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Facts about Diplomatic Area, Doha


Diplomatic Area is one of the major neighborhoods in Doha. The other popular neighborhoods include Al Dafna, Al Bida, and Al Jasra. You will also love the West Bay, and Msheirab Downtown. Let us have a look at some of the facts that make this region a popular tourist destination as follows:


  • Travelers can explore the Sheraton Grand Resort, Sheraton Hotel Park, and Convention Center. This starts from the Doha Corniche, going to the West Bay. People can also relax at the I Park and enjoy the pretty skyline from the unique buildings. The two famous towers include the Tornado Tower and Burj Tower.
  • One of the biggest tourist attractions in Doha is the Abdul Wahhab Mosque which has 93 domes. It looks very impressive when illuminated in the evening. Travelers enjoy a relaxing walk here to avoid the heat.
  • Several local, international and regional electric exhibitions take place every month. 
  • It is easier to travel to the Hamad International Airport in 1 hour through the metro. 
  • Travelers can also shop for luxury items from the City Center Mall or the Gate Mall. 

Weather in Diplomatic Area, Doha


The climate of the Diplomatic Area in Doha is warm and dry during summers. It has mild winters and less to very less rainfall during the rainy season. The region has a subtropical desert climate. Thus, there are occasional sandstorms that disrupt normal life. People avoid going on the streets to protect their eyes, nose and mouth from the sand/dust. The best time to visit the city is during winter and spring. Travellers can go out for sightseeing and enjoy the mild and comfortable weather.