Places to Eat in Tai Tam Road

The Ocean by Olivier Bellin:

For an upmarket dining experience with a unique and atmospheric twist – The Ocean by Oliver Bellin is one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong. Offering guests a delectable mix of Breton cuisine, this seafood-specialist restaurant endeavours to make diners feel as if they are under the deep blue sea. Every detail of the restaurant’s interior evokes a tranquil, oceanic feel – from the contemporary paintings to the cutlery and tables. With exceptional presentation and delicious flavours, The Ocean by Oliver Bellin is sure to impress even the fussiest of visitors.

Beef & Liberty:

If you have a craving for top-quality American-style food, if you’re wondering where to book for a meal out with work colleagues, or if you simply wish to dine at one of the best restaurants near Tai Tam Road – Beef & Liberty is the place to be. The restaurant and bar venue serves classic American burger dishes, with a focus on exceptional quality. Branching out from the typical cheese and bacon combinations, Beef & Liberty offers new and unique variations on the traditional burger, such as the Truffle and Mushroom Burger. With a classy yet relaxed atmosphere, there is no better place for a work event or a pleasant family meal – so be sure to check out Beef & Liberty during a stay near Tai Tam Road.

The Verandah Restaurant:

Step back in time as you step into The Verandah Restaurant – a traditional venue that has survived World War II and remained one of the best destinations in Hong Kong for upscale dining. The carefully maintained architecture speaks of a different time, and the restaurant has endeavoured to maintain an ‘old school’ style of service. With substantial portion sizes and a delightfully different atmosphere – The Verandah Restaurant is certainly one of the best restaurants near Tai Tam Road.

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