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Ebert’s Suppenstube

Despite its limited space, this small jewel is the ideal spot to enjoy soups, traditional German Bratwurst and more. It’s a local favourite and if the weather is nice then the seating outdoors give added texture to the food and your relaxing break. Others might well replicate what Ebert’s does but only Ebert’s truly delivers. Be sure not to miss out.


Attached to Stadel Art Museum, this cafe and restaurant also has the luxury of being beautifully situated on the River Main. Whether you like sushi or traditional German recipes, this is an outstanding choice for a light lunch after an exhibition or if you happen to be in the area. The varied menu is a delight as is their speciality, the Holbein’s Wurst.

Im Herzen Afrikas

Translated as ‘In the Heart of Africa’, it offers a rich East-African cuisine. As such you’ll be using your hands to eat most dishes; and what tasty, rich dishes they are. If you’re wanting something different to the usual European fare then this is where you should be feeding your appetite. Don’t forget to book to avoid disappointment.


The best of French cuisine with some German tweaks added in for good measure. A splendid atmosphere makes this fine dining experience all the more special. From lobster to handmade cakes and locally sourced ingredients, make Zarges the first night out and every other one after it.

Villa Rothschild

Lying north-west of Frankfurt is the country estate of the Rothschild’s family in Rothschild Park. Serving as a hotel, it also serves as Michelin-starred restaurant that is ranked one of the top 40 restaurants in the whole of Germany. With foods ranging from pigeon, veal to caviar, this is ideal for a dining experience like no other. Worth every penny.

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