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Sitting on the northern banks of River Liffey, Smithfield neighbourhood has a remarkable mix of both new and old architecture. Newer apartment buildings have very-well blended with the old warehouse area and over a period of time, this neighbourhood has seen several commercial, residential, and cultural developments. When we talk about Smithfield, two things that describes the area well enough are the much loved cobbled square and the famous Smithfield Horse Fair.

Smithfield is an interesting and lovely place to wander, as being the site of an inner-city regeneration project few years ago, the area is now filled with lively cafes, restaurants, charming bars, and is home to popular attractions like The Old Jameson Distillery and the excellent Light House Cinema. The area also has a seasonal ice rink. All these developments have made the area a newly fashionable and entertainment hotspot, attracting several tourists every year.

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