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Fully Furnished Apartments in Hong Kong

Immerse yourself in the bustling metropolis of Asia. Our serviced apartments in Hong Kong are known for their luxurious and rewarding experience for all types of guests. Equipped with amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen and premium furnishings. Situated in excellent locations of the city for ease of commute. Explore our range of spacious accommodations in Asia’s world city.

What are the best-serviced apartments in Hong Kong?

We have handpicked some of the most elegant furnished apartments in Hong Kong. Each of these apartments stands out for its reasons Choose to stay in a Hong Kong luxury apartment with top-notch amenities. With ample space and privacy. Equipped with a fully equipped kitchen for cooking facilities. Our apartments are in the best locations in the city for easy access to popular attractions and business hubs.

What are the benefits of TheSquare’s serviced apartment for rent in Hong Kong?

When it comes to finding fully furnished accommodation that exemplifies luxury living in Hong Kong. Our serviced apartments are the go-to choice, offering a relaxing abode after a long day of work or sightseeing. Stay the way you want in complete privacy. For a seamless experience of your visit, our apartments are equipped with several benefits such as:

1. Spacious Accommodations

We provide various types of accommodations for a personalised experience. Our accommodations are generously spaced, with distinct living spaces. Enjoy the feeling of a home away from home. Ideal for families and solo travellers.

2. Flexible Durations

Staying at our monthly rentals in Hong Kong opens you up to having duration flexibility. Whether you are looking for an apartment for a short-term stay or long-term. As a guest, you don’t have to worry about a term lease or legal permits. Our team ensures that booking service apartments is a seamless process.

3. Essential Amenities

Our serviced apartments in Hong Kong are move-in ready with essential amenities. Take advantage of high-speed Wi-Fi to catch up on some last-minute work.  Cook your favourite meals in the fully-equipped kitchen. Catch up on the latest entertainment on the wide-screen television. You can have a stay that is beyond the basics.

4. Top Locations

Whether you are visiting Hong Kong for leisure or work, our serviced apartments in Hong Kong are close to all the major tourist hubs such as Tsim Sha Tsui. We have apartments close to business hubs such as Wan Chai for professionals. Located in prime locations allows you to get around the city easily. Explore our apartments located in the top neighbourhoods of Hong Kong.

Each of our serviced apartments goes through a strict verification process, to ensure that you get the best in terms of quality, amenities and safety. Our team is available round the clock to assist you throughout your stay.

Where to stay in Hong Kong?

When it comes to staying in the vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong, the diverse neighbourhoods make for a unique experience. To make the most of your visit, Consider staying in these top neighbourhoods:

1. Wan Chai - This neighbourhood features impressive architecture and top restaurants. Explore hidden shops and cultural spots. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife with exquisite bars such as Mizunara: The Library. Visit the popular Wan Chai market which houses high-end brands for electronics. 

2. Tai Tam - Located towards the southeastern coast of Hong Kong Island. A peaceful residential area with modern amenities. Enjoy the lush green spaces providing a beautiful backdrop for hiking trails. Visit the local cafes to get acquainted with the lifestyle. The Tai Tam Reservoirs are ideal for leisure walks.

3. Quarry Bay  - One of the more iconic neighbourhoods of Hong Kong. Featuring tons of leisure activities such as indoor sports venues and art galleries. It also features one of Hong Kong’s best rooftop bars.  Visit the Yik Cheong Building also known as the Monster Building, one of the most Instagrammable spots.

To learn more about the trendy neighbourhoods of Hong Kong click here.

What is the cost of living in Hong Kong?

Being a global destination, it’s no surprise that living in Hong Kong can get expensive. In fact Hong Kong has been ranked fifth most expensive city to live in 2023. On an average it is estimated that a single person would be spending $1,173.9 per month besides renting costs. Our serviced apartments offer a cost effective accommodation with more space and amenities when compared to other options. The average cost to rent a serviced apartment in Hong Kong would be around $60 per night to $2,500 per night.

What is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

While Hong Kong is a great destination to visit year round. However the absolute best time to visit Hong Kong is in the Months between April to October for pleasant breezes and sunshine. The cool weather encourages your to explore the city.


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Frequently asked questions

Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Hong-kong

There are serviced apartments available within a vast price range in Hong Kong Island to cater to all budgets. Apartments usually start from HKD 500 and go up to HKD 4500 per night.

Some of the popular serviced apartments in Hong Kong for couples include Salisbury Road Apartments, Lin Fa Kung Street Apartments, Admiralty Serviced Apartments Central and many more.

Some of the top Hong Kong serviced apartments for families include Lun Fat Street Apartments, Wan Chai, Tai Tam Serviced Apartments, Salisbury Road Apartments, Kowloon and many others.

There are several options for finding Hong Kong serviced apartments near Repulse Bay, including Junction Road Serviced Apartments and Tai Tam Serviced Apartments.

Guests can find several Hong Kong apartment hotels with swimming pools. Some of them include Salisbury Road Apartments, Kornhill Road Apartments and Java Road Serviced Apartments, North Point Suites among many others.

Luxury serviced apartments in Hong Kong come with numerous amenities for guests including premier furnishings and toiletries, fully-equipped kitchens, advanced security features, flat-screen televisions, Wi-Fi, swimming pools, onsite gymnasiums, elevators, maid and laundry services, terraces, concierge services, communal lounges, DVD players, meeting rooms, onsite restaurants, sauna and Jacuzzi and many more.

Fully Furnished Apartments in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

What is offered in our Vacation Rentals in Hong Kong?

One of Asia’s biggest melting pot. A vacation in Hong Kong gives you the exposure to a diverse culture, beautiful landscapes and adventure. Our holiday apartments in Hong Kong offers a perfect and serene environment. With the resemblance of  home, one can easily familiarize and be part of the lifestyle in our hk serviced apartments. Stay in popular areas such as  Lantau Island

Enjoy the popular attractions such as Victoria Peak, Star Ferry and Tian Tan Buddha. Our furnished apartments comes with contemporary design. With strict supplier verification process we ensure that you get the highest quality in terms of stays. Those looking for a longer duration stay can consider their stay at our monthly serviced apartments in Hong Kong. Explore our collection of holiday apartments in Hong Kong.

Why Business Travellers should opt for Hong Kong Corporate housing?

Hong Kong is one of the most important business hubs of the world. With most of the biggest names having their office here. The city sees a large number of business travellers annually. Our corporate housing in Hong Kong offers a perfect mix of productivity and comfort. With amenities such as working desks, fitness centres and plush interiors. Offering an environment where you can live and work. To make the commute easy our corporate apartments are located close to all the major business hubs. Guests can also take advantage of the local transportation that nearby our properties.

What are some of the most interesting things about Hong Kong?

  • Hong Kong is a city of skyscrapers. There are many country parks here. 
  • The meaning of Hong Kong is fragrant harbours. Hong Kong has escalators that are covered and one of them is the longest in the world.
  • The city of Hong Kong originated as a British Colony in the year 1842 which was later taken over in 1997 by China. What is most fascinating is that this gorgeous city is made of 263 islands. It is a fascinating city in China that attracts a lot of tourists every year. The name directly means Fragrant Harbour and it boasts of a whopping 1,092 sq. Km. of the Island area. With so much to offer, the city welcomes over 40 million people every year and boasts the following exciting facts:
  • Hong Kong is home to the maximum number of skyscrapers across the globe. The number of buildings with over 14 stories goes up to an unbelievable 8,000. 
  • Over 7.5 million people call Hong Kong their home which makes it one of the most populated cities in the world.
  • The Mong Kok district estimates 130,000 people within every sq km which makes it the most populated place on Earth.
  • It is now known as the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.
  • An exciting fact is that it has the most Rolls Royce per person in the world. 
  • It is home to the longest suspension bridge in the world, named Tsing Ma Bridge.