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Mid Levels Escalator

Although the Mid Levels Escalator was designed as a way to ease congestion and offer an effortless commute to local residents living in and around Mid Levels, it is also one of the top attractions in Hong Kong. Step on the Mid Levels Escalator at one of the many stops and let it transport you in or out of the city. There are plenty of things to see and do along the way, so hop off when you reach something that interests you.

Hong Kong Central Library

The Hong Kong Central Library is an important Hong Kong landmark, offering literature fans of any age to browse the shelves and pick out a new book to enjoy or to learn from. The library has been renovated to maintain its appeal, incorporating exciting technology and unique designs throughout. It is best known for its automatic cataloguing machine, which is a marvel in itself. Borrow some books for your stay in Hong Kong or simply wander around and let the hours slip away when you visit the Hong Kong Central Library.

LOST Hong Kong

Escape rooms have increased dramatically in popularity in recent years, and they have become top attractions in most big cities. The perfect activity for families or work colleagues on a team-building trip, LOST offers a range of escape rooms, where visitors must deduce clues in order to unlock the room. One of the top attractions near Mid Levels, LOST is a must-visit for anybody looking for a mind-stretching adventure.

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