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Located at the northern end of O'Connell Street and to the west of Mountjoy Square, Parnell Square in Dublin has the highest migrant and ‘New Irish’ population in the city. The traditional starting point for significant processions and parades in the city, the square has played host to many political events central to the Irish history.

The area has a high concentration of primary and secondary school and training institutions including the Dublin Institute of Technology campuses. The houses which were constructed around Parnell Square in late 1700s are now adapted as hotels, schools and offices. You can find the historic Rotunda Maternity Hospital, art galleries, trade union headquarters, apartments and a great number of fine restaurants in this area, showcasing variety and contrast in identity.

Reflecting the modern Irish identity along with the cultural heritage of the area, Parnell Square is bustling with family-friendly spaces, where plenty of informal and spontaneous activities take place. There are many popular attractions, restaurants, pubs and cultural spaces to be explore in this area.

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