places here have been listed below for you:

  • La Fonte - Start with this excellent pick for the most incredible Italian cuisine in Zurich. With friendly staff, an elaborate menu, and great reviews, it also has a vegan and gluten-free menu.
  • La Pasta - This is another fantastic find for a detailed Italian menu in the heart of Zurich. Though it is ideal for a hearty lunch, even if you get confused with their detailed menu, blindly go for any of their daily specials. 
  • Mesa - It boasts of offering the most perfectly cooked dishes that taste incredible. This is an elegant choice for a quiet lunch where you could eat your heart out. It sure makes your trip memorable. 
  • Tamarind Hill Indian Restaurant - Head here for the love of Bollywood and classical Indian arts. With the most stunning interiors to excellent taste, this Asian heaven is quite loved. 
  • Restaurant Opera - Expect a contemporary Swiss menu in this gorgeously decorated restaurant. The soothing blue and grey tones together with great food make it a fine choice near the Museum of Art. 
  • Restaurant Kindli - With soft leather seats, dim soft lighting, and a classic European menu, it is a wonderful restaurant near Old Town. The wine selection and service here are great too.
  • Restaurant Weisses Rössli - It is the seasonal freshness of each dish made with utmost perfection and the highest quality ingredients that make it a must-try restaurant. The service is quite friendly and attentive.
  • Rolli's Steakhouse Oerlikon - After everything goes back to pre-COVID normal, visit here to witness how crazily loved their steak is by Zurich locals. A heaven for the lovers of red meats. 
  • Pizzeria Azzurro - If staying in the city for longer, Azzurro will end up being your weekly staple. Ideal for the perfect pizza date or even a comforting meal with friends or colleagues in Zurich. 
  • Iberia Tapas - This earthy restaurant offers a surprisingly varied Spanish menu, clearly one of the best in the city. Do come here for its relaxed vibe, authentic food preparation, and of course, delicious taste. 

Public Transportation Near Our Zurich Apartments

It is important to note before diving into the transportation essentials of Zurich that Switzerland is divided into Zones for better connectivity and convenience to travel. The Zurich Airport falls under Zone 121 while the Zurich City comes under Zone 110. A Swiss Travel Pass is the easiest shot at making the most of the city as the City Pass offers you unlimited access to only a few Zones, unlike a Travel Pass that works on kilometers. 

Apart from this, SBB or Swiss Federal Railways are a highly trustable transportation company making trains a highly reliable mode of travel. Last but not least, keeping a digital copy of the route network on your cell phone would be great. If staying for a longer duration, a timetable for train, bus, tram, and ferry will prove very useful. 

You can easily pick an ideal place to stay in Zurich with the following central public transport stations sharing proximity with our exquisite catalog:

  • Zurich Hauptbahnhof (HB)
  • Oerlikon
  • Stampfenbachplatz
  • Zürich Triemli
  • Bahnhof Selnau
  • Zürich Enge
  • Köschenrüti
  • Zürich Wipkingen

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