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Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany and the largest city in the Hesse state. Culturally and ethnically diverse, it is not surprising that it is classed as a global city; offering a richness that the majority of metropolises deliver. Progressing from one of the most important cities in the Holy Roman Empire, to becoming an independent state and then an integral part of Germany, the city of Frankfurt today is recognised as the financial centre of the European continent.

Not a just a financial hub, it is also a hub for culture, history, food and shopping. It’s infamous street, the Zeil, is the most profitable street in Germany; not surprising when you see what it offers. The city itself has a whole area, known as the Museum Riverbank, crammed full with museums that display the rich history and art of the past as well as the present - perfect for the art, history and culture critic hiding away. Gorgeous and delicate foods are yours to be gorged, from lobster to all the varieties of Wurst that you could need to even French dining with a German twist. All this and more is yours to be had in the city of Frankfurt.

Like most cities, Frankfurt is graced with exceptional transport links. Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest in the world and as such has hordes of flights for wherever you need to go. In the city you’ll be able to traverse around on the U-Bahn (underground railway) or S-Bahn. Alternatively, you can use the buses or trams.

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