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Our Hong Kong serviced apartments are awaiting you. With over 8,000 skyscrapers adorning Hong Kong and one of the finest tourist experiences ever offered, it sure has some of our most impressive furnished apartments. Our apartments are ideal for long and short term stay in hong kong. 

Most travelers agree that despite all the luxuries and variety that the city has, it is the right choice of accommodation that makes all the difference.’s catalog of best serviced apartments in Hong Kong island offers private tasteful spaces in the heart of the city. Each urban pad in all its glory has been curated with utmost effort and dedication to keep the premium living experience beyond everything else.

Top 10 Hong Kong Serviced Apartments for Short or Long Term Stay

  1. Sheung Wan Residences
  2. Salisbury Road Apartments
  3. Junction Rd. Apartments
  4. Tai Mong Tsai Road Apartments
  5. Salisbury Rd. Apartments
  6. Connaught Road Apartments
  7. Morrison Hill Apartments
  8. Yik Yam Street Apartments
  9. Tai Tam Apartments
  10. Discovery Bay Apartments

If you are looking for apartments in Hong Kong, we have a range that are ideal for business or leisure. Short term rental Hong Kong are available, if you are looking for a short stay . Each HK Service Apartments comes with all amenities included. From the most sophisticated business condos to abodes that make families feel right at home,’s accommodation are just the right choice.

Benefits of Fully Furnished Apartments in Hong Kong

Accommodation in Hong Kong with all their comforts are already leading the race to becoming the most preferred spaces for the modern global traveler. Who wouldn't choose home-like comforts and welcoming ambiance in a foreign city? The best part is that with the most stunning finishings and luxuries equally winning hearts, one doesn't miss living in a premium hotel. 

What really are the benefits of furnished apartments in Hong Kong, then? It is the freedom from the burdens of finding a secure location, picking homes closer to MTR, and from the insecurity of cost transparency and potential hidden fees. It is also the completely furnished feature of each apartment that comes with a fully stocked kitchen each, plus the cleaning team coming to the rescue.              

Corporate Housing in Hong Kong

With the 7th-largest Stock Exchange and a per capita GDP of $58165, Hong Kong is one of the global leaders when it comes to financing. However, innumerable guests from around the globe express their love for corporate housing in Hong Kong.

How come so many people have experienced living with us? It is the most thriving service sector here that brings guests to contribute to a whopping 92.7 percent of Hong Kong's economy. Our dedicated team working tirelessly constantly keeps upgrading the quality of living that each Hong Kong corporate housing offers.

Business travelers can expect to enjoy the authentic HK serviced apartments experience with us. From homes fully-equipped to facilitate work from home to locations surrounded by skyscrapers and transportation, takes pride in offering the ideal stay. What makes it worth booking instantly is that business officials are never worrying again about missing their home food with the in-house ready-to-use kitchens.

Holiday Apartments in Hong Kong Island

With Ocean Park and Disneyland awaiting families in the heart of Hong Kong Island, it is the warmly curated set of apartments that add a real vibe to the trip. All kinds of travelers love having a place to themselves with all the fancy amenities that make it feel like a vacation, while everyone low-key misses hot chocolate in bed.’s holiday apartments in Hong Kong island come up with the finest blends of both these expectations that truly transform into temporary homes. 

A family that cooks their comfort cuisine together even on a vacation; eats it on a little dining or take their dishes to eat in the balcony with a view, and still prefers to have their own space to unwind, offers the perfect living experience to match up to these visuals. 

Where to Stay in HK (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong is home to modern skyscrapers, excellent dim sums, and a lot of rich history and culture. As far as living here is concerned, the layout of the city is very unique. Three major territories make up the larger city map, each comes with its unique properties and striking features. To get a bird's-eye view, the Victoria Harbor divides the city into Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories.

TST or Tsim Sha Tsui is the best option to consider for first-timers in HK. The Central District is the finest neighborhood brushing with it. Ideal for family stays, Causeway Bay apartment is another best choice to do justice to HK even on a short trip. Most guests prefer the Mong Kok neighborhood for budget stays with lots of food variety. While picking the right location can be a huge challenge,'s HK serviced apartments make it way clearer. 

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Why Book Our Short Term Rentals in Hong Kong? 

You should certainly book our Hong Kong apartment rentals for the sheer convenience and comfort on offer. You will enjoy freedom and privacy unlike any other conventional hospitality accommodation with our short term rental in Hong Kong.

At the same time, our apartments give you ample flexibility and oodles of space. Enjoy plush furnishings backed by all necessary amenities and other appliances that you will require for a more convenient and memorable Hong Kong sojourn. Our HK apartment rentals are also located in close proximity to major tourist landmarks, business centers and public transit facilities in Hong Kong for maximum comfort. 

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More about Hong kong

Facts About Hong Kong Island

The city of Hong Kong originated as a British Colony in the year 1842 which was later taken over in 1997 by China. What is most fascinating is that this gorgeous city is made of 263 islands. It is a fascinating city in China that attracts a lot of tourists every year. The name directly means Fragrant Harbor and it boasts of a whopping 1,092 sq. Km. of Island area. With so much to offer, the city welcomes over 40 million people every year and boasts the following exciting facts:

  • Hong Kong is home to the maximum skyscrapers across the globe. The number of buildings with over 14 stories goes up to an unbelievable 8k. 
  • Over 7.5 million people call Hong Kong their home which makes it one of the most populated cities in the world.
  • The Mong Kok district estimates 130,000 people within every sq km which makes it the most populated place on Earth.
  • It is now known as the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.
  • An exciting fact is that it has the most number of Rolls Royce per person in the world. 
  • It is home to the longest suspension bridge in the world, named Tsing Ma Bridge.

Cost of Living in Hong Kong

With the most expensive gasoline in the world, the cost of living index in HK stands at 77.90, almost 20% lower than in NYC.  It proudly stands as the 13th highest cost of living index across the globe. With an estimated number of 7.5M calling Hong Kong their home, it is the 2nd finest city to live in China. While the restaurant costs are high, the ready to use kitchens back at home help in cutting those extra costs. Even though travelers get slightly daunted by seeing HK in the top 1% of most expensive global cities, it is safe to say that not everything costs the world here. 

Tips for Visiting Hong Kong City

While the city is quite welcoming, the language barrier and the density of the population often makes it slightly inconvenient to explore. A heads up beforehand to make the most of Hong Kong City will be immensely valuable. The top tips for visiting the city include:

  • The weather here is very humid most times of the year and the day. It would be an intelligent choice to pack light breezy clothes.
  • Hong Kong is noisy. It shouldn't be the first preference for travelers looking for a relaxing vacation. Or just some earplugs would do.
  • It takes over 20 minutes to get to Central Station from HKG Airport. The public Airport Train is the quickest mode to pick.
  • The island region has a lot of stairs. It isn't the fastest to walk in HK because of the up and down terrain. Consider taking the bridges. 
  • HKG dollars are issued by 3 different banks and the design therefore differs. They are all acceptable.
  • 8-9 am and even 5-6 pm are the peak rush hours of the metros used by over 5 million travelers every day. 

Things to Do in Hong Kong

When it comes to Hong Kong, there are many attractions that will take up your spare time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the galleries, parks, museums or even the shopping streets. Despite its small size, it certainly does deliver a huge experience that’s worth indulging in.

Here are a few answers to some of your biggest questions:

Q. What are the most popular things to do in Hong Kong?

Take the iconic Star Ferry and experience the very active Victoria Harbor. The light show in the evening is an iconic attraction here. Watching the skyline from Victoria Peak, marveling at the Big Buddha, enjoying the Ocean Park and of course, Disneyland together are the most popular things to do here. 

Q. What are some free things to do in Hong Kong?

Marvel at the Big Buddha or The Tian Tan Buddha and even Po Lin Monastery when in HK. The best place to find free attractions is on Lantau Island. As far as museums are concerned, the 3 iconic HK museums of Heritage, Art, and Science respectively are all free on Wednesdays. 

Q. Does Hong Kong have many romantic attractions?

Lan Kwai Fong is great to choose from the most elaborate dining experiences here. Hong Kong Park is quite romantic in its peaceful and dense green ambiance. A ferry straight to Lamma Island takes one to quaint romantic beaches and seaside villages. Sai Lung is the ultimate epicenter to head to.

Q. What are the most family-friendly things to do in Hong Kong?

Ride the Ding-Ding with the kids and enjoy the cheapest sightseeing across the city. Just grab a spot on the top deck and explore the city. For the foodie families, large portions of Cantonese dishes meant for sharing is a great way to eat with the fam. Ocean Park, kid-friendly Zoo, and the thoroughly popular Disney Park top all family activity lists. 

Q. What are the more unusual things to do in Hong Kong?

Tai O Fishing Village is a very unusual but one of its kind experience that travelers can enjoy only in HK. Sampling fresh seafood while exploring the waters is unique to experience.

Places to Visit in Hong Kong

With so much that the city has to offer, it is impossible to see it all on a short trip. If one has to pick a handful of best places that must not be missed, a top 7 tourist attraction near to our apartments:

  1. Tsim Sha Tsui - This hub of entertainment and shopping is one of the melting pots of cultures and experiences of HK.
  2. Victoria Peak - Take a Peak Tram and head here to see the most stunning skyline view of the city. 
  3. Tai Long Wan - An ideal bunch of secluded beaches for couples, clustered in Sai Kung. Ham Tin Beach is the most maintained of them all.
  4. Temple Street - It is all about the colorful, culturally vibrant, and very dynamic side of Hong Kong. A must-visit for budget shopping. 
  5. Hong Kong Disneyland - The ultimate high-budget destination for couples and families with Mickey and Minnie awaiting the kids. 
  6. Ocean Park - One of the top tourist favorites with animal exhibitions, thrilling rides, and cute pandas to make the HK trip memorable.  
  7. Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts - With boutiques, restaurants, art museums, and exhibits, it is finally open after endless expensive renovations. 

Places to Eat in Hong Kong

It is no secret that Hong Kong City is all about food. From snacks selling across the streets to iconic restaurants flooded by locals all the time, the city won't disappoint at any time of the day. An eating joint which is worthy of being the showstopper is the very popular Capital Cafe. A mix of Cantonese and Southern Chinese food makes the variety unbelievable. Most foodies get instantly attracted to the iconic dim sums when in the city. Maxim's Palace in City Hall serves exemplary dim sums and their Har Gow (shrimp dumplings) are a must-try. Another city favorite is Yung Kee Restaurant for Hong Kong's most famous roast meats, their goose and bbq pork are the best.

The city is quite laden with innumerable affordable spots as well. Without a doubt, Hong Kong Milk Tea (both hot and cold) is the best beverage that the city boasts of and Lan Fong Yuen happens to serve it best. Some pretty affordable Cantonese dishes are served in spots like Can-Teen, MX, and Cafe Coral on-the-go. For the authentic local food experience, choose any one Dai Pai Dong which are the umbrella street stalls laid out on Temple Street and Central District at night. 

To sum the culinary rollercoaster up, head to Honeymoon Dessert or any one of so many mango cafes spread across the city. Hiu Lau Shan is another excellent choice. The classic HK Mango Pudding is heavenly. 

Street Food in Hong Kong

If there are a bunch of dishes that represent the unique street food culture of Hong Kong, Curry Fish Balls, Spicy Crabs, and Stinky Pork/Tofu top the charts. With the most affordable options of snacks adorning the city streets, travelers are often delighted to experience such a unique variety. Skewer dishes seem to be the local favorite here; from pig intestines to octopus or cuttlefish, pork and tofu to Fish Balls, a lot of colorful and delicious snacks can be enjoyed on skewers on the go. Last but not least, one just cannot leave the city without tasting the sweet and gooey Eggettes. 

Shopping in Hong Kong

For shoppers, HK is nothing less than paradise. From high-end malls to low-end flea markets, there is so much for all budgets and tastes. Hong Kong is known for some of its most popular budget-friendly markets. Nathan Road near the Tsim Sha Tsui Station and the Mong Kok shopping streets are great ones to shop from. For shorter trips with room for barely one or two market options, Temple Street is the ultimate shopper’s heaven to prioritize while the Cat Street and Jade Market are ideal for antiques and jewelry.

HK locals and tourists visiting here adore some of the best malls and local markets spread across the city, the top picks in the same order include:

  • IFC Mall or The International Financial Center (High-end)
  • Pacific Place
  • Temple Street Night Market (Must-visit)
  • Ladies Market in Kowloon
  • Goldfish Market, Tung Choi Street
  • Times Square, Causeway Bay
  • Jade Market
  • The Landmark
  • Cat Street

Transportation in Hong Kong

Take a taxi to the Central Station from HKG Airport and skip the time-taking train. When it comes to traveling around, Public Transport is the way to go. With the maddening traffic on the roads round the clock, the MTR (Subway) is hands down the most efficient shot. 

Buying an Octopus Card on entering the city is the most convenient option to consider. It gives free access to the city MTR which runs both Subways and double-decker local buses. Ding-Dings, the iconic HK trams are quite adored by locals as well. Since metro wins the show in HK City, the key subway stations near to HK serviced apartments here include:

  • Tsuen Wan Station
  • Tsim Sha Tsui Station
  • Central Station
  • Chai Wan Station
  • Sunny Bay Station
  • Kennedy Town Station
  • Disney Resort Station
  • Tiu Keng Leng Station

Weather in Hong Kong

Hong Kong enjoys a humid subtropical climate. While the winters are short and dry, January is the coldest month here (12-15 C). While both the Spring and Rainy seasons are hot, sunny autumn is the best time to explore. This makes October to March the best time to visit Hong Kong. 

Except for July being the hottest time of the year, and mid-January celebrating the Chinese New Year, the city welcomes tourists all year long. With the excellent serviced apartments in Hong Kong Island awaiting its esteemed guests, Hong Kong can be the ideal destination for a last-minute tropical vacation.