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Where to Stay in Geneva?

A multicultural city, Geneva has the largest French-speaking population, which can be a win-win situation for travellers. The reason is simple, they not only get to experience the natural décor of the place – surrounded by water and mountains but also relish some authentic French cuisine.

But first, travellers need to find the right place part of the city to stay in. Here are the best places listed to stay in Geneva:

  • Eaux Vives
  • Plainpalais
  • Carouge
  • Old Town
  • Paquis

These areas in Geneva have unique features that help the travellers to decide what place to stay in. One of the largest cities in Geneva is the Old Town, which houses traditional Swiss restaurants, museums and art galleries. 

For those looking for the main sights of the city and comparatively a quiet place, then Eaux Vives is the best option – a perfect place for families as well. 

Those that want an inexpensive stay, can opt for Plainpalais. The place is young and energetic, mainly occupied by students. The place is known for its nightlife and the travellers can drink at the bars that are open till late at night.

Facts about Geneva

Researching a destination before travelling is a smart way to explore the place to the fullest. Not only does it give some kind of satisfaction, but it also enhances the knowledge of the place and its significance. It is an added advantage to those who love to document their travels and adding to their archives. 

Here are a few facts that guests should know about Geneva:

  • Geneva houses the International Red Cross Committee.
  • 20% of Geneva is covered in green areas and has the title of being one of the greenest cities in Europe.
  • The main tourist attraction in Geneva is the Giant Fountain with its water rising 475 feet. 
  • The Journal de Genève is the city’s leading French-language newspaper and one of the premier papers in the world.
  • Over 40% of Geneva’s population is not Swiss.
  • Geneva is also referred to as the “Peace Capital” of the world.
  • There are eight international schools in Geneva that cater to the city’s large expat community.

Other assorted facts for Geneva include:

  • Total Area: 15.92 km2 (6.15 sq mi).
  • Population: 201,741.
  • Demonyms: Genevan or Genevese.

Things to Do in Geneva

Geneva is more than worth exploring, as the city offers many surprising attractions. Not only is Geneva rich in history, but it is also adorned with stunning lakeside views that can be a sight for the eyes. There are a few other unique attractions in this city, like chocolates and cheeses, that are impossible to find anywhere else in the world.

What are the most popular things to see in Geneva?

These are the top 12 attractions in Geneva:

  • Lake Geneva.
  • Jet D’Eau.
  • St Pierre Cathedral.
  • Vielle Vill.
  • CERN.
  • Patek Philippe Museum.
  • Palais des Nations.
  • Bains des Pâquis.
  • Mont Salève.
  • Art and History Museum.
  • Musée Ariana.
  • Jardin Anglais.

What are some free things to do in Geneva?

Here are 10 free things to do in Geneva:

  • Witness the L’Escalade Parade.
  • Take a walk in Bastion Parks.
  • Stroll around the Plainpalais Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Walkthrough the oldest lane, Carouge.
  • Visit Parc des Bastions to experience life-sized chess boards, as well as ping-pong tables and a skating rink.
  • Look for the Horloge Fleurie, an outdoor homage to Geneva’s watchmakers from 1955, in the form of a working clock with a flowerbed for its face at Jardin Anglais.
  • Visit Maison Tavel, one of the oldest private homes in Geneva, dating mostly to the 14th century.
  • Go to the Parc de la Grange, which grows more than 10,000 bushes from 200 varieties.
  • Witness Geneva’s Italian side in Carouge.
  • Visit the Vielle Ville, the largest historic centre in Switzerland.

Where should you spend your nights in Geneva?

Here’s how you should spend a night in Geneva:

  •  Be entertained by ballet, opera and comedy performances at Theatre du Leman.
  •  Sit back and watch classical music concerts at Victoria Hall.
  •  Attend a high-profile concert at Geneva Arena.
  •  Dine and watch a cabaret show at Palais Mascotte.
  •  Visit one of the most popular clubs in Geneva, La Verre a Monique.

Places to Visit in Geneva

Geneva, no doubt is a gorgeous city; filled with mountains, cheeses, chocolates, some incredible history and a waterjet that reaches the sky. Surrounded by the breath-taking Alps, the city is an apt place to begin an adventure in Switzerland.

  • St. Pierre Cathedral - built as a Roman Catholic cathedral, it became a Reformed Protestant Church of Geneva church during the Reformation. 
  • The Geneva Water Fountain - one of the city's most famous landmarks, it has been featured on the city's official tourism website and in the 2008 UEFA Championships.
  • Palais des Nations - the home of the United Nations offices in Geneva.
  • The Old Town - one of the largest Old Towns in Europe, it catalogues the town's 2,000 years of history in its many art galleries, museums and more.
  • L’horloge Fleurie - an outdoor flower clock located on the western side of Jardin Anglais, there’s around 6,500 flowering plants and shrubs used for the clock face. 
  • Jardin Anglais - an urban park, it marks the beginning of the Quai Gustave-Ador.
  • Musée d’Art et d'Histoire - the largest art museum in Geneva, this is where all art lovers should be spending their time.
  • Musee Ariana - the museum is devoted to ceramic and glass artwork and contains around 20,000 objects from the last 1,200 years.

Places to Eat in Geneva

A gourmet’s paradise for sure, explore Geneva for its culinary treasures as the menus delight the food-lover with a modest number of national dishes to satisfy their palate. A gentle reminder to the foodies - Swiss cuisine combines influences from German, French and North Italian. Interestingly, many dishes have crossed the local borders and become firm favourites throughout Switzerland.

What foods should visitors try in Geneva?

Here are 10 foods that every traveller should try:

  • Älplermagronen.
  • Birchermüesli.
  • Romandie.
  • Bern.
  • Basel.
  • Rösti.
  • Swiss chocolate.
  • Raclette.
  • Cheese fondue.
  • Swiss cheese.

What are the best restaurants in Geneva?

Here are the 10 best restaurants in Geneva:

  • IntensusL'Aparte.
  • Bayview.
  • Le Jardin.
  • Fiskebar.
  • Cafe de la Place.
  • Le Chat-Botte.
  •  Il Lago at The Four Seasons Hotel.
  • Izumi.
  • TOSCA.

What are the top posh restaurants in Geneva?

For a meal with a bit of glamour, go to these restaurants:

  • Domaine de Châteauvieux.
  • Eastwest Hotel.
  • Gusto.
  • Auberge du Lion d’Or.
  • Living Room Bar & Kitchen.
  • Umami.
  • Windows Restaurant.
  • Rasoi by Vineet.
  • Hotel du Parc des Eaux-Vives.
  • Izumi.

What are Geneva’s cheaper dining options?

Here are the top 10 cheapest restaurants in Geneva:

  • La Buvette des Bains
  • Chez ma Cousine
  • Le Radar de Poche
  • Manora Restaurant
  • La Limite
  • Place du Bourg-de-Four
  • Chez Ma Cousine Vieille-Ville
  • Chez Ma Cousine St-Gervais
  • Chez Ma Cousine
  • Le Blandonnet

Street Food in Geneva

Not getting a taste of street food in this particular region would be a shame. Travellers should be open to experience food in both worlds of fine dining and street food. Many locales establish a small eatery in their vicinity to showcase their authentic dishes, thus, making street food the best option to choose, both in taste and cost-wise. Though Geneva doesn’t boast of having many street food options, here are a few of them for the travellers to try: 

  • American Dream Diner.
  • Inglewood Plainpalais.
  • Alex Pizza.
  • The Trailer.
  • Now' Made.
  • Belga.
  • Street Beirut.
  • Croc Orient.
  • Edward's.
  • Bao Canteen.

Shopping in Geneva

Shopping is something that cannot be ignored at any cost. Geneva boasts of both elite and quite inexpensive shops. The Plainpalais Flea Market, for instance, has vintage items and accessories are available to customers, but also low-cost CDs and computer equipment. Collectors will be interested in choosing old books and photographs, women will be impressed by a variety of vintage jewellery and costumes displayed. Those who spare no expense for exquisite accessories should visit the Bucherer trading house. Here, buyers are offered watches and jewellery of famous brands.

Here are some shopping centres in Geneva to explore:

  • CERN Gift Shop
  • Alptitude
  • Victorinox Flagship Store
  • Du Rhône Chocolatier
  • Caran d'Ache
  • Le Caveau du Bacchus
  • UN Bookshop
  • Edelweiss Shop
  • International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum’s Shop
  • Centre Commercial de Balexert 

Transportation in Geneva

Good access to transport links is very important. And Geneva doesn’t lag behind when it comes to transportation facilities, thus, making it easy for a tourist to explore the city.

‘Transports Publics Genevois’ caters to the needs of the travellers by providing public transport like buses, trolleybuses, and trams. It connects to all the major centres of the city with a few lines reaching into France as well. 

Trains are another great option to travel, as they connect the airport to the main station of Cornavin in just a few minutes. Cabs or taxis in Geneva can be a task to reach, as they need to be booked in advance.

Weather in Geneva

The oceanic climate makes Geneva, a perfect tourist destination for those who like to experience the different weathers of the city. The winters are usually cool, accompanied by light frosts at night. Summers are warm and pleasant, people flock to the lake and public beaches to enjoy the cool waters on a sunny day. Since the place is surrounded by mountains, the winters can be harsh and subject to snowfall, thus allowing tourists and locals to make a beeline towards ski-resorts. 

Another highlight of Geneva is that it houses the most famous Mont Blanc, the highest of the Alpine range, which is visible from most of the city. So, one can witness snow caps during winters and soft sunshine glazing the mountains during summers.