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Fresh, delicious and made with a contemporary twist, Temple Bar is a grub hub famous for being one of the cultural highlights of the Irish capital. Whether you are looking for a micro-brewery, city bistros to Michelin-starred restaurants, the neighbourhood has it all. The abundance of eclectic eateries can be overwhelming to the tourists.

Cleaver East

This fantastic restaurant was founded by the Michelin starred Irish chef Oliver Dunne. Serving delicious Irish cuisine made from the freshest local produce, you will find friendly service in a relaxed setting. You can sample a variety of European wines and locally brewed Irish craft beer to compliment your food. Cleaver East is one of the popular places for fine dining cuisine.

Gallaghers Boxty House

A cafe set in an antique setting with Victorian era stained-glass lamps is a unique take on Irish classic. Serving both contemporary and traditional dishes, you can enjoy the delicious and finest dishes such as the corned beef and cabbage boxty here. A variety of other types of food are also available such as twisted dishes of steak or lamb. You must visit this restaurant to acknowledge its innovative take on the classic Irish dish.

Mexico to Rome

Find a great fusion of Mexican and Italian cuisines at this restaurant. Situated opposite the Temple Bar Pub, the restaurant’s specialities are fajitas, burritos and other items on menu which are fine renditions of the dish. You can see the food being prepared live in the open kitchen, which will put a smile on your face in no time. The restaurant will provide a truly unique experience!

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