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What’s on in Gdansk

The Gdansk tourism board proudly claims that “no-one can get bored” in their city, as it is so full of cultural attractions, beautiful parks and stunning architecture, topped off by a fantastic nightlife. Gdansk is one of Poland’s most striking cities, with its colourful buildings and Gothic architecture paying homage to its mixed Polish, German and Prussian heritage. The city offers everything from historical walking tours to contemporary music festivals - and everything in-between.

Where to stay in Gdansk

If you’re visiting Gdansk for an extended period of time - perhaps on a business trip, then choosing to book into a serviced apartment can really help you to get the most from your trip. Not only do they offer a variety of conveniences - from room cleaning to concierge services - but having your own kitchen facilities and private space will really allow you to get a feel for living like a local. Properties range from luxury apartments to specialist corporate housing, with sizes and style to suit all budgets.

What to do in Gdansk

Gdansk is a wonderfully diverse town that offers numerous attractions and activities - from historic monuments and museums to fashionable bars and nightclubs, the city is a thriving and engaging port that proudly displays its mixed heritage.

Many first time visitors will be enthralled with Gdansk’s cultural offerings, such as its stunning churches, old-world markets and quaint cafes. The streets are steeped in history and there’s plenty to discover around every corner -  it’s architecture and beautiful facades make wandering round an attraction in itself.

Alternatively, there’s also the incredible nightlife. The relatively low cost of meals and drinks compared to London make Gdansk an enjoyable and vibrant place to spend an evening. There are also numerous street festivals and events that run throughout the year.

Tips for staying in Gdansk

Where to eat

Prologue restaurant is popular with both tourists and locals and also doubles as a cocktail bar in the evenings, whilst Dumpling Mandu Center is a more relaxed affair, serving a mix of local dishes and international dishes. Piwna47 has a slightly more upmarket feel, serving fine Polish cuisine. For the environmentally conscious, there’s also Avocado Vegan and Eko, which has a diverse menu based on ethically sourced produce.


Galeria Bałtycka and the Galeria Handlowa Madison are the two major shopping centres in the city centre, offering everything from homewares to international fashions. Alternatively, those seeking a bargain have the opportunity to head out of the city centre to Designer Outlet Gdansk. The city also has a fantastic indoor/outdoor market at Hala Targowa Kupcow Dominikanskich, which is an ideal place to pick up souvenirs and also offers local crafts and produce.


The historic public square is a must for first time visitors to Gdansk, as it features stunning period architecture lined with with restaurants souvenir shops. For those seeking to explore Gdansk’s heritage, Artus Court is a restored 14th-century former merchant's house containing collections of local history an arts. Another famous landmark is the Gothic St Mary’s Church, which dominates the skyline and features stunning stained-glass windows.


Gdansk has a superb public transport system consisting of integrated bus and trams that between them cover the entire city and surrounding areas. Travel cards are available across the services, which offer reductions for multiple journeys. There’s also the SKM kolejka (overground trains) for travelling to nearby cities such as Gdynia and Sopot, as well as accessing the rest of the country.

Local business

Tourism is huge business for Gdansk and many local firms cater to the industry, basing themselves in the city centre. However, tech sectors such as electronics, telecommunications, IT engineering, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are becoming increasingly prevalent and seeing Gdansk emerge as a key contributor to the wider Polish economy. The industrial sections of the city are dominated by shipbuilding, petrochemical and chemical industries.

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