Best Places to Shop in North Point

Dickson Fashion Square:

With a large local population, North Point is the perfect place to go for some fast fashion and some serious discounts. One of the best shopping areas near North Point is Dickson Fashion Square – known for its heavily discounted accessories. The shopping centre specialises in menswear; however, there is some women’s fashion available too. Be prepared to fight the crowds as the centre is reasonably busy – when you pick up that discounted leather handbag, the crowds will be worth it.

The World Signs:

Looking for big labels at small prices? The World Signs is one of the top shopping destinations in Hong Kong for discounted designer brands. Although the store is unpretentious and even slightly shabby, guests who peek inside will find brands like Prada, Longchamp and Chloe – all at a serious discount. A lot of the stock is from older seasons, but there is always the chance of picking up some current trends too. With discounts of up to 20%, The World Signs is the perfect spot for a designer bargain.

North Point Wet Market:

Many local North Point residents will choose to visit the North Point Wet Market over any other local supermarket, due to its excellent prices and fresh produce. From local grocers to hot foot hawkers, there is something for everybody to enjoy at the North Point Wet Market. Although the stalls are far from fancy and the crowds can be overwhelming – the market is one of the best ways to get integrated with the local culture in North Point, and is a must for anybody staying in the area.

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