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Located on the Main river and often affectionately referred to as ‘Mainhattan’, Frankfurt is a bustling city in the German state of Hesse. Being home to the European Central Bank, Frankfurt is something of a financial powerhouse and leading business hub on the continent. Not only does this make the city a frequent destination for business travellers, but it also means it has some striking aesthetic contrast, between traditional German townhouses and modern office skyscrapers.

Whilst its association with financial institutions is undeniable, the city has a lot more to offer besides banks and offices. Frankfurt has a rich history and has been an important trade centre since antiquity, giving it a strong cultural heritage that can be seen reflected in its traditional beer halls, townhouses and the picturesque public square which can be found in the heart of the old town, in the Römerberg.

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More about Frankfurt

Frankfurt has a huge amount of accommodation available and it is mostly of a very high standard. Choosing where to stay will of course depend on the nature of your visit - those on business will more than likely want to be within easy reach of Bankenviertel or Innenstadt.

If you are planning for an extended stay in Frankfurt, then a serviced apartment can be a much better option than staying in a hotel and often facilitate a much more comfortable stay.  Corporate housing near the financial hotspots offer business travellers a convenient and luxurious way to relax after work, whilst a luxury apartment near the old town can provide an unforgettable tourism experience. Our range of serviced apartments in Frankfurt offer all the comfort and convenience of high-end hotels, whilst allowing you the freedom and privacy of having your own space.

Culture & shopping in Frankfurt

There are no shortage of places to go to experience the vast range of attractions in Frankfurt. The Römerberg is the place to visit if you want to see the historic heart of the city - with its 14th century Gothic church and the Historical Museum. There’s also the museum quarter on the south bank of the river Main, which hosts museums dedicated to everything from architecture and sculpture, to film and church iconography. Those looking to enjoy nature will find Grüneburgpark Botanic Garden and the even Nidda Valley People's Parcovering on the outskirts of the city, as well as Palmengarten on Bockenheimer Landstrasse.

Frankfurt is also a shoppers paradise, with its pedestrian promenade, the Zeil, being one of the most popular and profitable high streets in Germany. There are also numerous shopping malls, retail parks and outlet stores across the city, including the Skyline Plaza - which also houses modern spa facilities - and the Hessen Centre, with over 115 retail offerings inside.

Getting around in Frankfurt

As with most of Germany, the public transport in Frankfurt is exceptionally good, with great coverage and reliability. The buses, metro and commuter rail services are all operated under the RMV networks, which makes ticketing and navigation very simple. Depending on the length of your stay, the most cost effective way of getting around is to purchase the Wochenkarte, or weekly pass, which is bought by the zone and covers all the major modes of transport.

The city also has excellent taxi services, as well as night buses for those looking to experience Frankfurt nightlife. There are also several park and ride zones dotted around, for anyone planning to drive in the city.