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Dublin's popular shopping centre gets a new address in Smithfield and you will be spoilt for choices available here.  From high street shopping to designer boutiques, the area will offer everything as per your preferences. Here are the few suggestions to help you shop in Smithfield:

Smithfield Market­

A colourfully lit-up market that features over 50 stalls, this outdoor market has a mix of flea, vintage, clothes, craft and great value goods stores. The market that started in the mid of 17th century is now a bustling place and a favourite spot for bargain hunters, looking for quality goods at reasonable rates. You can also come to this place to indulge in delicious food, coffees and seasonal treats.

Dublin Vintage Factory­­

If you're looking for a good old-fashioned shopping store, Dublin Vintage Factory is the right place for you, as it is the hippest vintage store in Smithfield!! The store is situated on the north side of South William Street. Visit this store to get introduced to the whole new world of vintage clothing like coats, jackets, shoes and accessories.  The hustle-bustle at this place all across the day owes to the fact that here the clothes are sold at €20 a kilo, but you can also buy individual products as you like.


A supermarket that is specialized in selling carefully hand-picked fresh produce from Ireland and around the world.  The first Fresh supermarket opened its doors to Smithfield village and since then it has been 10 years. It offers an extensive range of farm fresh exotic fruits, vegetables and other food items that are rare to find in other normal stores. You can also find variety of home-made pre-made food items like pizza, sandwiches or pastries apart from the typical groceries that can be found in ordinary supermarkets. 

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