Dundee Attractions, Dublin

The Law

An extinct volcano that formed roughly 400 million years ago, The Dundee Law is one of the most prominent attractions in the city of Dundee. The 572-foot peak gives visitors a vantage point over the city and will take your breath away. Don’t worry about climbing, there’s always the bus if you feel you’re not fit enough for it.

RRS Discovery

Launched as a Royal Research Ship in 1901, the RRS Discovery is now a centerpiece of Dundee. Its first mission was the successful voyage to the Antarctic. Carrying Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton, it now just carries memories of its other successful journeys. Be sure to visit this remarkable piece of history before you set sail.  

Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre

If you’re an art lover then this is a treat. Exhibiting contemporary artwork and visual art, you will be spellbound as you peruse the displays. There is also a two screen cinema that shows blockbusters and arthouse films. Either way you will find the art and culture critic within you completely entertained.

The Caird Hall

Built between 1914 and 1923, The Caird Hall is Dundee’s main concert and event venue. With its old and stunning architecture you will easily believe that the building is Grade A-listed and is the host of many a memorable night. Assuming you are there at the right time, you’ll be able to catch the Royal Scottish National Orchestra playing with all their might.

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