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Once known as one of the Dublin’s most desirable residential area, Capel Street used to be a fashionable Dublin address and holds a lot of prominence in the history of Dublin City. This popular street is nestled on the western fringe of North Inner City Centre retail and commercial core in 500 meters west of O'Connell Street, and in the vicinity of Abbey Street and Mary Street. It’s significance dates back to 1676, when Sir Humphrey Jervis built the now famous Essex Bridge, establishing Capel Street as one of the main passage between the north and south sides of Dublin City.

Over the centuries, the street has become a commercial hub, which once used to be a spacious city. Today, the area boasts an array of buildings ranging from the Georgian period to more recent times and has a number of interesting shopfronts and public houses with different building styles that adds to the traveller’s interest. The area is an exciting place to explore as it is filled with plenty of new cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants and shopping centres. We can say, Capel Street is truly one of the hidden gems of Dublin City!

A mix of both traditional and modern infrastructure, Capel Street is filled with vintage 18 th century pubs, restaurants, and shopping stores that cater to the preferences of both leisure and corporate travellers. Go for a leisure walk along the iron wrought Grattan Bridge, enjoy drinks at Victorian style pubs and try some delicious ethnic cuisines in Michelin star restaurants whenever you’re in Capel Street. If you plan to stay in this quaint and lively area, you can definitely make most out of your Dublin tour.

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