Things to do in Central Hong Kong

Central Hong Kong lies at the heart of this bustling city’s activity, and acts as the main business and financial hub of the city. Also one of the more popular tourist centres in the Eastern world, Central Hong Kong benefits from a huge range of visitors each and every day. From corporate travellers to expatriates and holidaymakers, there is something for everybody in Central Hong Kong.

There is a huge range of places to visit in Central Hong Kong – from traditional cultural attractions to contemporary shopping and entertainment districts. As such, there truly is an activity to suit every taste and preference. Those looking to sample some of Hong Kong’s best cuisine with find Michelin Star restaurants as well as local hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and those interested in shopping will find 21st-century retail complexes alongside traditional markets that have been running for dozens of years. Visitors can enjoy heritage tours or bar crawls, spa treatments or exhilarating thrill rides – in this city of contrast, you never have to choose.

Central Hong Kong’s markets are a particularly popular feature of the city – however, the markets face tougher and tougher competition due to the immense popularity of the Causeway Bay shopping district. Visiting a good selection of both is the best way to get a taste for the traditional and the modern sides of Hong Kong. With so much on offer – the only decision left to make is how long to spend in this diverse and exciting city.

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